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Recently Posted Private Classes

Fancy learning a new language in 2021? Italian, Mandarin and Slovene lessons available
Learning a foreign language is all about learning how to truly communicate and connect with others. If you are people's person or not, speaking another language is an incredibly important life skill that can only be cultivated by interacting with people. When you master a foreign language, you can exercise your new superhuman power of being able to understand someone who comes from a completely different part of the world Language learning also enhances cognitive skills. It has been scientifically proven that bi- or multilingual individuals have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills

Svava Kim
German for Beginners to Upper Intermediate level, 1-to-1
All my lessons are prepared before the start of the lesson to ensure the quality of the lesson delivery. My motivated German students learn to communicate with the German speaking world in German and they get to understand the German culture. Generally, my lessons are learner and needs centred. In language lessons we focus on speaking the target language, writing entire sentences and paragraphs, understanding listening stories, movies, quizzes, understanding essential grammar, learning to use dictionaries and reading easy reader books.

English Class for Primary /High/ College Students.
Interactive, fun and helpful English classes that are customised to each student. I assist with all levels of English from primary school up to A- Levels. I am experienced in all areas of English whether it be essay writing or creative writing. I have taught private students for up to 6 years.

Violin, Piano and music theory lessons for all abilities!
I have been playing the violin and piano for over 20 years now, graduating in 2015 from the Royal College of Music with a first-class bachelor's degree in violin performance, and have recently started an Advanced Diploma in Performance at the Royal Academy of Music. I have performed extensively all over the UK as a soloist, most notably as a strings finalist on BBC young musician of the year, and at the Battle Proms concert series to audiences of up to 12,000. I've also delved into the Folk world a little and was on tv for the BBC Radio 2 folk awards as part of Jim Moray's band! I started officially teaching at 17, coaching local teachers more advanced students. From there I became Professor Berent Korfker's private assistant at 18, teaching his younger students from the Purcell School and alike. Being able to work with such talented students was extremely inspiring and excited me to start my own class with complete beginners on both violin and piano. I now have a hugely mixed class in both ability and age (4 to over 50!) with a 100% pass rate in their exams. My approach has always depended on the student's age, ability, and character. For younger students, I incorporate games, with them often wondering how the lessons finished so quickly! I like to create a fun environment for musical development where questions are encouraged, and all students are taught how to teach themselves and apply techniques learned in the lesson to the practice room.

English lessons at home or by webcam for students of all ages
Graduate student in Germanic languages (bachelor) and linguistics (master) available to provide English language courses. My goal is to make learning fun and enjoyable by adapting to the needs and interests of the student.

English for GCSE and Primary Education and for those who wish to learn the English language.
I approach the topics differently with every student in order for them to grasp and have a better understanding. Also the English Language has multiple of ways of being taught and I am bale to adapt myself to any student and see which is the best method for them whether it be essay planning, or just simple analysis. I take the most effective approach with each individual. I am student who has achieved A* in both English Language and English Literature. I have read a Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and a plethora of books. I f you want me to to focus on the book your studying it would be my pleasure to read it as well.

Music Theory - how to read music, understand it completely, and use it for performing, composing, learning.
No matter where you are in your musical journey, theory is necessary to gain musical freedom. Even knowing the basics allows an aspiring musician to start creating arrangements, compose, transpose, read music better, look for different colours in harmony, and much more. I have designed a course that will bring students through the aspects of theory, notation, harmony, structure and form to help them become more fluent in reading, composing or performing.

Flute, Piano and Music Theory Lessons with Sophie!
Fun and experienced young teacher taking on new piano, flute and music theory pupils for the new year! Enhanced DBS Check Fun and flexible approach to teaching Highly qualified Willing to travel References available Bio: I am a master’s student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying the flute. I graduated from Cardiff University’s School of Music with a 1st class degree in Musicology in 2019. I have grade 8 qualifications in piano and music theory and a diploma in flute performance. I have an interest in the psychology of music performance and performance anxiety.

Art classes! Children, GCSE & A-Level, Crafts, Specialised Watercolour & Gouache classes.
Having worked in the creative industry as an illustrator, I have extensive knowledge in art history and the technical aspect of art. Alongside my experience within the industry, I have also worked in schools and alongside pupils - including children with special educational needs.  As part of my work as an illustrator, I have delivered group workshops and supported artists on a one to one basis. All lessons will be tailored depending on students needs and interest. Art lessons and creative play: Drawing, painting, digital illustration, sculpture, graphic design, bookbinding, GIF/animation, typography, image editing, crafts. GSCE & A-Level Art tutoring. Research, evaluation, sketchbook development. Portfolio development and help with UCAS application, personal statement and interview preparations. Specialised classes in watercolour and gouache painting. Colour theory, colour mixing, style development, understanding materials, sourcing inspiration, painting techniques and options for creating personalised long term projects.

Conversation in French or Spanish online or in person
My name is Leila. I am a first-year student at the University of Edinburgh. Having lived and studied in both countries France and Spain I am a native speaker of both languages. I can adapt to the student’s needs. I am available to give conversation classes with the goal of improving oral skills and accent for all ages. I can also help students with their classes and essays.

Music Theory for All Levels, from Beginner to Advanced
A firm grasp of the theory of musical harmony is essential for every musician, at every level. This is an important aspect of music education, regardless of specialisation (performer, composer, analyst). This course will not only give you a strong foundation in the construction and manipulation of harmony but also will help you apply this knowledge in various different scenarios.

Experienced Piano Tutor from beginners to advanced
I am a classically trained pianist with a versatile approach to teaching. I share my passion and experience of music, sparking imagination and inspiring creativity of my students. Throughout my teaching career (over 10 years) I have always strived to help students of different ages and abilities to achieve their best. I am proficient in various teaching methodologies and able to chose what is appropriate for certain students, relying on their background, capacity, skills, way of thinking, personal qualities, age, and preferences in music taste. I prepare students for ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool exams. Using individual approach, I am experienced in teaching not only classical music, but also contemporary music, neoclassical music, jazz music and others. I am convinced that excellent results can be reached by encouraging students to share my love of music by introducing them history, theory, harmony, broaden their musical perspective. I am fully qualified, having graduated from The Odessa National A.V.Nezhdanova Music Academy (Bachelor Degree in Performance and Teaching) and The Royal Academy of Music in London, where I have obtained a Master Degree in Performance with distinction. I completed a course of composition with Edmund Finnis (two albums of neoclassical music released (Ellen F - Monologue and Ellen F - Hug The Sadness), participated as a piano accompanist at the masterclass with Helmut Deutsch at the Royal Academy of Music, attended coaching sessions under the supervision of Lada Valešová, Richard Stokes, Marek Ruszczynski, Ingrid Surgenor and others. Enhanced DBS available.

Private Piano Lessons, Theory, Composition, Digitation
Music is for all! Kyriakos strongly believes that passion and hard work is what leads a student to a great success. Of course, talent is needed, but the student’s systematic practice is the primary key for each player to be developed musically and instrumentally. Kyriakos’s approach is personalised, always depending on the age, the student’s goals, and the availability of a student to practice at home. Except from the basic exercises, students are encouraged to express their selves in the lesson, to start developing musical and critical thinking and to engage their personalities, feelings, and expressions, and therefore reflect those parameters upon their pieces. Kyriakos aims to provide the necessary tuition which will ultimately lead the students to make their first steps towards the artistic “trip” of finding their own, personal performance or compositional style. Student’s goals are always the first priority when teaching music, as each student will have the opportunity to engage with different musical genres, including classical, rock, pop and folk.

One to one Bass Guitar Lessons!
Bass guitar lessons: I’ve been playing bass for 50 years, I studied at Bass Tech under the watchful eyes of the amazing Rob Burns/Paul Scott and Terry Gregory. I studied at the ICMP and I’ve written numerous top 10 songs and reached number 1 in 2017 in the official UK Soul chart and worked with some amazing musicians. I’ve been a successful bass guitar teacher for over 25 years; I’ve taught hundreds of students both privately and in classrooms. Bass is not only a passion of mine, but it’s also my life and I would love to help you on your musical journey and depending on what you want to achieve together we can structure the right course for you. I do believe in any business hard work, dedication and time are what’s required to achieve your personal goals. It’s fun and very rewarding when you succeed and have honed your skills to a point where you get to meet like-minded individuals and groups.

Dance (ballet and modern jazz) and Pilates-inspired classes for all levels.
Are you into music, dancing and performing arts in general? Would you like some low-impact activity to work on strengthening and stretching all the different group muscles? Then a dance or pilates-inspired class is the best fit for you! Whether dance and fitness are your lifetime passion or you would just like to try something new, I'm here for you. I'm a qualified Ballet and Modern dance teacher (ISTD qualified, can also train you for recognized dance examinations) able to deliver dance and stretching/pilates-based classes at all levels. No equipment is required, just a safe space to explore your body's ability from the comfort of your own place.

Piano Teacher for Beginners
I have been playing the piano for 13 years. I have always loved learning the instrument and music in general. I teach beginner classes for any age, however, most of my experience is teaching children. I teach classical piano. I can teach for whatever ends are desired, be that going through the ABRSM grades or just playing for fun. Learning music can be quite frustrating particularly when few teachers intertwine musical theory with instrumental proficiency in a comprehensive manner. Normally the focus is on one or the other and I personally found this quite frustrating. I always felt the best way was to learn both alongside each other - that is to apply musical knowledge to the instrument and to have the knowledge to appreciate and understand the music that is being played. The best part is this can all be done at the keyboard, keeping playing the piano a fun activity and not a chore.

Private dance classes with a professional dancer - all levels
Online of face to face classes for all levels, from beginners to aspiring dancers, for adults or children. Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, floorwork, Physical Theatre, choreography, pilates for dancers, streaching and conditioning for dancers. I am a professional contemporary dancer, and pysical theatre performer from Norway. I have studied contemporary dance, choreography, and physical theatre, in Copenhagen, Spain and England. I also have a lot of training in Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. After finishing my studies, I have been freelancing around London, and have a lot of exsperience from touring and performing dance, and also creating my own work. Classes can be tailored to each individual student and their needs and wishes. I want to teach dance, hoping that I can share my passion, and give this joy others who want to learn dancing. Being a very social, passionate, and creative person, I believe I would have a lot to give to my students. My goal would be sharing the joy of dancing, while giving each individual students the tools to grow technically and creatively in a fun and inspiring way.

Andrea Simone
Creative Writing: All Pathways (Screenwriting, Novel, Short Story, Poetry etc.)
Creative Writing is a subject for those with imagination, talent, and a passion for literature, film and television, poetry and so much more. Whichever pathway you wish to discover, this class will give you the necessary skills to develop and explore different styles of writing, giving you an example of industry-standard work. This class can help you work towards English Language/Literature/Creative Writing qualifications at many different levels, hopefully inspiring you to pursue a university education or career in this field. However, if you simply wish to explore your talent in fiction writing, I can provide insight into the industry and university level education of this subject.

Lorena Martín
Spanish - Learn or improve a new language in a fun way
Helping student of all ages to communicate and understand the Spanish language. I encourage students to practice vocabularies they’ve learned and assist them in accurately listening, speaking, writing and reading Spanish. Techniques such as role-playing, dialogue, language games, literature, film, and other formal exercises are used in my lectures.

Acting classes for everyone, beginners and professionals of all ages. Method Acting classes alsp offered for rehersal and audition prep.
My name is Moses RADA a trained actor . With a passion for telling a great story. Offering classes to actors of all ages. Workshops and one to one avaliable. I also offer method acting classes. For character prep for audition and rehersal prep. A great opportunity to prepare for auditions. Find your own character.

Piano Tuition, Vocal Tuition, Music Theory, Music Exams
I will teach you how to become a great pianist with fun interactive lessons! I can offer you vocal tuition to be a good singer and improve your vocal technique and I cater for a range of different styles of music; classical, pop, jazz, Irish... If you are studying GCSE or A-Level Music in the UK, I can help you achieve the grades you want with help in history of music and composition as I have over ten years school teaching experience. I am experienced at teaching music theory to an advanced level.