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Trusted teacher: University graduate in German language and literature (Master of Arts in German with specialization in Medieval Languages ​​and Literature) with a solid experience gives private tuition of German for all levels. Courses tailored to the needs of the student. They aim to consolidate the concepts, fill in gaps, prepare for exams (maturity, compulsory school leaving certificates, entrance exams at the gymnasiums, university, Goethe Zertifikat up to C1) and / or get acquainted with the language. For school support: It is above all a long-term job. This is why any exercise is explained in detail, which can make its execution slower: quality is given priority over quantity in order to obtain an optimal long-term result. The students bring their own course material (notebooks, books, audio CDs, dictionaries, evaluations ...). It is important to note that only my presence and my explanations are not enough to obtain satisfactory results. That's why I take the time to "learn to learn" effectively. For conversation classes: The subjects are according to the centers of interest and / or the specific needs for preparations for the examinations. I attach particular importance to pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary. Depending on the level of the students and / or their expectations (preparation examinations / assessments / desire for improvement for example), I work on the choice of appropriate words, grammatical correctness, ability to formulate sentences more or less complex. For preparations for examinations: The courses offer solid tools to learn how to write, comment on literary texts and a methodology for oral comprehension. Students will be required to bring their own booklet for exam preparation available at all bookstores. For the Gothe Institute exams, Cornlesen's exam books are particularly appropriate. The other alternative would be to download AND PRINT before the beginning of the course a test copy of the GOETHE INSTITUT available on the site of the institute itself. For oral comprehension: Work from the visual audiovisuals downloaded from the DEUTSCHE WELLE site, which offer various recordings adapted to all levels, with a very concrete approach. The student acquires long-term ease not only in oral comprehension, but also enriches his basic vocabulary through exercises. I also work on the oral tests of the Goethe Institute to familiarize oneself with the oral. For the work of the written expression: I begin by explaining in the first lesson some methodological tools to acquire the editorial skills. The student has the option of starting to write during the course or doing an essay writing exercise and give it to me to correct (sent by email or at the beginning of the next lesson). The corrections are explained in detail. In addition, at the time of booking, the student can send me a copy of the essay before the lesson so that I can respond even more quickly to his needs. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, especially for the work that I correct. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or advice to ensure maximum success for each. Moreover, each student can contact me at any time outside of the courses by mail if necessary. This is a work included in my services.
Clep test preparation · German for adults · German for students
Trusted teacher: Passionate about pedagogy, the most important thing I teach my students is to love music. Singing is a demanding art, but it should never be forgotten that it is also and above all a pleasure. My favorite music is the music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (baroque music, and until Mozart), but I encourage my students to sing what they like: it can go from the Middle Ages to jazz through Musical comedy (repertoire that I love a lot)! In solfège, I want to help you understand the score, to make sure that, little by little, the music "speaks" to them ... Also give them a curiosity, a desire to explore, listen, play. .. It was a real joy to see each student understand, then progress! I have seen each of them evolve, at his own pace, while often developing with them a relationship of trust, sometimes even friendship. I taught in Paris for about six years. I began with a small group of 3 students, and thanks to the mouth and ear and the "advertising" made by my first students, the circle has expanded to about fifteen students - in Solfège , Lyrical singing and singing variety. This confidence on the part of my students has always motivated me to surpass myself, to better understand, to better explain ... To transmit them as best as possible. Everyone at their own pace, of course, each student has made progress. Students who are totally beginners in solfeggio are now quite capable of deciphering a score! I then had several students during my years of study in Bale: it was at this time that I decided to devote myself to pedagogy! Adults singers, children apprentices pianists: Again, I had students from many backgrounds and ages. I know how to adapt! :)
Music theory lessons · Piano · Singing
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Cours particuliers de Biologie, Biochimie, Biologie Moléculaire et Biologie Cellulaire (Lausanne)
J'ai contacté Annemieke dans le cadre de ma preparation aux examens de première année de médecine et je n'aurais pu trouver mieux. Plus que compétente dans les domaines qui lui sont familiers elle m'à aussi aider dans ceux dont la matière lui était un peu moins spécialisée. Elle consacre beaucoup de temps à son élève et m'à vraiment aider a comprendre la matière, ce qui est essentiel en biologie. Vraiment une aide incomparable que je recommanderais a quiconque cherche un coup de main dans le domaine!
Review by GIULIA
Apprendre la langue et la culture chinoise (Lausanne)
Wēi (Agata)
Difficile de donner un avis exhaustif après trois cours. Mais pour le moment, nous sommes très contents. Wei sait bien travailler avec les enfants et les intéresser à la matière, et les choses semblent bien avancer.
Review by FABRICE
Cours de soutien en allemand, anglais et mathématiques (Lausanne)
Ludovic est un jeune homme dynamique et engagé dans sa tâche de répétiteur scolaire. Mes enfants se sont immédiatement senti à l'aise et dans une relation de partage et de confiance, avec l'envie d'avancer avec lui.