Welcome to the most popular GCSE Maths apprentus tutor of London! I am specialised in the reformed GCSE 1-9 Maths AQA syllabus taught from 2015 for both NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS / FRESHLY IMMIGRATED - no personal background matters. Intermediate spoken English is sufficient, no fluent spoken language is required! Pupils in age 14-16 – public school enrolment is required or Adults who are in government funded adult education programme And Native UK citizens with any background. WITH FREE ASSESSMENT SESSION!* . I follow the official AQA guide and specs on my classes with interesting, well explained examples, easy to understand mathematical rules. My aim is help to understand why and how numbers behave as they do. I am also able to teach EDEXCEL and OCR. If the agreed study plan will being followed, I can guarantee a 7+ (A, A* or A** ) grade no matter the previous knowledge or study background. Age groups I am teaching: Under 18 (agreement with parents and teaching at parent's location ONLY): - Post-K3 test 14-16 years old who are actively studying GCSE first or second year - bright minded pre-K3 pupils considered - 16+ re-sit GCSE preparation, review and knowledge boost with extra short time frame as well - even within 1-2 months - 16+ GCSE - A Level Bridge Over 18: - GOVERNMENT FUNDED - First GCSE Maths and English for Students with foreign background - flexible, efficient classes for adults who want to get their first higher education qualification in the United Kingdom. No age limitation! - Anybody who is over 18, self-studying and need teaching support in order to absolve their GCSE Maths grade. My classes are not about repetitive, boring and unrealistic example problems or endless formulae memorising. The most important part of tuition is to support and guide teenagers and adults on the path of understanding mathematics with well-explained rules and interesting problems to solve together. Why my classes are different? - My classes are student centered, and never forced by time and the teaching materials. I can quickly reveal the focus areas that we need to spend more time with, but it is always my student’s decision how much time they wish to sacrifice for a specific topic. - You do not need to memorise formulas! Every single formulae which is not in the provided booklet will be explained from the absolute base. It is not about memorising things, but understand them. - I always awake my student’s interest about the topic first. I come from a country where Mathematics has been taught on the ‘Asian’ way, so I know where ‘hateful mind grinding hours of unsuccessful studying’ roots from and I can avoid the pitfalls of a boring class. - I make sure a bespoke, tailored, student centric teaching method and specification will be applied. - I have unlimited source of maths sample problems from different aspects of our life: economy, information technology, architecture, daily decision making, etc. I always want to be sure the problems that my students spend time with are more than just ‘dry maths’, they are always real life examples that teach the students to skills in their future life. Why my classes are more efficient than other teachers’ ones? - Free assessment class! It is essential to find areas that we need to spendmore time with, therefore a completely free assessment class will be provided. - I am fully flexible both in time and place. I am willing to travel reasonable distance and I also have a suitable location for studying. - My teaching time is flexible; no fixed days of the week are available only. I am a teacher with free time on weekdays in the morning, afternoon or the evening. - I provide all the required materials to start your studying: student book, printouts, notebooks, maths tools, writing tools. You do not need to invest a penny into any physical, the only and most important is your time and attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to book a free trial session*. * Apprentus fees will not be refunded.

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