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Dimitri - Brussels£26.49
Trusted teacher: Tuition in Self Defense PRO-TECT system based on the art of jiu-jitsu and Kung-fu. Specialized course on different attacks: Techniques for the control of attacks by strikes, Techniques for controlling attacks by sudden intake (taking the limbs, taking the clothes, taking and plucking the hair, or plucking bags, Techniques for controlling ground attacks (you are brutalized on the ground or you undergo an attempt of rape,) Self defense course for women: You're a woman, you think you're weak? It's wrong ! You think that a man can master you? It's wrong ! You think that before the rage and strength of a man, you are incapable of defending yourself? Well it's FALSE! You will learn how to deal with anyone, any type of attack and anywhere. You will not give any chance to the one who will try to attack you or violate you. Courses adapted for law enforcement: You are a policeman or security officer and you want to improve your mastery skills on an attacker and deal with different types of attack. The course can be adapted to your needs. Anti-aggression course, anti-bullying: You are harassed, you want to defend yourself against acts of violence, you want to build confidence in yourself and not be afraid of any aggressor who seems to you stronger than you. The PRO-TECT self defense course is for you. Course given by professor, black belt 3rd dan of JIU JITSU Japanese, black belt of WING CHUN Kung-fu and black belt 1st dan of BRASILIAN JIUJ ITSU, The course can be given at home or at my personal dojo. For the effectiveness of the course, I can not accept more than three participants at the same time,
Sport coaching · Sport personal trainer · Self defense
Trusted teacher: A graduate of the Conservatoire and the Flanders Operastudio, also a dancer, I then devoted myself to directing, coaching and teaching. I founded my company-workshop in Brussels. Artistically, I left the lyrical paths for creation and a more popular approach, which does not prevent me from preserving lyrics a deep passion and a thorough knowledge. I work from the person and am in a constant search for freedom, creativity and authenticity of speech and singing. Technique, creativity, guidance through the many possibilities of repertoire, diction and dramaturgy, interpretation, presence on stage and actor's play are possible directions of work, according to your needs and what you wish to accomplish. I also work in vocal and auditory rehabilitation. I propose classical courses but also coaching formulas, based on specific objectives determined together. Singers, actors, professors, or not, I work with anyone in vocal research, from speech to singing. Baroque, lyrical, popular, tango, fado, jazz, song and creation, other. I like to approach the vocal work from the person and to include it in a process of personal development and accomplishment even professional, that is why in this specific case I speak of coaching advantage that of teaching, and Works with specific goals and timeframes. As soon as we enter a path of coaching and not of teaching (what we decide together during a first meeting, according to your request), the sessions are longer, between the table and the plateau, and Investment. It is within this framework of coaching that I am particularly specialized, although I also offer the possibility of a more traditional course framework. Coaching is particularly useful when there is a key objective such as a stage performance, a competition, an audition, but also when there is a difficulty in orientation in relation to vocal work and often, To the directory. Many singers, amateurs or professionals, sometimes find themselves in a dead end, vocal, personal or professional: a situation in which coaching work, in the short term or longer term, in a more global approach to voice, person And the objective, is particularly indicated. In a more classical teaching setting, I generously share my tools and techniques, in order to improve your vocal performances whatever they are. The personal dimension remains, but more tacit: the objective and attention remain on the content, the material you bring, and the tools to be developed around and through this material. As far as my technical approach is concerned, I build the technique and the development of the voice around and from the repertoire of the singer's natural core, and therefore on measurements. In order to guarantee you the right path, I work in relation with many pedagogues and do not hesitate to redirect you if the meeting is not the right one or if I find myself at the limit of my teaching or my repertoire. Hope to meet you, Good day to you!
Public speaking · Opera · Singing
Coach for group (1 to 3 children) in math, computer science, progammation and electronics. I am an industrial computer scientist (EPHEC Belgium) with an erasmus validated by 30 credits in industrial engineer (upct Spain). I am in possession of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Systems Orientation Automation (EPHEC) and a validation of 30 credits of my academic exchange in Industrial Engineering. I want to make it clear that my goal is to select students to pass on a passion in computer science to become the elite of tomorrow, this program consists first of all in motivating them in the world of IT, At the level and then guide them for its future. (More information on the link). I have given individual or group lessons (maximum 3 students) for 8 years already to students of all levels. I was tutor for students in computer science in computer science during my academic journey. I am free both during the week and during the weekend and throughout the academic year 2017 - 2018 (after 5.45 pm on weekdays and weekends from 2 pm to 6 pm) I speak fluently French, Spanish and English. French and Spanish being my mother tongue. As far as English is concerned, I work in the English-speaking environment. Do not hesitate to contact me for any help, regular follow-up or intensive courses. I remain at your disposal. I usually move to the home of the students concerned. No matter your level the courses will give in English :) (the price of 15 euros for the first 4 apprentices) More information on my program: Link: Contact: +32 488 12 90 02
Alternative education
Trusted teacher: (Français ci-dessous) Hello, I am a 25 year-old pianist offering piano lessons in a friendly environment for all ages and levels, in English/French/Chinese. Passionate about teaching and with 7 years of professional experience (works in music schools, private lessons, especially with children), my students have received awards in international competitions in Germany and Switzerland. My teaching method associates the musical language studied with specific work on the technique required. I teach with efficiency, enthusiasm, encouragement, sensitivity and patience. I am now studying in the Royal conservatory of Brussels (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel). I teach at my residence (near Gare du Midi, Saint-Gilles) with a grand piano. The fee can be increased if you need me to dislocate to your place. The amount will depend on the distance. If you are interested, feel free to contact me for more information! :) ___________________________________________________________________ Bonjour, Je suis une pianiste de 25 ans et je vous propose des cours de piano particulier dans un environnement amical à tous les âges et tous les niveaux, en Anglais/ Français/Chinois. Passionnée par l'enseignement avec 7 ans de l'expérience professionnelle (travaille en écoles de musique, cours privés. Spécial pour les enfants), mes élèves avaient gagné des concours internationaux en Allemand et en Suisse. Ma méthode d'enseignement associe le langage musical étudié avec un travail spécifique sur la technique requise. J'enseigne avec beaucoup d'efficacité, enthousiasme, encouragement, sensibilité, et patience. Je fais mes études actuellement au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel). Je donne les cours dans ma résidence (près de la Gare du Midi, Saint-Gilles) avec un piano à queue. Les frais peuvent être augmentés si vous avez besoin que je me déplace à votre place. Le montant dépend de la distance. Si vous êtes intéressé, n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations! :)
(3 reviews)
Kanako - Saint-Gilles£31.97
Trusted teacher: Never too late to learn the piano! Pianist concertiste japanese, winner of international competitions, graduated at the Normal School of Music of Paris and student of Master in Koninklijk conservatorium brussel, gives you piano lessons for all levels, at home (to be discussed) or my home in Saint-gilles With a grand piano. I propose an apprenticeship for everyone, from beginners to preparing for competitions. Attention, currently the course at a student's home: to be discussed. Language: French, English, Japanese, Born in Chiba (Japan), Kanako took his first piano lesson at the age of 5 years. In 2004, she studied at Toho gakuen high school of music. In 2008, she moved to Paris where she obtained her Diploma in Piano and Chamber Music at the Ecole Normale de Musique, and she studied at the Conservatoire with regional influence in Paris. She studied piano under the direction of Yoko Tokué, Yoko Nakano, Bruno Rigutto, Jean-Marie Cottet and Dominique Merlet, chamber music with Devy Erlih. Kanako is the winner of several competitions: the Piara Competition and the Chiba National Piano Competition (Japan), a special prize for the interpretation of modern work at the "Claude Bonneton" International Piano Competition, 4th prize at the Brest Piano Competition Chopin) in 2013, she won the 2nd prize unanimously at the International Competition of Piano "Teresa Llacuna" in France. She regularly plays solo and chamber music in Europe and Japan, Currently she lives in Brussels and she continues her training with Aleksandar Madzar at Koninklijk Conservatorium brussel.
Hello the champions! You want: - You spend and decompress - You Tone - Burn fat and calories - Improve your physical performance (endurance, cardio, ...) - Take muscle mass - Discover a new discipline - Learn to defend yourself - While adapting your schedule Do not go further ! After 11 years of French boxing, competitions in technical and combat, as well as sports coaching, I propose, in collaboration with the Lvo-Vip group: - private sports coaching (1 to 2 people) - private English and / or French boxing classes (maximum 4 people for a better progression) - 1 hour or 2 hours - to the basic fit of Forest Center - at the EEBIC building (at the Erasme metro station) - at the Royal or Forest Park - available from Monday to Sunday - price: 35 euros / hour - price for 2 persons: 25euros / h - price 3-4 people: 20euros / h French boxing or "savate" was born in France in the early 19th century to meet the demand for safety on the streets while offering intense physical activity. For caricature, savate is a fighting sport using the art of boxing for fists and various martial arts for the feet (but is the only sport where kicks are carried by wearing shoes). Today, French boxing, in addition to being taught in the French brigades, has become a sport of competition in its own right. Although little publicized, it is considered as: - a complete effective combat sport, - among the most technical (each movement requires a particular decomposition in order to allow fast and accurate shots, with a high impact) and - tactics (learn to influence the behavior of his opponent and what movements to make in function). So if you want to learn French and / or English boxing and / or you spend to feel proud and full of energy and / or become / feel even more beautiful than you already are, do not hesitate to Contact and / or share. Here is my Facebook page: Thomas.
Sport coaching · fitness · Boxing
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I'll help you take your English skills to the next level! (Vilvoorde)
Clive is a great English teacher that i strongly recommend. After a first informal level assessment, Clive made some suggestions for our programme (5 times 1h30) based on my professional needs. He demonstrated adaptability and was happy to adjust the lesson to last minute requests from my side. Clive is always punctual and has his material ready for the lesson. In a nutshell, Clive is a great value for money for those who are looking for specific English reinforcement.
Review by V
Cours des langues (espagnol/anglais). Traduction, intérpretation. (Ixelles-Elsene)
A fantastic Spanish teacher, Highly recommended. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend Spanish grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me.She makes learning Spanish a highly enjoyable experience by creating a relaxed and fun environment to learn. I highly recommend her.
Review by ADNAN
Anja a adapté chacune des sessions à mes nécessités de formation et s'est montrée très disponible pour répondre à mes interrogations entre les sessions. Grâce à sa méthodologie, j'ai acquis les compétences nécessaires pour avancer dans mon parcours professionnel. Un grand merci à toi Anja !
Review by FRANCE