I am a qualified MFL teacher and worked both in mainstream and SEN schools here in UK. I do have passion for teaching languages and different cultures and my classes are always engaging. As I worked in schools as a French teacher, I totally understand the most common difficulties that students run into in learning a new language. I am supporting students teaching French up to GCSE in all the four areas: writing, listening, speaking and reading
I am a qualified Italian teacher with many years of experience in teaching foreign languages. I speak 4 languages and I do love my job. This course provides a grounding in the basic structures of Italian language and grammar which will enable students to communicate in essential day-to-day situations in Italy. Though the emphasis is on speaking you will also learn grammatical structures and sentence patterns, which will form the basis for further progression in Italian. The following topics will be covered: greetings and farewells numbers 1-1.000.000 asking and giving personal details (nationalities, work) hobbies and pastimes describing a place asking and giving directions booking a hotel room ordering in a restaurant describing a house talking about a trip weather

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