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Recently Posted Private Classes

Mathematics Tutoring - (past papers, homework help, struggling with certain topics)
We can plan what you want me to help you with beforehand, then at my desk we can work through the problems you have. - Here to help with any homework you have been set - Past paper questions - Can help to go over a topic you do not understand - Anything else you need just ask!

11 + Test preparation and Tuition in Maths, English, PE and Science
I specialise in teaching and tutoring from Year 3 up to Year 8 primarily. I specialise towards 11 + examinations as well as Common Entrance, Scholarship, GCSE and up to A Level standard. This is a new venture for me teaching online having been a full time teacher for 11 years. I have held roles as Head of Maths, Head of Sport, Head of Curriculum and Assistant Headteacher.

One-to-one Career Coaching for career progression!
One-to-one career coaching can help you identify and/or clarify the most fulfilling career path for YOU. Each individual is unique and we may all want different things in life - fair enough! What you need to do is take charge and find your path. How it works: I do one-to-one sessions online (skype or phone) or face to face if you are based in London. You can have only one session but bare in mind that self-awareness is a process and it is hard to fit it in only one session. I suggest min. 3 and max. 8 sessions. You can decide how many sessions to commit to at the end of the first session. The Coach: I am a certified Executive Coach and a Psychologist. I have international HR and L&D experience in organisations like L'Oreal Group, Danone, Monsoon Accessorize, Topshop Topman, EBRD and etc.

Supporting french home learning: from complete beginner to proficiency
I'm Romain, friendly french native speaker. You'll learn French as it's spoken in everyday situations and develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Courses are taught at various levels, from complete beginner to proficiency. You can start at any level.

Primary National Curriculum Booster - Maths/English
This class will be designed specifically to suit your child’s needs. It may be that extra push they need to help them feel more confident in class or to get them caught up with their year groups national average expectations in literacy and or maths. KS1 or KS2 bespoke lessons directly linked to National Curriculum objectives. Delivered by an active, experienced qualified primary school teacher.

Engaging and supportive maths tuition (Up to GCSE) by a qualified teacher
I am a fully qualified secondary mathematics teacher and a friendly, compassionate tutor with a passion for science and mathematics. I enjoy helping students increase their confidence in the subject, using a variety of teaching strategies. I have tutored for a number of years (in mathematics) and am currently teaching in a secondary school. Tutoring Experience I have a wealth of school experience and am equipped with a variety of engaging, teaching strategies, to bring mathematics to real life. I focus on depth of understanding and developing students problem solving skills, this not only makes the maths fun but means students can apply their knowledge to any exam question! Qualifications Degree: Medical Science (Hons) Obtaining a science degree has allowed me to see the direct application of mathematics to other fields. Seeing the wide applications of the subject first hand, is why I am so passionate about the subject. Tutoring Approach Maths is everywhere, I like to prove this to students by giving them questions in a real life context. I also teach students to be resilient and work through questions logically, developing their problem solving skills. This is a new skill being brought into the revised national curriculum. Therefore will set students up for success in their exams. I also focus on developing exam technique, helping students to gain all the marks they deserve.

Learn How To Compose/Produce Your Own Music On A Computer From Scratch
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music on a computer but not known where to start? I specialise in composing and designing sound using various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). I am also an adept mixing engineer with a lot of knowledge in mastering audio. My goal is to help students learn music productions techniques associated with software so that they can realise their own creative ideas. I like to assign work to keep students progressing in their own time. I also provide tutorial session where progress is reviewed. The class I teach is for aspiring producers/composers and the classes are tailored to each individuals ability level. You will learn a variety of techniques which can be used to fuel/enhance the creative elements of making music.

Experienced French native speaker providing high-quality French lessons
Bonjour ! My name is Lena and I am a French native speaker based in south Manchester. I have been working in education for the past 5 years teaching French to students of all levels and ages, individually and in group lessons.  Throughout my experience in schools, I have become very well acquainted with the GCSE, iGCSE, A-Levels and Pre-U expectations. I am, therefore, offering one-to-one and small-group lessons as well as revision sessions to give you all the tools and tips needed to pass successfully your exam.  I have also been working as an Oxbridge tutor, helping students of French in Oxford and Cambridge Universities.  If you are not preparing any exam and looking at conversational/beginners/advanced lessons, you are more than welcome to contact me as well! My services are for anyone interested in learning or practising French regardless of level and age. A bientôt !

121 A level Maths and Further Maths tutoring by undergraduate student
I will be giving one to one tuition to students who study A level maths/Further Maths. I achieved an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths at A levels and will be going to study Mathematics at Kings College University. During the sessions I will Improve the students understanding of the topics and with the use of technology i will be supporting them in the areas which they find most difficult. I will improve their problem solving abilities by providing them with challenging questions as well as answering any questions the student may have.

Professor graduated from Violin, Viola, Piano, Solfege (at home)
Professor graduated from the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music (MASTER). I give private lessons for 7 years. I am a passionate and serious teacher. I give tailor-made courses by adapting to the needs and desires of my students while giving fun lessons. I teach classes for all levels.

Mandarin Chinese/ Japanese Lesson (From Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced level)
This is a place where we can exchange languages. Please feel comfortable making mistakes while learning! If you’re looking for someone to chat in Mandarin/ Japanese, this is the perfect class! We can even sing and play some easy games. I want you to enjoy the language, not just from the textbooks or dictionaries. Of course, if you prefer to do in a serious way — which involves lot of listening, speaking, reading and writing, that’s also fine.

Maria Vittoria
Piano and Organ lessons for all ages: develop your creativity with art!
I just got my organ degree in july 2019 that allows me to teach organ music and his technique but also the basic technique of piano and his literature. I already have experience of private teaching from children of 6 years old to adults around 50 years old. During lessons I combine Theory of Music, Technique for playing the instrument with specifical exercises to develop it, progressive learning of music pieces from the classical and modern literature for the instrument. I assign homework after every lesson.

GCSE Maths for 14-16 or Adult Education - AQA reformed 1-9 spec
Welcome to the most popular GCSE Maths apprentus tutor of London! I am specialised in the reformed GCSE 1-9 Maths AQA syllabus taught from 2015 for both NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS / FRESHLY IMMIGRATED - no personal background matters. Intermediate spoken English is sufficient, no fluent spoken language is required! Pupils in age 14-16 – public school enrolment is required or Adults who are in government funded adult education programme And Native UK citizens with any background. WITH FREE ASSESSMENT SESSION!* . I follow the official AQA guide and specs on my classes with interesting, well explained examples, easy to understand mathematical rules. My aim is help to understand why and how numbers behave as they do. I am also able to teach EDEXCEL and OCR. If the agreed study plan will being followed, I can guarantee a 7+ (A, A* or A** ) grade no matter the previous knowledge or study background. Age groups I am teaching: Under 18 (agreement with parents and teaching at parent's location ONLY): - Post-K3 test 14-16 years old who are actively studying GCSE first or second year - bright minded pre-K3 pupils considered - 16+ re-sit GCSE preparation, review and knowledge boost with extra short time frame as well - even within 1-2 months - 16+ GCSE - A Level Bridge Over 18: - GOVERNMENT FUNDED - First GCSE Maths and English for Students with foreign background - flexible, efficient classes for adults who want to get their first higher education qualification in the United Kingdom. No age limitation! - Anybody who is over 18, self-studying and need teaching support in order to absolve their GCSE Maths grade. My classes are not about repetitive, boring and unrealistic example problems or endless formulae memorising. The most important part of tuition is to support and guide teenagers and adults on the path of understanding mathematics with well-explained rules and interesting problems to solve together. Why my classes are different? - My classes are student centered, and never forced by time and the teaching materials. I can quickly reveal the focus areas that we need to spend more time with, but it is always my student’s decision how much time they wish to sacrifice for a specific topic. - You do not need to memorise formulas! Every single formulae which is not in the provided booklet will be explained from the absolute base. It is not about memorising things, but understand them. - I always awake my student’s interest about the topic first. I come from a country where Mathematics has been taught on the ‘Asian’ way, so I know where ‘hateful mind grinding hours of unsuccessful studying’ roots from and I can avoid the pitfalls of a boring class. - I make sure a bespoke, tailored, student centric teaching method and specification will be applied. - I have unlimited source of maths sample problems from different aspects of our life: economy, information technology, architecture, daily decision making, etc. I always want to be sure the problems that my students spend time with are more than just ‘dry maths’, they are always real life examples that teach the students to skills in their future life. Why my classes are more efficient than other teachers’ ones? - Free assessment class! It is essential to find areas that we need to spendmore time with, therefore a completely free assessment class will be provided. - I am fully flexible both in time and place. I am willing to travel reasonable distance and I also have a suitable location for studying. - My teaching time is flexible; no fixed days of the week are available only. I am a teacher with free time on weekdays in the morning, afternoon or the evening. - I provide all the required materials to start your studying: student book, printouts, notebooks, maths tools, writing tools. You do not need to invest a penny into any physical, the only and most important is your time and attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to book a free trial session*. * Apprentus fees will not be refunded.

Spanish Lessons- Exams preparation, Tips for Grammar and Speaking
Spanish as a hobbie or learning subject! I specialize in tutoring Spanish for schools and adult learners who wish to inmerse in the language and culture. After analysing student´s level and objectives, I will then prepare an effective set of lesson plans to achieve those. My approaches will be based on communicative methods with real materials to keep the student challenged and motivated. About me? I am passionate about languages and teaching them. Degree in Modern Languages Master in Translation Master in Teaching - QTS Online teaching/travel to student´s location - not more than 2 miles/ city centre teaching

LEARN HOW TO SING - Classical/Popular styles for all ability levels!
Are you enthusiastic about singing but don't know where to begin? Have you been singing for a while but want to refine your technique and vocal skills? Or are you an experienced singing working towards auditions or exams? Well, you've come to the right place! My name is Ryan and I'm a professional singer with five years of experience as a cathedral and freelance musician, performing both classical and popular music. I have been providing singing lessons to students of varying abilities for over four years. Whilst I help my students to develop their vocal skills and progress through the singing grades, they also have a lot of fun and enjoy expressing themselves through song. What can you expect from lessons with me? I ensure that every lesson is geared to the particular requirements of you, the student. I encourage my students to come to lessons with a song or two to work on and, through learning songs, we focus on varying aspects of singing technique, including posture and breathing. I believe this to be a more enjoyable approach than focusing on boring vocal exercises, and also builds up a repertoire for you to use. You'll learn real, practical tools for singing in these lessons whilst also having an enjoyable time expressing yourself through song!

French Lessons for school pupils or language lovers
The students is the priority. I start with the homework to see what the student understands and what he or she has to improve. Then, I ask the student to formulate a couple of sentences with the new vocabulary. When we have a little time before the end of the lesson, I show the student a funny video ( movie extract, TV programme...) in the studied language. I also think that it is sometimes interesting to teach languages in a playful way.

Learn french with a native speaker! Have fun learning french
French, the language of love but oh god how hard! Struggling with your french, on the edge of giving up? Not yet! Contact me and we will improve both writing and speaking french together. Progress guaranteed, tailored lessons for your needs.

Italian lessons for all levels, for kids & adults.
I'm offering Italian lessons for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advance ). I'm covering grammar, reading, writing and literature too. Italian is my second language as I've spent 5 years in Florence as a kid. Falling in love with Italian language and culture I've decided to study it. I have a Bachelor's degree from Italian language & literature and enjoy giving my knowledge to others. I can travel to your home also. I speak English fluently and can help with your English too as I've attended English lessons since I was six.

French and Spanish leisure learning and GCSE/A level tutoring
I am a qualified teacher in French and Spanish. I am also a French native. I left teaching last year but I am still willing to teach in a more casual and personalised way as a second part-time job. I am a languages lover. I am curently in the process of learning Japanese and I am loving it! Whether you want to boost your GCSE or A Level results (I have been teaching KS 3,4 and 5 for 7 years) or if you are just curious and want to learn a new language, I will be delighted to help you. My language teaching agenda for each lesson is intoducing a new gammar point and making you practise that new knowledge using relevant vocabulary. Homework can sometimes be assigned to consolidate progress from one lesson to the other. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more infomation.

As and GCSE Maths made simple, broaden your understanding on the subjects you find most difficult with lessons with you truly at heart.
As level and GCSE Maths made easy. Have the time and the attention you need to properly understand the subject of your choice or just want to go over the curriculum as your worried you’ve forgotten a thing or two- whatever your concerns you will find answers with tutoring built around you

Maths and statistics in As level, GCSE and foundation courses
I am a finance student specializing in business subjects and maths, specially can help you if you are doing your GCSE and As level or doing your foundation courses. My aim is to help the student achieve and have the basic knowledge of the subject they will be doing and I will ensure that they understand upto theeir potential. And in order to achieve that they will be getting homework.