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Recently Posted Private Classes

Classical piano and music theory lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance students
I provide piano lesson for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, preparing them for piano exams up to grade 8, including the necessary aural and music theory training. I also teach pre-school children from the age of 3 as well as children with disabilities, adjusting the music program to their needs. When working with young children I focus on developing their musical imagination and curiosity, while also providing them with technical skills and a detailed understanding of the musical score. I aim to provide a firm basis on which they can build a western classical repertoire, or any other musical style they choose. For beginners I work with one of the early piano syllabi, usually Thompson's 'Easiest Piano Course' or Oxford's piano method book 'Piano Time,' which consist of fun songs and simple melodies. Through this the pupil is gradually introduced to various aspects of the melody (such as pitch, duration of notes, phrasing and articulation) and coordination of both hands on the keyboard in a creative and stimulating way. At this stage I place a strong emphasis on proper body posture and hand position. As the pupil acquires fundamental piano skills and gets comfortable reading music I proceed with them through the ABRSM or Trinity piano syllabus to a more advanced repertoire. Throughout a student’s education, I incorporate sight reading, scales exercises and technical work into the lesson structure and daily practice routine of the pupil. I also focus on developing my students’ understanding of how music theory applies to the material they play. Applying Musicological knowledge and own performing experience I teach students in depth analyses of the music they play, guide their individual interpretation and bring their awareness to the specifics of a historically informed performance. My pupils play a broad variety of western classical styles, and I will work with them to balance their program and maximise their enjoyment and appreciation for music. The student will become familiar with the main forms and stylistic traits of baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century Western classical music. I will also make sure the pieces stay challenging technically and if needed I will provide additional materials which will help the student to focus on the areas which need most work on. Though not usually covered in exam syllabi, I am happy to work alongside the student on pieces which do not necessarily fit into the Western classical canon, should they so wish. Playing and learning an instrument should primarily bring joy, and as a result inspire the student’s dedication to practice and foster a willingness to work hard. I believe in the importance of the relationship between teacher and student and as such provide the needed mental support and encouragement. I adopt an intuitive pupil-centred approach to learning that will best support their passion for making music. Attention to detail is paramount, and staying attuned to the needs of the student is always a priority. As such, I will adjust the tempo of the program to meet goals at a pace that is ideal for both the pupil’s ability and well-being.

Maths up to GCSE level, Classics (Latin, Ancient Greek) to A-level
Hi there! I am currently in my third year studying Classics at Oxford University, with extensive maths knowledge up to A-level and experience teaching abroad. I aim to provide flexible and focused lessons that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the student. Once we’ve discussed the particular areas you’re finding challenging or want to work on, these tutorial sessions can be focused towards discussing particular concepts for better understanding and working through examples together, before moving on to practising exercises and past questions on your own to be marked. If you are working towards an exam, we will also go through exam techniques and effective revision methods, again to suit you! I offer regular feedback and like to set specific goals which students can work towards. If you have any questions or would like to see a proposed lesson plan please drop me a message and we can discuss it from there! Experience: - Currently reading Classics at Worcester College, Oxford, currently with a 2:1 equivalent after 2 years. - 12 A*s at GCSE, 3 As at A-level (Latin, Maths, English Literature). - 3 months teaching Maths and English in a Ghanaian combined primary and secondary school - I’ve had several years of work experience and always aspire to provide a professional, helpful and enjoyable service.

English Literature: Themes and Intertextuality in Literature, for Students and Adults
English Literature is an extremely important and, for many students, compulsory part of education. This class is about improving the skills needed for close, thematic reading of both old and more contemporary texts. Using overarching themes found across literature, as well as giving suggestions for other relevant texts, this class aims not only to help pass any exams, but to also enrich your understanding and appreciation of the subject. Outside of exams, especially for any adults, this class can be a more freeform discussion of novels or poetry for anyone who wants to enjoy literature on a deeper level but isn't quite sure where to start or what avenues of thought to explore.

tutor teacher face to face / online classes in Italian and spanish
I have long experience in Italian and spanish school teaching, so I am very aware of the level required by academics. My subject approach is domain specific and aimed at obtaining the best effect on the students learning abilities. I form my methods on the basis of the individual students attitudes, meeting their needs and expectations.

Teaching assistant that loves teaching maths & sports
I have experience with all vary ages of children and I have a great knowledge of EYFS to the older children. I am a natural leader that is always positive. I have experience dealing with behaviour that challenge children and also SEN children. I am something that likes to motivate and help people gain happiness and positive path in their life’s and help them & guide with any behaviour or educational challenges. I always smiley and happy , I am a great role model for children to look up to. I have always wanted to be in a job that helps children achieve better in life and it makes me very happy to see achievement and progression from children.

Primary school Maths and English Tutoring. 1:1 tailored lessons to suit the needs of each individual student.
KS2 catch up and test prep tutoring with a Vice Principal and Class teacher. Over 6 years of private tutoring experience in London and Northern Ireland, preparing children for 7+, 11+ and Transfer tests. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the students with measurable progress and outcomes.

University student willing to tutor History, Re, English
I am a social anthropology student at Durham university (female aged 19), i have 2 As and 2A*s at A-level. I have a 9(A**) in history, 9(A**) in RE, a 9(A**) in English literature all at GCSE level. I am passionate about humanities and English i miss being able to study these subjects at university and would love to be able to share my passion with younger students.

Rocco's Maths, English and Spanish Tutoring Lessons
In Maths, I will either teach the student via PowerPoint with revision or new things or I will help with any maths assignments. Adult learners will learn current Maths. In English, I will either teach the student via PowerPoint with revision or new things or I will help out with any English assignments. I am able to teach Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and Creative Writing. In Spanish, I will either teach the student via PowerPoint with revision or new things or I will help out with any Spanish assignments. I am able to teach basic vocab and a range of Spanish words. Adult learners will learn basic conversation in Spanish.

GCSE and A Level Revision Skills and Humanities Subject Help
This class can be tailored to your requests, whether you would like subject specific help in RS, Politics or English, or need help in more general exam preparation I can help! I achieved A*AA in these subjects at A level, and two 9 in RS and English Language at GCSE - results I could not have achieved without making my revision as effective and efficient as possible. I particularly found that understanding how to keep myself organised was essential to keeping a healthy balance of school work and free time - and am passionate about helping other students in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.

- English Lessons to Speakers of Other Languages -
I can design tailored English lessons Online. In these lessons, I select exercises and make explanations in line with the students' learning goals and interests. These can include Skills related tasks: reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises; Controlled practice exercises from English Grammar in Use and other Student books. For these lessons, students receive a handout before class with the target exercises and language. Lessons are conducted with a PowerPoint presentation to make it engaging and interesting. I can also tutor and help you with the homework you have already assign to you, or other tasks involving language that you need help with. In this case, I will expect you to send me before hand what you need to do so I can prepare for the tutoring session. I can help with translation from English to Portuguese and vice-versa; proofreading and editing written work and help you in structuring your study around an assignment you may have.

French lessons for all and for all needs by a native French
Bonjour bonjour ! Comment ca va? Are you interested to learn or improve your French? Parfait ! I am dedicated to make you learn and enjoy your lessons. Depending of your level, and what you like, the lessons will be personalised . Come and talk to me if you are interested or want some informations Au revoir

Juan Ignacio Diaco
Guitar Tuition - 18 Years of Experience as a Tutor
Hi there, My name is Juan, a musician, guitar technician, music tutor, and producer. I have 23 years of experience as a guitarist, 18 years teaching guitar and repairing/building stringed instruments for 16 years. I write music. I have taught for different music agencies including London Music Centre, London School of Music and Musiko Musika. I worked at Spotify (Charing Cross Office), different primary schools, kinder gardens and I taught the famous indie band Bastille how to play Argentinian traditional rhythm

KS1 and 2 school maths and English class taught by a year 13 student.
I offer lessons for KS1 and KS2 children, to improve there skills and give a good base to go on to do SATs and go on to secondary school. I am 16 years old and have expected grades for GCSEs from 6-8, English and maths are my two strong suits. I have experience of teaching primary school students and my teaching style is. Or only effective but also enjoyable, allowing your child to learn something as well as have fun!

Flute, Piano and Music Theory Lessons for children and adults
Music trains the brain. Music as a leisure activity has scientifically proven cognitive, emotional, social and neural benefits. Today music is being used in many areas of healthcare. With the training and a year of experience in music therapy, I provide music lessons for children and adults using recent neurological research in the field. I am an experienced music tutor and value creativity more than anything else. It makes me happy to share my knowledge and skills with others and help them achieve their musical goals. I teach flute and music theory up to advance level and piano up to intermediate level. It's also possible to consider therapeutic lessons for individuals with special needs or dementia.

French PhD Student at IMPERIAL COLLEGE gives MATH/PHYSICS tutoring
FRENCH VERSION BELOW ↧ ↧ Hello ! My name is Gabriel, I’m 23 years old and I’m a PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence and Neurosciences at Imperial College. I am offering private classes of Math and Physics for high school students and eventually undergrads. I can provide classes in both French and English. After obtaining my degree in engineering in one of the top French ‘Grandes Ecoles’, I started my PhD at Imperial in January 2021. I have a very solid background in Math, Physics and Computer Science. I can adapt to every student’s needs: strengthening and deepening of knowledge or reinforcement of the basics, help to homework and assignments or classes and methods. I have a strong experience in tutoring, I have been giving classes for the past 7 years during my studies in France, both as a tutor and a teaching assistant. I have always received amazing feedback and witnessed real progressions in my students. Due to the pandemic, I can give classes remotely . I do however feel like this may weaken a bit my abilities as a teacher and constitutes more of the same remote teaching that already poses so many troubles to kids during these times. I am open to giving classes in person if that is OK for you (I undergo regular testing as part of Imperial’s test scheme) I can come in person in the areas around South Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham, and even further if the offer is adequate. Hope to see you very soon! Gabriel B. Bonjour! Je m’appelle Gabriel, j’ai 23 ans et je suis étudiant en thèse à Imperial College en Intelligence Artificielle et Neurosciences. Je propose des cours particuliers de Maths et Physique pour des élèves de collège, lycée et éventuellement en premières années d’études supérieures. Je peux donner des cours en Français ou en Anglais. J'ai obtenu un Bac S mention très bien puis effectué une classe préparatoire MPSI puis MP* au lycée Henri 4 avant d'intégrer l'école de Supaero. Je suis finalement venu à Londres pour commencer ma thèse en Janvier 2021 Je peux m'adapter à tous les besoins: approfondissement ou travail des bases du cours, aide aux devoirs et aux exercices ou cours et méthodes. Je possède une solide expérience dans le domaine car je donne des cours régulièrement depuis mes classes prépa. J’ai toujours reçu de très bons retours de mes élèves et pu constater de grandes améliorations dans leurs résultats scolaires. J'aide également mes frères et sœurs en classe de terminale et 3ème depuis longtemps. Avec la situation sanitaire actuelle, les cours peuvent être donnés à distance. Je craint cependant que cela ne diminue légèrement mes capacités d’enseignant. De plus de nombreux élèves se trouvent en difficulté actuellement à cause de l’absence d’enseignement présentiel et des cours en ligne pourraient renforcer ce constat. Je suis ouvert à la possibilité de venir en personne si cela vous convient (j’ai déjà eu la Covid il y a quelques mois à Paris et me fais tester régulièrement selon la politique d' Imperial) Les tarifs sont à pondérer en fonction de votre niveau et de votre situation géographique. Je peux me déplacer autour de South Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham et éventuellement plus loin si l’offre est adéquate. A très bientôt j’espère ! Gabriel B.

GCSE English Language/ Literature Creative Writing
Creative writing is a very important part of language skills and specifically GCSE English. I make sure students are using multiple language features/ techniques to enhance their writing skills and improve their confidence. The student is given examples and a structure for the writing. Feedback is provided throughout and corrections are made as the student goes along.

Experienced Teacher/Tutor: fostering a love of learning in a calm, stress-free way!
I am an experienced teacher and primary school with a wealth of knowledge about the British Education System and about teaching English, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the ways children learn. I can offer the following: • Individual/small group English lessons. • Individual/small group support and preparation for the British school state SATS examinations at primary level. • Specialized advice on supportive approaches for children with special educational needs. • Tutoring and support for parents to help their children’s learning. All lessons are interactive, fun, and tailored to the learner's needs and preferred learning style and ability.

GCSE and A Level French Tutoring Classes for Students
I have a two year experience tutoring students between 15 and 18. I am a UCL undergraduate studying French with Management Studies and my goal is to help anyone who struggles with French and make them passionate about the language. Gaining fluency, being able to read French literature and watching French movies.

11+ (Kent Test) Tuition for Both Students and Parents
The 11+ (or Kent Test as it is also known) can be a daunting prospect for both students and parents. However, as a trained teacher with years of experience in preparing students for the 11+, I am here to prove it can be really fun to study and there's no reason to feel overwhelmed. I use a variety of methods to help students learn and prepare with fun games, tasks and both practical and mental activities. To enable me to help my students, I divise a plan for each individual dependent on their learning and understanding of the subject at hand, adjusting the learning and schedule as necessary.

Argentine Tango private lessons in house or Watford venue.
Argentine Tango private dance classes with a full-time professional teacher of Tango since 2002. I teach up to advanced level and really enjoy teaching newbies to get up to social dance level. I specialise in Wedding first dance to create your unique dance for your big day.

Qualified teacher of over 17 years tutoring engaging English, sociology, psychology and SEN lessons
I have always had a passion for education. This has left me in good stead to become a dedicated teacher driven to inspire students to achieve personal academic success. I specialise in English, Health and Social Care, Sociology, Psychology and Special Educational Needs. My particular strengths are an ability to work to pressurised deadlines and be flexible. I have a mature and conscientious teaching approach, which allows me to be innovative within the classroom. I believe in using various approaches to teaching, which facilitate the active participation of students and involve them fully in their group and individual learning. I have further enhanced my own capabilities as an educational practitioner and have grown and evolved considerably and have been graded 1 in lesson observations. Having moved from mainstream teaching to special needs, has enabled me to expand my skills and depth of knowledge within this area. Working with small groups and on a one-to-one basis has greatly emphasised the need for individual learning plans and the need for flexibility. During my teaching career, I have been involved in the training of trainee teachers. In each case, acting as a mentor and helping to support the development of skills of teaching and learning practice, whilst on placement. This experience also helped to develop my own teaching as it enabled the sharing of new ideas and good practice.