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Introduction to Japanese: The Kana booster (hiragana & katakana)

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こ ん に ち は (Hello)

That's it you decided to seriously learn Japanese to get closer to your goal?

How to learn a new language when you have passed the stage of childhood?

Do you fear oblivion or retrogression?

When you learn the Japanese alphabet in high school or university, it takes between 3 to 6 months to anchor the learning of hiragana and katakana.

I know this frustration of not going fast enough to then be able to read it, write it, understand it and speak it!

Forget the romaji which are a real obstacle to learning Japanese even if I understand that it is a comfortable benchmark for learners.

I created "the Kana booster" to support you in your first steps towards the Japanese language:

- Discovery of Japanese characters
- Pronunciation of the alphabet
- Introduction to the writing system
- Maintenance of the syllabary thanks to memorization
- Kana challenge

I had to learn hiragana like you in several months. On the other hand for the katakana, I only had 15 days to memorize them before my Japanese school year!

This is why I have compiled my knowledge and know-how for you! I have my little tips and my personal methods so that you can acquire the basics to pursue your passion!

*Who should attend ?*

Pure beginners or those who need to refresh their memories or people who have lost their motivation as well as those who want to start / start again on good foundations!

* How does the course actually work? *

In 30 minutes we dynamically do the alphabet line by line. A real exchange between the learner and me. I reveal the errors and correct them.
I give keys on the traps to avoid. We see the alphabet in all its forms in different approaches. Finally we take stock at the end of the lesson.

* And what about my methodology? *

With 6 years of language teaching with a different learner profile and around the world, then after working in South Korea and Japan with companies that prioritize education, I developed my vision and the tools necessary for the proper development of the learning of a foreign language for non-Aboriginal people.

Being a teacher / student, I test myself what I offer. it allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my media in order to improve the content and aim for excellence.

For learning this course is suitable for young and old, I speak French, English and Japanese fluently so I can teach the course in these languages.

* What does my rate include? *

"Kana's booster" is at its launch price.
This is a "boost" course to help you learn faster and save you time! Once mastered, you can easily assimilate other notions of the Japanese language and be one step ahead of others.

By choosing me, you can always be in contact with me and ask me questions about your problems (even outside the course)

Send a course request and let's practice together!

愛 満 多 よ り

Extra information

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A notebook for taking notes, markers, a pen or a notebook, a computer, a webcam, a microphone, headphones and your good mood!


Online via webcam

General info

Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
30 minutes
The class is taught in:French, Japanese, English

About Me

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Teaching allows me not to forget the Japanese, it is very difficult to find Japanese people in the North to discuss so I put a lot of things in place including private lessons.

* What is the trigger for this attraction for Japan? *

It is expected that it is the mangas or the video games, it took part in my interest, but as far as I remember I did an introduction to Chinese in primary!
For me this was the starting point of my curiosity for Asia which offers a universe and a total change of scenery.

As for language classes in France, I have been able to observe the limits of traditional learning, I may have started like you, in association or in class, among 30 other students, and then I pursued as an autodidact.

I realized that we are taught a language by grammar. The grammar ?! You do not see the problem? There is better as a hook to learn a language, no ... Even if grammar is necessary! In class, we knew almost nothing about life there! unless you are a lover of Bescherelle for young people learning a language LIVE is the stall insured!

I felt sad about the loss of interest that students had when they took only one LV3 to have an extra chance that their file would be retained in a particular school.

Which provoked for them:

- overtime...
- bad grades
- a drop in esteem
- a lack of interest in languages
- tiredness
- a cost: book, membership fee etc.

I then had a desire to restore taste and meaning in learning ...

Suddenly, I gave myself as mission, on my scale, to give courses worthy of the name! That is, relearning differently punctuated by anecdotes.
A course like I would have liked to receive, which would have saved me many hours of trouble and misunderstanding!

* Which teacher am I? *


"Learning to put it at the service of others" would be my motto!

I have a lot of fun challenging you on your side!
I like finding suitable solutions and seeing you realize your dreams.

I would like to inspire many young people (16-30 years) to open up to other horizons!
It is not that beyond the 30 years we are not young, it is just that the possibilities of expatriation are almost zero, that's why I strongly recommend to fly to the adventure if you have the opportunity!
I also take care to reassure parents about the progress and the project of their children, it is essential for the minors.

It is because I went through many faces and difficulties that I lead you to guide and coach you in the most just way possible.

* What profile do my students have? *

I'm not looking for quantity, I prefer quality!
A relationship is created as and when! And for me every student is precious!
I only met great people!

For me, a student is not bad in the subject is the way of apprehending that makes it fit or not the student.

* What I like about my students? *

First of all their audacity!
To give oneself the means to succeed by perseverance!
My students do not hesitate to get in trouble to progress
For example after a notion together, make sentences more complex!
I congratulate them always to take the step whatever the difficulties!

Then their difference!

Appreciating what they are allows to be tolerant and open to the other!
I discover beautiful personalities through my classes.

Then their honesty!

"I have not done this exercise" or "today I feel tired".
They indulge as they are and I adapt accordingly!
I am not for punishments but rather for the valorization of talents!

Finally, I want to tell you:

"Do not think that what you are" is a brake on your aspirations!

Shyness? Fear? French problem? etc does not prevent to come true!
Sincerely, I discovered more strength than I would have imagined over time, experiences and encounters!


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- Table of languages with Ulysse LILLE 3
- European High School Montebello in Lille.
-Japanese-Language Proficiency Test 3 in Paris.
- One year "Youth Exchange" program in Japan.

Experience / Qualifications

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This ardent passion for the land of the Rising Sun, I put it to good use:

- By organizing support groups for the preparation of the oral BAC of Japanese, some have won 17 (the same note that I got while returning from my immersion!)
- By making interventions in primary schools to promote cultural exchanges France-Japan, 4 classes that go from the large section through the CLIS to CM2.
- By preserving the language in order to be able to transmit quality lessons, I am always in touch with natives!

Reviews (9)

Amandine à été mon professeur pendant 8 mois et je suis réellement ravie des cours qu'elle m'a donnés. Elle est très avenante, sympathique, pédagogue et s'adapte à ses élèves ce que j'ai énormément apprécié. Ses cours sont très bien construits et clairs, mon niveau de japonais s'est nettement amélioré. Que du positif, merci Amandine.
Cours très bien structuré. Le prof est à l'écoute de l'élève et très gentil! J'ai déjà beaucoup appris sur la langue mais également sur la culture japonaise et j'ai hâte d'en apprendre plus! Je vous recommande Sensei Amandine :)
Amandine est très patiente, pédagogue, à l'écoute et compréhensive. Ce fut un plaisir d'avoir reçu son enseignement ! Merci à elle et sa bonne humeur :D
Amandine est une professeur très pédagogue et toujours à l'écoute de ses élèves.Sa bonne humeur, sa capacité à s'adapter ainsi que les anecdotes distillées tout au long des cours vous encourage et vous font véritablement progresser. Il n'y a aucun doute à avoir, foncez !
Après plusieurs cours avec Amandine, je pense enfin à lui mettre un commentaire :D N'hésitez plus à prendre contact avec elle, ses cours sont très intéressants et elle n'hésite pas à les adapter à ce qui vous motive le plus. J'aime particulièrement que les cours soient remplis d'anecdotes et de petites astuces qui donnent l'impression de vraiment progresser. Foncez !
My name is Amandine and I am a beginner Japanese teacher, specializing in the linguistic preparation of travel for 16-30 year olds. It has been 12 years since I returned from my stay in Japan. Over the years and feedback from my students, I have established a methodology and practical tools according to the objective of each: - To deepen the knowledge of the Japanese culture. - Acquire language bases in preparation for a trip (business / sabbatical year). - Prepare for exams (BAC, JLPT). - Analyze your mistakes to improve your results. - Improve your oral expression. - Advise on the steps to be taken / followed in relation to your project. Basically, I was not a student particularly gifted for foreign languages! I would have to wait until high school to trigger a keen need to get my dream: go to Japan! After high school, I did not study at all to be a teacher, translator or performer! * So why do I continue to devote my time to private lessons? * It all started with Marine looking for a host family to host Yuka for 3 months! A year later, I leave in exchange student in Japan living in immersion exclusively in host families, this is how: - I was admitted to the famous Kokugakuin High School. - I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Niigata. - I became "ambassador" of France. - I won the 3rd place in the "speech contest" in Japanese, just behind the Thai and Taiwanese, facing 8 foreign students of all nationalities in long stay, just like me. On my return, I spent the JLPT N3 to certify my level by the Japanese institution! I really want to share this passion for those who have a crush on the land of the Rising Sun! * Who is my course for? * To those who have a concrete project related to the Japanese language. Whether you're starting from scratch or having notions, I'm here to guide you and support you so that you gain autonomy and ease in the Japanese. * How is the first class going? * I take 30 minutes to 1 hour to learn to discover, together we see your goals, the time to reach them, the pace of learning that suits you and I test your level. It's a good time to ask all your questions! For those who take several courses with me, know that I make a review every 10 courses to validate and remain consistent with your goals. * And what about my methodology? * I have created and tested my method for 6 years. It is simple, tailor-made, accessible and fun! It is important to me that this corresponds to your personality, your needs, and your abilities. I had more than ten students of any profile that I followed between 2 months to 2 years in individual classes or in groups (up to 4 people). I am thinking in particular of: - Jérôme, 17 years old, who obtained an excellent grade (17/20) in LV3 in oral Japanese to be able to enter the University of Lille 3. - Jean-Claude, 50, who wanted to start a business in Japan and who won his JLPT N4 after continuous efforts. - Pierre, 25, who came to find me to get an internship in architecture company in Osaka and managed to get it. - Romain (27 years old) and Maëva (26 years old) who go off as a couple in PVT in 2018! They came to find me, challenged me and gave me their trust and I am grateful! * What does my rate include? * I do not apply a fee based on the student's level or because I have a degree. Foreign languages cost with a native between 30-40 € per hour. My course is really complete and unique, sincerely you will not find courses like mine and I say it with a lot of humility! In a class you can see grammar, vocabulary, exercises, speaking, listening, etc. In addition I create the media, it takes me time because it's tailor-made! Finally my class does not stop at class! That is to say that I stay in touch with you, I have already helped one of my students at a distance when he was in Japan and I do it heartily without asking you to take out your CB ;) I do not charge travel expenses. Either I give lessons at home or I give classes at the student if it is served by means of transport and I do not put more than 30 minutes in! So far none of my students have failed me, an unforeseen happens, just prevent! Same for delays! In short, I base my relationships on communication, respect and trust and so far it has been successful;) And you ? Do you want to reach your dreams? In this case, book a class! In the meantime, I'm curious to know more about my future sparks: - Do you have a project that is important to you and that the Japanese need? - What is causing you the most difficulty? Memorization? Writing ? Speaking out ? I answer all the questions! I am convinced that one can learn and obtain results through constant effort, pedagogy, benevolence and pleasure! Amandine 愛 満 多 よ り
Hello, You are an adult and you need the technology to take steps or take actions. But it seems difficult to see insurmountable on your own. Arm with your notebook, you would like us to explain you step by step and know how to reproduce in order to gain confidence and autonomy! That's good, I'm able to guide you and explain what the platforms / sites expect from you! For example, how to lighten a file so that it is accepted on official sites? What are the different file formats? What are the tips to save time or make your job easier? I have a European license for computer graphics (design using the computer) and the handling and use of the different software (in French and in English) does not scare me. I have been helping those around me for many years, I have also learned to create tutorials. The language barrier is not a barrier. I have patience, curiosity and I am a teacher. And above all, I will create real situations drawn from our learning in order to assess your progress, give feedback and anchor your new skills! Take a first lesson in order to get to know each other and understand your needs, whether they are one-off or part of a longer course. Hope to meet you ! Amandine

Ask a question

Send a message explaining your needs and Amandine will reply soon:
The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

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If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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from £25.60Online via webcam

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If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


English Language Communication - English lessons, English accent & pronunciation improvement , Grammar correction, Business Eng, Phonics.
Native English Speaker from UK living in Morocco ! - TEFL Certified , London, UK - 2010, PTLS certified - UK (10+ years experience teaching english in the UK and London specifically. My class is tailored for yourself or with others - You will learn and improve your english grammar, build confidence when speaking english and presenting skills. Develop your knowledge of business english and which english terminology can help to enhance your business for your english speaking clients and customers - confidence building when learning a language is key and learning relevant and common vocabulary with learning along your learning journey. - My lessons are taught in english and I speak basic french - This class will help you learn in an enjoyable and engaging way, tailored just for you.

Learn Japanese from an experienced tutor with a solid background in Japanology and linguistics (+bring your friend for a group discount!)
Whatever your Japanese level, whatever your goals with learning, I am more than sure we can achieve them together. For example: - Are you planning to take a JLPT exam anywhere from N5 to N1? - Need a quick brush-up for your job or scholarship interview? - Upcoming trip to Japan and you wish you could break the ice with locals in their language? - Do you want to understand what they are talking about in your favourite TV show without subtitles? - Or… you simply fell in love with this incredible language and want to start learning it from scratch in a structured way? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you can already rest assured that you have found the right tutor. On top of these, the range of possible directions our classes can take is even broader: I can introduce you to Japanese interpretation prepping, help you to improve your understanding of written Japanese in a more structured way, or if you’re a kanji nerd like I am, talk about their history for hours. I have been a Japanologist *slash* lover-of-all-things-Japanese for more than 14 years and as such I am familiar with a very broad range of linguistic and cultural layers of the country (oh, and if there is one that I am not, then I will most definitely be more than happy to look into it). So do not hesitate to leave a message if you want to learn with me.

Russian lessons & courses for (UPPER) INTERMEDIATE level students with a native speaker
Hi there! I'm Ksenija 🖐 A native Russian speaker and a language teacher of Russian and English. If you always wanted to learn Russian but never really dared to start or maybe you have studied Russian and want to continue studying it on a higher level, search no more! You've found a teacher that can you help from the comfort of your home🤗 Oh, and before you continue reading about this course, check if the following applies to you 👇 If one of the points applies to you, you are definitely looking at the right course! 💚I have recently finished A2 level and would like to continue learning Russian ❓ I have studied Russian before, I know the basics and say many things but I am not sure what level I am at anymore 🤔 😎 I'm quite good at Russian already but I need to revise some grammar topics Do you still have some questions in mind? Feel free to write me! I will gladly answer you as soon as I can 🤗 You can also consider checking out my profile for more offers of different classes and lessons. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CLASS AND THE LESSONS: General Russian courses for: 💛intermediate and 🧡upper intermediate levels. These courses helps you to develop all of your language skills and language competences that you need for using the language correctly. They include everything you need to get closer to your language goals and feel comfortable learning Russian. They are structured fun and follow a certain course plan but there is always room for focusing on your questions and interests. Here are some of the topics from the course plan: 1. Locative Case & its functions: location, the verb "играть" -в или -на?, describing people, clothing & styles. 2. Verbs in present tense: revision of the most frequently used verbs in games & dialogues 3. Different ways talking about future & your plans (vocab: time expressions & adverbs) 4. Future tense & perfective verbs (working with conjugation) 5. Numerals & Adjectives in Nominative case (vocab: revision of basic adjectives and ordinal numbers) WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED IN THE LESSONS? 🤔 🔸During the lessons I use online tools as Google Drive, PDF, Power Point, Kahoot and all kinds of conversational games/situations. I also use authentic materials like videos and songs. Plus, materials made especially for the student! In some cases, when the student wishes to focus on the communicative aspects, I also use cool worksheets that focus on communicative situations and modern topics! 🔸I use modern teaching methods like flipped classroom and blended learning. If you want to know more about these methods, just drop me a message! I will answer as soon as I can. 🔸I always strive to make engaging lessons 🤩 as I know how important it is to stay motivated 💪while learning. That's why I include funny dialogues, real life stories, Russian jokes, lots of visuals and little bonuses like a topical song with lyrics or a collection of Russian Internet memes! 🔸I never give big boring homework to my students! Though, if you want to do some extra things at home, I will gladly give you some advice and provide you with extra materials 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to write me and I will answer you as soon as I can 😊 I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with whatever 🎯 language goals you have! See you soon, Ksenija 💖

Espace Cours
This training allows you to learn about the concepts of emotional intelligence & empathy with the aim of better recognizing and understanding your own emotions and those of others. Being aware of emotions allows better management of behavior in human relationships, both in the professional, private, entrepreneurial framework (...). For example, as a key to management, it makes it possible to: • Measure the impact of emotions in team management • Analyze your own mode of operation to get the most out of it • To be able to put in place strategies to regulate his own emotions and those of his collaborators • Know how to approach delicate interviews taking into account the emotional factor • To be able to understand, recognize and name his own emotions as well as those of his collaborators • Discover the emotional process • Manage the team (the impact of emotions on communication and decision making), the emotional quotient and leadership styles • Motivate and mobilize its employees over the long term, and in particular in the context of interviews "to strong emotional potential "(reframing, motivation, problem solving, tense sessions, conflicts etc.) Emotional intelligence is a process of personal development over time. This training allows you to initiate the process, with concrete tools that can be applied on a daily basis. This training combines group activities, individual reflections, videos and scenarios. From theory to practice with simulations. It is a question of putting in place rational and professional tools to achieve the objectives set together and overcome the blockages initially defined. Controlled, the techniques allow: • to rely on emotional intelligence and capitalize on the empathy communicated to better ensure that his message is better received his message or being. • improve credibility, self-confidence and ease (verbal-bodily) with public speaking and a more fluid sense of repartee • defuse conflicts and enter your comfort / safety zone. In particular simple and logical techniques, which make it possible to resolve and manage violent situations in a harmonious, effective and lasting way, for example through NVC (Non Violent Communication) • better manage negotiation situations (contrary to the stereotypes conveyed, negotiation is not only financial, but it can be small everyday events) • Match the content and form of your message while improving the use of your emotional intelligence What you will get out of it: • Better control of emotions and therefore of your way of communicating • Better understanding of the feelings of others and the ability to lead them successfully • Better relationships in personal and professional life thanks to superior emotional intelligence • Less stress thanks to a better understanding of one's emotions and those of others • Greater determination and results-oriented mindset • Ways to develop and apply emotional intelligence in the workplace Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 or 3 sessions *. (* study 2020) THE TRAINER: Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has been working for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field of communication , in reputable international public and private establishments, intervening in forums and conferences, and oriented on two axes: training and coaching, with pedagogy and careful methodology as key words. ➤ PLACE, TIMETABLE, PRICES - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Bâle-Neuchâtel-Berne-Lucerne-Bruxelles-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid, this format also unanimously suitable for those accompanied. -Apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time savings related to travel, eco-responsibility, increased scheduling flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain the same. In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed on the session chat and are automatically transmitted to you so that you can browse them during and after the session if you wish. - Hourly fees: To support each other and to be pleasant to you in this period of covid19 and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees have been temporarily reduced. But this fixed price will not increase after the start of the sessions. -Sessions in English / French -As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. -Program: adapted to each need

Japanese All Levels (N5-N1). Study Japanese with a native teacher
For people who want to learn Japanese (every level), my class is the best option for you! I have a 420-hour Japanese language teaching certificate with experience in teaching private lessons before. In this class, I will: - Design the best course that suit your purposes and interests - Help you reach a certain level in Japanese as you desire - Assist you in studying for the JLPT test I offer courses through online platforms (Zoom, skype,..) so don't worry too much about finding a physical place to meet in this pandemic time. Hope to work with you soon!

International Baccalaureate Biology Standard Level (SL, IB)
I passed the IB diploma program for Biology Standard Level with full marks, I also received a 7 on my Internal Assessment (IA). I have a very good grasp on what the IB expects from it's students (all the weird and wonderful little criteria.) I have a very good grasp on Biology the subject itself, as it was one of my favorite classes and I understand the concepts on a broader and more minute scale, so I can help students to understand the topics as well as the specifics and how they all play into one another. I aim to provide students with not just the memorization of information in a somewhat robotic sense, but an actual understanding and comfortable grasp on all the topics, ideas and concepts. I can help with any homework or course work provided, including providing feedback and guidance on essays and assignments. I also like to set out extra homework (not difficult, just based on our sessions) to get back to me at the next meeting so that the student's confidence and grasp on the subjects continues to build and I can see where exactly they need assistance. NB: prior to our meetings, if possible, I would appreciate being sent whatever course work or topics the student is currently doing in class (or the syllabus, in the best case scenario) in order to best maximize my planning and ability to assist.

Modern greek language-The easy way: learn how to read, write, and speak greek
With these lessons we aim to have a practical and theoritical acquaintance with the modern greek language and learn to: -read Greek -write Greek -speak Greek -greek grammar and syntax *For those who want to learn how to speak Greek, I have planned a specific guideline that acquires minimum 10 lessons, so you can communicate effectively in Greek! *For those who want to learn the greek language overall, we make a plan together, according to the needs and the purpose of each person!

Greek lessons for beginners of levels (A1 and A2).
Hello, i am Samar, a community tutor on many sites online and italian instructor in Alexandria my city. I speak 4 languages (Arabic English Italian and Greek). I graduated from faculty of arts greek and roman studies in 2013. I also studied in Aristotele University of Thessaloniki in 2016. I will provide this service for those who want to study modern greek I will provide you with materials, I can help beginners of levels A1 and A2. I use Skype, zoom, Google meet in our online lessons If the student is here in Alexandria and wants to have the lesson in person we can meet in any place All the arrangements will be done here on apprentus.

Language Lessons(English & Greek) offered private or in a group(off/online)
English and Greek lessons offered private or in groups. My teaching method is teaching you the language as if it is your native one. What I find most important is that you can speak the language you are willing to learn, fluently. Learning a language can be difficult but when you find a fun way to do it, that also works for you, then it is fun and easy! Together we will discuss about your goals and together we will assign goals and complete them! I can also help students prepare for their exams. I also offer lessons in a more intensive way, if you want to get to a high level really fast. My lesson is interactive and I always try to keep it fun! The lesson is offered both online and physically!

Alejandro & Eléa
Diplomado del EPFL da cursos particular de matemáticas y de física
Soy student of Master in sostenible desarrollo. Antes de eso obtuve mi Bachelor in Ingeniería Mecánica en el EPFL. Ofrezco cursos de matemáticas / física a distancia para estudiantes que necesitan ayuda para seguir sus cursos, así como para aquellos que buscan mejorar. Put lecciones in zoom. Comprensivo y metódico, personalizo mis lecciones para poder brindar un apoyo solido a mis alumnos. Mis cursos permiten adquirir methods of reflexión y resolución de ejercicios para approachar mejor estos temas. Mi objetivo es ayudar has put alumnos a orientarse mejor en matemáticas y física, para que puedan resolver los exámenes con confianza. ¿No estás convencido de la eficacia de los cursos online? Los invito a pedirme más información en mis metodos de educación a distancia.

Expatriate in Tokyo gives beginner Japanese lessons (by Skype), JLPT, working holiday preparation ...
I offer individual lessons via Skype, for beginners or false beginners. The courses are based on the Minna no Nihongo books and will be adapted to your objectives, whether it is to prepare a trip, a working holiday, the baccalaureate, the JLPT, professional reasons or others. I would also provide you with PDFs to help you memorize and review the lessons as you learn.

Passionate native Italian to teach you both essential and authentic ITALIANO!
This class is for aiming for confident Italian speakers and practice is the best way to improve language fluency. My students and I love to split each class into two parts: the first half generally focused on grammar (foundations are crucial) and the second always dedicated to speaking activities and conversation. We'll talk about a number of different topics and share content and ideas while having lots of fun. Classes will be in English, hopefully in Italian :) Please contact me for a tailored learning program designed on your needs!

Italian lessons, language tutoring and conversation
Hi, my name is Sophie, I am Italian and I am a recent graduate in International and European law at the university of Groningen. My mother tongue is German, but I also speak English and Italian fluently and am currently learning Dutch and Spanish. I would like to help you improve your conversational Italian, writing, pronounciation, grammar & co. My whole school career I focused on learning languages and as language student I know what difficulties one faces, therefore I can give plenty of study tips and grammar advice. I have five years of experience working with children from 6-12 years old and love to help them understand new things in a playful but efficient manner. I have experience in homework supervision and day care but also teach adults for a while now.

Conversational online Russian lessons! Speak Russian like a native with me.
Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a Russian native speaker and I'll help you improve your spoken Russian, grammar and pronunciation. I have 2 years of experience as an English teacher in China and 1 year of experience as a Russian teacher. The general format of lesson implies the talks about anything. During the lessons we will learn new words, phrases, read books and articles. Teaching spoken Russian and pronunciation correction are the main components of my lessons. We will focus on making you speak even with limited vocabulary. I can find an approach to each student, find your weakness and make you a better Russian speaker. No matter what your goal is, it will be a pleasure for me to be your guide to the Russian speaking world. I look forward to talking to you!

Private lessons in French, history and methodology of work
My name is Jonathan. I am a young teacher who already has 14 years of experience in the field of tutoring for primary and secondary children up to rhetoric. I can help you with mathematics, French / Dutch, history / geography and Latin as well as preparation for CEB (primary) and end of year exams for secondary. I also provide individual monitoring for your work method, more particularly in terms of understanding the instructions and the work schedule. If you need a helping hand, I'm here to listen.