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Recently Posted Private Classes

Guitar Lesson for all ages and level - Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!
My name's Luca and I've been a full-time professional musician for the past 10 years. I mainly work as a session musician and recording artist/producer, and also as a private guitar tutor. My goal when it comes to teaching is to share my knowledge and passion for music and to help you improving and having as much enjoyment from it as I have for it. I base my lessons on my student’s ambitions and on their weaknesses, so they can improve quickly and efficiently, without loosing interest on the instrument, and so they can reach their goals, giving them a personalised lesson plan, having fun and playing different styles and techniques. Everyone is welcome to join my teaching plan if they want to spice up their playing or simply start from scratch. I specialise in all popular musical styles, such as Pop, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Rock and more, on both electric and acoustic guitar. I'm extremely passionate in music theory, composition, arranging, and also music production. If you're interested in developing your skills in any of these areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level • Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Do you feel like your guitar playing has plateaued or your progression has become stagnant? Are you feeling frustrated with trawling through guitar tab websites and watching instructional Youtube videos that lack a personal touch? Do you want your guitar playing ability to reach levels you never even thought you could achieve? If this is the case, I would love to help you. My name's Dave and I've been a full-time professional musician for the past 15 years. I work predominantly as a performing and recording session musician and also as a private guitar tutor. I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I say that I absolutely love the guitar. My biggest goal in teaching guitar is to share with you my passion for this instrument and to help you gain as much enjoyment from it as I have for most of my life. My lessons have a highly tailored approach as I believe all students to be individuals and as such, they will always have different goals and ambitions, different ways of learning and varying rates of progression. I specialise in all popular contemporary musical styles on both electric and acoustic guitar as well as having a highly in-depth knowledge of musical theory, songwriting and composition. If you're interested in developing your skills in any of these areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Please note: I am happy to take on beginner guitarists however I believe that you will get the most out of what I can offer as a teacher if you are already towards the intermediate/advanced level of playing.

Spanish classes for everybody with a native girl from Madrid
Have you ever wanted to learn or improve your Spanish? Hi! My name is Yaiza and I'm a 21 year old Spanish girl. Currently, I'm studying Modern Languages and Translation and this is my last year. I have been a teacher for more than 4 years, teaching from primary to high school of type of subjects (Maths, Biology, English, Spanish...) We can practice whatever you want, my methods vary depending on the person. If you have any question do not hesitate in contacting me.

GCSE tutoring to pass your GCSEs this summer - Cameron
I am a university student based in London, studying Politics Philosophy and Economics at university, and looking to do some tutoring at GCSE level. I have 10A*s and a french continuation merit at GCSE level, and 3A* UCAS equivalent at A level (I did the IB). I like to think I have good personal skills, and am an effective teacher (I helped my younger brother get an 8 in Maths and a 9 in Chemistry, and have done some tutoring for friends younger siblings in the past). Message me if you are interested, Cameron

Learn to Play a Brass Instrument: It's Easy as 1, 2, 3
Learn to play a brass instrument! It's easier than you think! Using years of playing brass band, military band, big band, small jazz combos, ska, reggae, soul, funk and more to be able to tailor your individual lessons to suit where you are and where you would like to be. This is a tried and tested method giving good results very quickly

Korean for beginner & profi, Learn how to speak Korean!
Korean language trends – growing popularity and demand in 2022 Were you around when Psy’s “Gangnam Style” song hit the global billboards and reached billions of views worldwide in the space of weeks? It’s hard to forget this. But then there’s also BTS with their hit song “Dynamite”, which made it on the Billboard hot 100 charts. How about the movie “Parasite” which won four Oscars at the 92nd Oscars award ceremony in Los Angeles? It’s true. Through films, dramas, music, culture, and cuisine, the “Korean wave” is making its wave around the world.

Tutoring: Flute Lessons and Music Theory Lessons Available
I’m a flute teacher who gives lessons in London. I teach students of all ages, ranging in ability from beginners to those studying for their music degrees. I’m available for modern, baroque, and keyed classical flute lessons. I also teach music theory lessons up to ABRSM Grade 5. I’m also available for in person lessons or online flute lessons using Zoom.

Drum Lessons for All Ages - Unlock best techniques, styles and creativity studying with me - Drummer based Greater London
All ages are welcome to study with me. I will create a personalised practice planner that is full of new, unexplored and exciting content. Depending what you would like to learn or improve in certain areas. I am experienced in teaching topics such as styles, covering metal, rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz, hand and foot technique, double bass playing, independence, ergonomic approach towards set-up, posture, creative sticking patterns and countless other concepts. With carefully picked and personalised practice planners as well as reachable goals, my students are able to see significant results in short periods of time. I see teaching as a way to translate complex and overlooked topics in the most easily understandable and applicable ways so students can feel confident, motivated and eager when learning with me.

Mathematics / French / Biology / Physics / Chemistry teacher
Freshly graduated from Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. I would be delighted to help your child acquire a true scientific spirit. During my professional career, I had the chance to work many times with children / teenagers / young adults as a private teacher but also camp director / health assistant or tutor for first-timers arriving at my university.

Chinese, Simplified chinese, Mainland Standard Accent
The Chinese language is fascinating and unique. I am a native Chinese with a standard accent. I came from mainland China and moved to the UK when 2021. I’ve designed an interesting course, you will not only learn the language, but also the culture of China.

Conversate and develop your language skills naturally
Conversate whenever wherever, get to know each other and speak of whatever in order to develop your speaking skills orally and train yourself to feel more natural speaking a new language you're learning. Can be of aid in other aspects too.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners and Intermediates in London
I am a guitar teacher willing to travel around London. I used to teach guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and drums in San Francisco. My style of teaching is hands on and not as book based as I believe that this approach generates a deeper interest and understanding of music than a book can bring. Lessons cover basic chords, technique, music theory, and songs (I can pre-learn a song for you). I am flexible when it comes to your musical, educational, and scheduling needs.

French/Spanish lessons or homework help for all levels
I'm a french student living in London for 2 months. I study in Inseec Business School in The 3rd year. The past 2 years I studied french literature and I was specialized in Spanish. So I speak Spanish very well, and I know grammar and conjugation.

German for English native speakers by a German student. Language skills and writing exercise included.
German is a difficult language. I would like to assist anyone learning with my native german skills. I have a very good understanding of language and want to give you insight on how the language is used in a natural way. There will be speaking exercise and creative writing if you're more advanced. As a big poetry and classic literature fan, i would love to introduce you to the german classics, from tales like Snow White to Rainer Maria Rilke's moving poetry.

Italian personalised tutoring ,all levels, both orally and written.
Italian is a fascinating but hard language that can give you an insight into the words you use and it`s a good language to know in life. In this course, you will learn both to speak and write in Italian and most importantly be able to understand and be understood by Italian speakers, as a native speaker I will teach following the way my teachers taught us Italian

Conducting Classes in Orchestral, Choral, and Opera setting
An experienced conductor, both in choral, orchestral, operatic, or ballet settings, is now available to offer conducting lessons to advanced, intermediate, and beginning conductors, as well as career advice, coaching, aural, and theory training, and more. Based in London, I am an international conductor with over 25 years of experience. I am also specialized in historical performance, opera and ballet.

Violin/Viola; Baroque Violin/Viola; Singing; Piano
…….Ana is also passionate about teaching. She was the baroque strings coach at the inaugural edition of the Novi Sad Baroque Academy, where she presented a mixture of teaching methods incorporated with historically informed performance practice. In October of 2021 she joined the Herne Hill Music Studio in London as one of their tutors. She enjoys teaching students of all levels and ages, and is always willing to exchange knowledge, seeking new exciting and productive ways of learning. She has explored educational psychology, as well as Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique, visualization and different teaching schools. Having studied 2nd-study piano at her music college as a compulsory requirement, she is able to guide children to take ABRSM graded piano music exams too. The students’ happiness, acquisition of new knowledge and musical improvement are the most important things to her. Diana Cummings, the LRAM programme supervisor at the Royal Academy of Music in London, said: “Ana gave a detailed and very well-presented analysis of the baroque viola, the comparison with modern viola and how it could be taught. You have a very analytical mind and think through all the elements of teaching effectively and constructively. You are a most promising teacher, and you are exploring your potential with great enthusiasm. Well done.” …

Mathematics, English, Physics and Spanish tutoring.
Tutoring for students in mathematics, english, physics and spanish. I am a masters graduate from Bath University with a 1st (Hons) in Civil & Architectural Engineering. Also fluent in spanish - achieved the advanced DELE (diploma in spanish as foreign language).

Spanish Class with a Native teacher. 10 years of experience
Acerca de mí Profesor de italki desde 13 de feb. de 2021 Hola, Mi nombre es Marta, soy española y trabajo como profesora desde hace 10 años. He trabajado con alumnos de todas las edades y niveles y me encantaría ser tu profesora de español. Soy acreditada de exámenes DELE y ahora estoy haciendo el Máster de Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera. Mis mayores aficiones son viajar y hacer deporte, sobre todo el yoga y la escalada. Con mis 35 años me siento llena de ganas e ilusión de disfrutar y vivir intensamente. Yo como profesora ✔ Examinadora DELE niveles A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2. ✔ Profesora nativa de español de España con acento neutro y fácil de entender. ✔ Experta en expresión oral y escrita de DELE con preguntas actualizadas para 2021 ✔ 10 años de experiencia como docente profesional con 3 años de especialización en DELE ✔ Especialista en DELE que ha ayudado a cientos de estudiantes aprobar los exámenes. ✔ Maestra paciente, positiva, con buen humor y apasionada por su trabajo. ✔ Adapto cada clase a las necesidades del estudiante. ✔ Instrucciones y comentarios claros para concentrarse en sus debilidades. ✔ Tanta tarea como desee para ayudarlo a alcanzar sus metas. Mis clases y método de enseñanza ✔ Un plan de aprendizaje individualizado para cada alumno en función de sus necesidades ✔ Enfoque comunicativo del aprendizaje. ✔ Consejos y trucos para que el estudiante parezca un hablante nativo. ✔ Materiales de escritura DELE con respuestas modelo para cada tipo de pregunta de exámen. ✔ Aprenda a escribir el ensayo perfecto, un párrafo bien estructurado, a parafrasear, a proponer ideas y mucho más. ✔ Materiales orales diseñados para mejorar la fluidez y precisión, pronunciación, vocabulario y rango gramatical y precisión. ✔ Actividades diseñadas para mejorar tu confianza y alcanzar tu mejor nivel posible ✔ Clases online y offline disponibles

Undergraduate Psychology Tutoring from a Russell Group Teaching Associate
I am an experienced Psychology tutor, with a doctorate in Psychology, and teaching experience since 2015 across two Russell Group universities. Through Apprentus, I offer: - One-to-one tutorials across a wide range of topics in undergraduate psychology. - Assistance with essay and coursework writing skills. - Tutorials on how to run statistical tests and tackle practical reports. I currently teach on a research methods and statistics module, however, I have substantial experience in assigning, marking and moderating examinations, essays and research reports across many areas, including clinical psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, perception and statistics. This has given me a deep understanding on how to succeed across the whole spectrum of assessments in undergraduate psychology. I offer a particular focus on essay and practical report writing skills, as I am keenly aware of how integral these skills are to achieving a high grade at this level. Additionally, for anyone who is currently struggling to 'gain their footing' at university-level, we can spend time discussing exactly how to get to grips with your classes, course material, revision and assignments - "learning how to learn" is a vital building block for your university success. Psychology is a fascinatingly broad subject, and I will tailor my tutorials to suit your needs.

Acting and Audition Coaching and drama exam preparation
I am a professional & experienced writer, actor, theatre director & theatre manager. I am also an experienced teacher and learning facilitator. I have acted and directed at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre, The RSC, The Birmingham Rep and ran my own theatre company in Birmingham for several years. I can help you discover your performance potential, prepare for auditions, help you overcome the obstacles to your acting success and give you increased confidence. I am happy to run sessions at my home or on line and tailored to your needs in terms of duration and frequency. One booster session or a series over several weeks - your choice. Get in touch if you are ready for change.