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Recently Posted Private Classes

Maths - helping to understand and grasp all those tricky concepts.
I specialise in teaching maths in a practical and fun way that ensures the learner understands the method and (hopefully) enjoys he process! I am currently studying as an Undergraduate at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, reading Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am also a Rowing coach at a local private school working with 13 - 16 year olds. I have 5 years experience with teaching children ages 4 - 11.

Piano lessons, music theory lessons, piano tutoring
I have taught piano since graduating from the university and before settling in London I also taught music in the United States. These opportunities have allowed me to tailor my teaching to the experience and skill of a wide variety of students. I am inspired by and enjoy teaching a broad range of musical styles from classical to contemporary pop. As with my piano teaching my key aim is to make learning fun!

Qualified and experienced teacher and C2 level Spanish speaker available to teach international Spanish
I have 4 years' experience as a teacher of languages with the prestigious British Council in Egypt, Qatar and Mexico. I studied Spanish at secondary school, during my first year at the University of Cambridge and again when I lived in Mexico City. I took the DELE official diploma of Spanish as a foreign language issued on behalf of the Spanish government at the C2 (native-like) level in December 2019. Every lesson of mine includes some vocabulary work, because it is easy to get lazy and not record the new words we hear and understand, but active vocabulary study is essential for continual growth. I encourage learners to do as many written grammar exercises as they can outside of the classroom, so that classroom time can be dedicated to valuable conversation practice. I help learners use technology to improve their memory and learn more quickly.

Spanish lessons for adults and children of any age
Spanish is one of the most spoken languages out there! 80% of the planet’s population speaks spanish. On my class you will be able to learn casual as well as formal spanish, and how and when to use each. My classes are fun and productive.I will make you learn without you even noticing!

Algebra, Geometry , Fractions, Sets and unions and other For mathematics students
If you are finding any difficulty in your maths preparation so you can contact me... I'm new here, came from Pakistan for my master studies so my language capability is about intermediate level but don't worry about that you can try me first and then finalize....

Young Frenchwoman in London gives interactive French course
The course is immersive. An exchange mainly in French, pedagogical. We will play board games which will put us in context to use certain terms. We will read books. I will be there to help with homework by helping when necessary. From my point of view the best way to learn a language is when speaking with someone. I study music, I can also make a musical awakening for the child.

Mathematics for 11 Plus and Secondary Students and GCSE
I'm an Undergraduate student at Kingston University. I'd like to share my knowledge with a group of young people who is willing to broaden their knowledge. I would be able to help them with the stuff they need. So Feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Private Tutoring Mathematics & Test Prep from a PhD (7+ - 13+, GCSEs, A-Levels, IB, University) Online/At home
I am currently a Teaching Associate for Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and an Application Consultant for the University of London(UOL). My expertise lies into tutoring mathematics for school for ages between 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-Levels as well as UG/University. I am familiar with most of the exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc) and I have worked with students undergoing the IB Curriculum. While I try to provide a fun and interesting lesson, to keep my students stimulated, I have also extensive experience into exams preparation for my students to achieve their goals. My steps towards a complete and successful tuition period with a student include quickly building rapport, assigning homework after each lesson, keeping track of the student's progress and establishing a good connection with the parents. Through academic applications as well as my employment in the consultancy career, I have become adept in formulating proper university proposals as well as providing targeted advice and interview preparation. Moreover, I currently work as a Subject Specialist with private education agencies in London, where I tutor and consult students for their Oxbridge, London and Greater London area academic applications (reviews of personal statements, delivering mock interviews, tutoring modules).

English for all levels also as a second language . Sciences, Math and all relevant primary/secondary subjects.
Specialising in tutoring English as a second language Tutor English and all other subjects for primary and secondary students Assist university students with assignments encouraging research Homework is assigned each week. Tests required

Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for beginners
Hi there, I have worked for the last 3 years as a freelance photographer shooting products, portraiture, weddings and events after achieving a 1st Class BA Honours degree in Photography. I am technically experienced as a photographer and as such I can teach the principles of exposure, composition and lighting; as well as the basic principles and methods of editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Students will learn from me how to confidently use a camera in manual mode and how achieve stunning results in editing with even the simplest of equipment! I am also a practising photographic artist with an interest and understanding of contemporary photography; I have been a part of several exhibitions in both solo and group shows and I have a good understanding of the history and discourse of photography as an art form. As a photographer and teacher I operate on the highest professional standards, emphasising clear and encouraging feedback on students work.

Support courses from the College to the Terminale in French and English
Second year student at UCL, I offer a support course service in French and English for students from college to Terminale. I can also help with scientific subjects if necessary, since I study cell biology and organic chemistry. Living for 12 years in Anglo-Saxon countries and educated in the bilingual system, I master both English and French. In 2018, I obtained a high school diploma, option OIB (international option of the baccalaureate which made it possible to pass the history-geo in English and to make English literature). I passed my French baccalaureate with a 20/20 in writing, and my OIB English baccalaureate with a 17/20. In addition, I gave private lessons in French and English during my Terminale year. Since the age of 15 I babysit and I am gentle and patient with children. I am able to move easily in the Central North-East region of London, living in Kentish Town.

Essay Writing Tutor - a class that focuses on writing skills.
This class is for English, History and other subjects that focus on essay writing. Students to be given guidance as to how they structure their essay's. Essay writing is an excellent skill to learn at a young age, especially if you are wanting to continue further into subjects that require good writing skills. My goal is to keep students challenged, with constant guidance along the way. I will assign certain skill tests as homework and keep students updated on their progress.

French courses in London / French Private Lessons in London
*** English Version Below *** Hello, 👨‍🎓 My name is Mathieu and I offer my services for help with homework or private lessons, whatever the course, from college to terminal. 📚 Student in business school at ESCP Europe, I also have a license in applied mathematics obtained at the Panthéon Sorbonne University in Paris. I have given lessons for preparatory students for the past two years, as well as lessons for second and first graders. ⏱During the course, I think it is important to ensure that an exercise is understood by having the student redo it, rather than accumulating the exercises done with the student without ensuring that they have been assimilated. 🏠 I am located in South Hampstead and I can move around London. Regards, Mathieu. *** Version Française *** Hi, 👨‍🎓My name is Mathieu and I give private lessons, no matter the subject, from junior school to high school. 📚 Student at ESCP for a Master in Management, I also have a degree of applied Mathematics from the Parisian university Pantheon Sorbonne. I have given lessons to undergraduate students (preparatory classes to the French "Grandes Ecoles") and to high school students. ⏱ Sessions are conducted in a timely manner, so to make sure the student understands the material clearly and well, the process in which I teach is through repetitions rather than piling the exercices. 🏠 I live in South Hampstead but can move around London. Sincerely yours, Mathieu.

English as a Second Language Tutoring for Any Level
This class is designed for anyone who would like to improve their English skills, from beginner to advanced levels. I speak German and Romanian fluently in addition to English, as well as conversational Chinese and Spanish, which may make it easier for some. I tailor the class to suit the individual; after a first session I can assess the student's goal (ie. conversational, business, written, etc. level of English) and create a program to suit this.

Math School Help / Exam Preparation For Schools / Universities
This class is will be beneficial if you are a student who struggles with math in school, want to prepare for an exam or to just expand your skills. Math is very fun and is essential everywhere. However, it can look boring, hard and unimportant at first glance. In this class, I will not only help you learn more but also help you to understand how to progress further. *The free times I have added are just for showcase. The schedule of the meeting will be decided personally.*

English/Religious Studies/History Tutor High Achievment/Extra boost
I am a student achieving high levels in the given subjects, I love children and teaching is a great way for me to revise for my upcoming GCSE exams! English is my first language and I have been achieving level 8s in the subject and have achieved level 9 in both Religious Studies and History.

Learn Italian has never been so easy with the latest method and with my passion
Learning a language is a powerful tool to communicate with others but also to boost your career. Whether you want to learn a language because of your partner, because of work or simply because you love to communicate with locals together we can find a solution. With the most effective teaching methodology, you will find it so easy to learn or improve your Italian.

French lessons (native speaker) - basics / conversations / debates
My name is Lisa, I am 21 years old and I am currently a student at ESCP Business School (Master in Management). I am a native French speaker and I speak English fluently. The objective of this course is to learn / improve your French in a relaxing atmosphere, to have everyday conversations, debates ... I can also help you if you have courses in French that you do not understand well. You are also free to tell me if you want to have conversation on specific topics that you are interested in :) I am always happy to get to know new people (I have been studied in Paris, Madrid and now London) and to help them learning my native language! SO feel free to contact me for more information :)

Learn French culture and language in a fun setting
Student in 3rd year of communication and holder of a literary bac with mention, I moved to London as part of my schooling. I thus offer French lessons on my book time (especially from Friday to Sunday). Contact me for any further information.

Pablo González
Private painting and drawing classes at any level.
Private painting and drawing classes adapted to any level. These private lessons are aimed at teaching to paint and draw, through various techniques, students of different ages. We can prepare you for some test, train you to draw and improve on it or simply give you the opportunity to distract you by painting.

English Language, Linguistics and ESL Tutoring! . .
Hi, I'm Alice, 22 and recently graduated with a First Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds. I spent the third year of my degree living and working in France, completing two internships and doing some private English tutoring too. I would love to share what I've learned over these 4 years to help other students! I am offering tutoring in the following areas: - English Language (GCSE/A-Level) - Linguistics (sociolinguistics, language, and gender, language and power, discourse analysis) - English as a foreign language (ESL) - French culture (specialist in French film and cinema) - Gender studies (throughout my degree I have specialized in gender and feminist approaches: feminist linguistics, feminist film theory, feminist philosophy, etc) My classes are ideal for students at any level! Whether you're an A-Level student looking for some help with the English Language coursework or an adult wanting to delve into the world of linguistics, I adapt my classes to YOU and YOUR goals! My approach is student-centered, prioritizing what you want out of your classes, making for a fun and relaxed learning atmosphere. I like to use current examples in my teaching to make the subject relevant and to really engage students. I also respond to student's learning styles (visual, verbal, aural, etc) and use this to their advantage, bringing out student's full potential. I am also open to emails and discussion between classes- learning isn't just in the classroom!