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Recently Posted Private Classes

English for Second Language Learners (General and Business)
English is a universal language that is used across all nations. As an educator, you will need to be able to communicate with colleagues, classmates, family, and business partners. You will also need to connect with people across various cultures. I've designed this course as a practical guide to learning English. Together, we will notice ways to express ourselves, talk about our routines, jobs, holidays, and so on. Above all, we will learn how to use them in our daily life.

Professional Ableton help - From Beginner to Advanced
I am a professional music producer & DJ of 15 years. I have studied Music Production at Leeds College of Music & toured as a DJ since. I'd like to help people to access this industry and to develop their music production skills, their music and their understanding of the Dance Music Industry as a whole. I can offer this to you with my first hand experience of this as a recording artist and can happily provide evidence of this when we speak. I am offering 1-2-1 classes to help with your journey with Ableton. This could be starting from nothing or developing your existing music. I want to share my knowledge with others and hep them with their music. Here is what I can offer -Ableton basics - Learn the program & produce your first track -Develop existing projects / more advanced learning and engineering help. -Understand better & develop your arrangment & mixing skills. -Already a pro but want assistance with your music and developing ideas. -Industry tips / get your music signed.

Flute lessons in London from beginners to advanced.
Unlock Your Musical Potential! Join me for engaging flute lessons tailored to all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or you want to improve your technique - I offer a nurturing environment and creative approach, so each lesson will be fun and productive. With years of professional musical experience in performing and teaching, I'll be happy to support you on your musical journey!

Pilates: Private 1-1 (online & in-person, Greater Manchester)
I’m a BASI-certified Mat Pilates teacher from Manchester, UK. I have my own studio on the edge of Salford, where I teach private & duo sessions in person, as well as online classes over Zoom. I also teach group in-person classes in the city centre. I’m deeply passionate about Pilates as a practice. I particularly love working with 1-1 clients over a period of time, so we can work collaboratively to develop their practice. There’s nothing better than helping a long-term client achieve their first Teaser, Open Leg Rocker Jackknife! I see Pilates teaching as a collaboration, and aim to guide people to move and engage with their body in a whole new way. In a typical private 1-1 session, we’ll begin with a chat about your background and aims. From there, we’ll begin to build a programme together that aims to develop your technique in a way that best suits your body. I love working with people from a variety of backgrounds including (but certainly not limited to): - sports people and fitness professionals looking to build complementary strength and mobility - complete beginners wanting to learn the foundations - people with injuries contraindications who want to learn Pilates in a way that can be adapted to their needs - people who have taken group classes but want to take things to the next level - experienced Pilates practitioners looking to practice the advanced work My teaching style is rigorous yet relaxed: through careful cueing, corrections and focus on precision, my aim is to help people move in the most effective way for their body. I like to challenge my clients, but do so in a way that is appropriate to the level of experience. That said, I do all of this low-pressure way, as I believe it should be enjoyable! With my attention solely on you, you can be assured that you’ll receive the right corrections to help you improve at a faster pace than you would in a group setting. My aim is for clients to leave my classes feeling energised, lengthened, stronger and brighter.

Spanish for English speakers & English for Spanish speakers
I consider myself a very organized and dynamic person so my lessons will response to that personality. I do not like to offer classes and book exercises, but rather a playful and entertaining teaching that develops meaningful learning. Personally I like to adapt the student's interests to the lessons, from my opinion this is the first link to achieve a good level in a second language, either trough (music, sports, TV shows, Netflix, etc.)

Flute and Piccolo lessons by Cathy Tsang's Flute Studio
Cathy started her music teaching career in 2015, and has been teaching students from beginner to grade 8, aged from 6 to 35 years old. She always welcomes students who wish to explore more about music, building up playing the flute as their hobby, as well as growing together with them as their role models. She feels very glad and blessed to be the teacher of her students, as well as being their sister, witnessing their growth and becoming a good friend to them. In the lesson, she would always love to play studies, and exercise, as well as play flute pieces and duets together with the students. To broaden their horizons, she would love to share different music recordings, as well as discuss the music together during the lesson. Cathy believes that it is essential for students to step out of the classroom to learn music, rather than just playing the flute. During years of teaching, she has encountered students taking different examination grades. Cathy understands the importance of choosing the pieces for students, she would love to demonstrate pieces and discuss the preferences with the students together. As the mode of having examinations has varied these years, she has already adapted to preparing students for the exams under different situations. Gladly, most of her students could attain merit or even distinction under her tutelage.

Understanding and Speaking English as a Foreign Language.
Good day Everyone! This English language course is specifically designed for students who face challenges in mastering vocabulary, grammar, and effective communication. Through a supportive, engaging, fun and interactive learning environment, students will strengthen their English language skills, gain confidence in expressing themselves, and develop strategies to overcome difficulties in language acquisition. Vocabulary Enhancement: Expand students' vocabulary through targeted exercises, interactive activities, and practical applications to improve their ability to comprehend and use a wider range of words in context. Grammar Fundamentals: Focus on key grammar concepts, including sentence structure, verb tenses, articles, and prepositions, to help students grasp fundamental grammar rules and apply them accurately in their speaking and writing. Communication Skills: Develop students' ability to express themselves clearly and coherently in English through speaking and writing tasks. Emphasis will be placed on building confidence in initiating and sustaining conversations, as well as conveying ideas effectively. Reading and Listening Comprehension: Enhance students' reading and listening comprehension skills by engaging with a variety of texts, audio materials, and multimedia resources. Activities will be tailored to improve comprehension, inferencing, and critical thinking abilities. Writing Proficiency: Support students in improving their writing skills, including sentence construction, paragraph development, and overall coherence. Practice will be provided in different types of writing, such as descriptive, narrative, and persuasive compositions. Cultural Awareness: Foster an understanding of British culture and customs to enrich students' language learning experience and promote cross-cultural communication competence. One of my main passions is to support students in confidently communicating in English. I also want students to feel valued when developing their English Vocabulary.

Assistance with English, exams, essays, and creative work. Conversational and reading for English as a Secondary language.
Hello, my name is Evan and I would love to help you on your English studying journey. I’m currently studying for a Master’s in Creative Writing and I have a Bachelors in Film & Media. I welcome students of all backgrounds and will tailor our lessons to your own needs. Exams can be a stressful time. Whether it’s learning English as a foreign language to secure a promotion, or studying for your National 5 and Higher, I can help out. You’ll be expected to hand in essays and a piece of creative work; I am well accustomed to both. I would be glad to impart my academic and creative experiences. Get in touch if there’s anything else you would like to know, I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Art & Design Nat-5 to Advanced Higher level Portfolio & Exam preparation
I will help you with any Art and Design class work and portfolio preparation for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications. Together we can build your fine art and material design skills for both your painting and design portfolios & I will give advice including annotations and how to present your work best for the exam boards. Plus tutoring for the written exam which will include practice questions, example answers and essay help.

Piano and Piano Theory for Musicians and all music lovers!
The piano is a gorgeous instrument and is definitely an enjoyable instrument to learn. I have finished Grade 8 Piano (when I was 15) and finished my theory up to Grade 5, but have experience in knowing more. I wish to share with student my love for this instrument. I can teach beginners up until Grade 6, as after that it’s mainly independent learning and support given after that. Let me help you learn this amazing instrument!

Private piano lessons with Ben (online or in-person)
With a solid background in music education, including an A-level in music and achieving Grade 8 piano at 16 years old, I'm here to guide you on your piano journey. 🎵 Four years ago, I dipped my toes into teaching piano, and I haven't looked back since! It's been an incredible journey watching my students blossom, and I'm proud to say that many of them have aced multiple grade exams with flying colors. 🌟 As a postgraduate university student with a deep love for music, I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion with you. In our classes, we'll dive into the world of piano playing – from mastering the basics to tackling your favorite tunes. Whether you're a total beginner or looking to refine your skills, let's make some beautiful music together! 🎶

Qualified Primary Teacher KS1 KS2 all subjects phonics
My Psychology degree and 9 years of experience working with children with Neuro-divergence and additional educational needs prior to teaching have significantly shaped my approach to teaching. I prioritise relationship building and trust with students and their caregivers. I am patient, kind, and incredibly encouraging but have high expectations. I work with students for them to also gain high expectations in themselves. This may happen in the first few sessions or may take a longer period of time depending on the student. I help students gain high expectations for themselves by initially giving tasks where they are guaranteed success, then celebrating and reflecting on this success and how they were able to use the skills taught and their effort to complete the task. This builds a persons confidence and significantly increases the likelihood of attempting more difficult tasks. This is heavily proven by research (and seen in my classroom daily) known as the “theory of self efficacy” and the “theory of planned behaviour”. If a person does not believe a task is within their capability, they are incredibly unlikely to even attempt it (No matter how much we believe they can do it). It is my job to SHOW students they can do it by designing tasks and lessons in a way that they feel challenged finish with pride in their achievements. When teaching new skills I will show them first, then we will complete a task together, then they will apply the skills independently. I will be constantly assessing as they work independently and provide support where necessary. The ultimate goal is to phase back my support until they are using the taught skills correctly, consistently, confidently and independently. Lessons will vary depending on students needs. If caregivers want to spend a percentage of the lesson to discuss, that will be agreed upon. If there are specific targets you want me to cover then we can dedicate time for you to tell me these expectations. If you would prefer me to assess your student and gage where the gaps are and plan accordingly, that is also ok. I would suggest an initial session to meet, and discuss goals. Some classes you may benefit from: -SATs Prep -Phonics -Reading (comprehension, vocabulary, inferencing, predictions, explaining, retrieval, sequencing, summarising, making links, authors intent) -Spelling -Grammar (or Spelling and grammar combined) -Maths -Maths (arithmetic) -Maths (Reasoning and Problem solving) -Target specific - has your teacher said there are targets you need to work on in various subjects? -Science -History -Geography -Psychology (GCSE, A Level) Is your child in secondary school but needs support in the foundation subjects such as reading, writing or maths? Reading and writing is an essential skills in secondary school for every subject. I can support your child to close the gap so they can access all subjects with their peers. Having worked in secondary schools before, I have seen how much students are required to read and write in all lessons, but there will not be opportunities to learn these fundamental skills at school. I welcome students of all ages (including adults) from all backgrounds and of all abilities. I look forward to meeting you soon and celebrating the amazing progress ahead!

RCA Graduate tutoring in Art & DesignFrom younger ages to portfolio support for art school.
I am an RCA MA Painting graduate, and I have a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art from Westminster University, and a Foundation diploma in Art & Design from the University for the Creative Arts. I am a practicing artist based in London, specializing in painting, and I have been showing my work nationally and internationally. My recent solo show was at Class Reiss London, and I also had a solo presentation at Art Athina. My fascination with tutoring derives from my sensitivity around learning disabilities, something which is a recurring theme in my practice as I grew up as a dyslexic learner, as well as my educational experience of being part of leading academic UK institutions. Through my work as an art tutor I strive to inspire and support my students, offering insight to my experience as a RCA alumnus and to the professional life of an artist. I teach students of all ages, as I strongly believe that involvement with the arts is always eye opening and revealing, especially when this leads to a career in the arts through higher education. I can offer art lessons for younger children, involving introduction to creative techniques and idea development, mentoring and support with portfolio preparation to apply for art schools internationally  as well as tutoring on contextualizing your work through constructive and generative feedback. 

Glenn Charles
Drum Lessons for Beginners to Advanced Students Wishing to Progress in Areas of Contemporary Study
I am a professional freelance drummer who has been teaching students of all ages for 10 years. I studied Jazz Performance and Theory at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide, Australia. As well as the areas of study and specialisations listed below, Trinity Grade examinations can also be covered. Areas of study that will be covered: Time Technique Groove Independence Stylistic Interpretation Fluidity Language Development Reading Improvisation Creative Development Tone Development Stylistic History Performance/Ensemble Contexts Playing Live vs Playing in a Studio Beat placement within a jazz framework Composition How to Practice Styles: Jazz - Swing (Big band and Small Ensemble) Contemporary Jazz Fusion Funk Groove based music Latin Clave Samba Bossa Abukua Motown Soul Online, I teach via Zoom or Skype, although Zoom is preferable. I also teach from home. For those that are new to the instrument, wanting to develop and progress consistently or for those that are wishing to develop and delve deep within a certain style, area or study, musician or period of musical history.

Mixed Martial Arts Lessons from beginners to advanced
This 1-1 class will cover all aspects of martial arts, but the student can decide whether or not they want to specialise in one field. The lesson will start with a warmup and then kick right into learning martial arts techniques. At the end of the lesson, 5 minutes will be dedicated to strengthening and another 5 minutes for stretching. The following skills I can teach are as follows: Boxing Taekwondo Jujitsu Wrestling Weapon styles such as: Bo staff, sword, nun chuckas, knife and archery Gymnastics Forms (katas/patterns) Falling techniques Sparring Parkour Strengthening and conditioning Flexibility training The student can decide what skills they would like to learn and then I will tailor the lessons to suit their needs. I can also teach outdoors, or at the students location provided they have suitable space. I have equipment to teach most skills so can be flexible with location.

Learning science: key concepts in biology and chemistry
Experienced tutor specializing in Biology and Chemistry. I simplify complex concepts, ensuring a deep understanding through personalized learning approaches. I use interactive methods, visual aids, and practical examples to make sessions engaging. Whether you're preparing for exams or seeking conceptual clarity, I adapt to your needs. My goal is to instill a genuine interest in the sciences and support your academic journey.

Finlay Forbes
Art, Fashion and Textiles GCSE and A-Level classes
I teach classes in GCSE and A-level Fine-Art and Textiles prep for upping your grade potential and cultivating your unique creativity through multi-disciplinary art and textiles mediums. I also offer art & play classes for preschool children.

Piano Improvision and freedom on the keys with Jamie
Unlock Your Piano Potential: Discover the Art of Improvisation Are you ready to unleash your creativity and confidence at the piano? Welcome to a transformative journey where music theory meets artistic expression. In this online tutoring class, I specialize in piano improvisation, offering a unique approach that prioritizes freedom and self-assurance on the keys. What You'll Learn: Piano Improvisation: Delve into the exhilarating world of improvisation, where you'll learn to express yourself freely through music. Music Theory & Harmony: Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of music, empowering you to craft harmonious compositions with ease. Composition: Tap into your inner composer as you learn techniques to create original music that resonates with your unique style. Ear Training: Sharpen your listening skills and develop the ability to play by ear, enhancing your musical intuition and adaptability. This class is not about sight-reading or adhering to traditional classical methods. Instead, it's a dynamic exploration of musical expression and innovation. About Your Instructor: With a Masters (MA) in Music and a Grade 7 in music theory, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My experience extends beyond the classroom, as I actively compose for video games and short films/trailers, infusing my teaching with real-world insights and practical applications. I also live stream music on Twitch at where I compose fun orchestrated loops in styles of selected video game music or Jazz. Join me on this journey to unlock the full potential of your piano playing. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore new horizons or an experienced musician seeking to deepen your skills, this class is your gateway to musical liberation.

Drama: the basics, technique, acting tutoring/help
In this class you will learn the basics of acting and performance, but also how to heighten the abilities you already have. Whether it be help with picking monologues, warm-up techniques, memory techniques or an outside opinion on your chosen performances, this tutoring session can help you gain the confidence you need to help you through exams. This tutoring can also offer some small insights into the industry and will try and answer any starting questions you may have. This course is mainly for those studying Drama in secondary school who are looking to improve their background work outside of class.

French lessons at your home or by video from a native
Hello, I am a French woman living in London, I am looking to help children/teenagers or adults (women only) in French. Do not hesitate to contact me and we will discuss the terms according to your desires/needs. I have a good level of English which will facilitate our exchanges if you are beginners.

Traditional clay modelling techniques - sculpture classes
In these lessons / course I will introduce you to the basics of traditional clay modelling. Starting from understanding proportions, measuring 3-dimensional objects and building a strong armature using wood and wire to carefully examining and transferring the shapes of the model into your own clay reproduction. Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin have been studying the sculptures of their predecessors the same way and have been a great influence on my own work, and that is why I want to pass this knowledge on. In these lessons, you will also acquire some knowledge of the use of power-tools necessary to make the armatures.