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Recently Posted Private Classes

Diego Morán
Spanish Language Tutoring with Native Speaker from Spain
I am an undergraduate exchange student from Spain currently studying English and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Don't hesitate to cantact me if you are struggling with Spanish classes and need some extra help, if you seek to start learning this language for the first time or if you want to be able to have conversations with a native speaker and dive into Spain's culture! I can offer first-hand experiences of how it is to live in Spain and what is the culture like while learning about the language. We can also touch upon more advanced topics like regional differences, idioms and linguistics.

Maddie St
Biology Tutoring for primary, secondary, GCSE, A level, and IB
I specialise in tutoring for the international baccalaureate, though can teach anything up to A-levels. My classes work to support your school classes but can also help alongside exam prep for GCSEs, A-levels or IB. Classes can be tailored to suit how you learn and what areas you need to focus on and where you're struggling.

Psychology A Level Tutoring covering multiple exam boards
As a psychology graduate, I aim to make psychology exciting for A Level students. Psychology is vast subject, with so many different areas and approaches. This can make the subject daunting, but I think this is what makes psychology exciting; to understand how different approaches interlink to explain what makes us, us. We can help understand and consolidate content. We will work on skills to revise A Level Psychology and reinforce strong study habits. We'll explore different methods to find out what works for you. We'll set small manageable deadlines, to turn a vast subject into small digestable chunks!

24 year old drum and percussion teacher based in Leeds
I’m a drummer with grade 8 Rockschool drums and grade 5 theory. 1st Class Honours graduate in Music Production & Performance living in Leeds. Combing my vast gigging experience across a range of styles from rock to Latin, orchestral groups and percussion ensembles, I know how to gear a lesson to each student. Each lesson will be tailored to each student’s requirements and preferences. I will ensure that each drummer has the accompanying level of music theory to compliment their drumming as this is an area often overlooked by perspective drummers and teachers. As a multi-instrumentalist I will also give you, the drummer, a wider approach to learning music, ensuring that you know how to complement each aspect of the music and ensemble playing. Lessons need to be and will be fun to ensure each student can develop the skills and techniques to give them the strong foundations of learning the drums.

Life Coaching - specific to overcoming traumas and rewiring thought process
Life Coaching is key to help us overcome our traumas and to operate from our highest-self. Join me to teach you how to heal, grow and function as the best version of yourself. You can book me for a one-off session or for a month... In this time, I will teach you how to deal with triggers and overcome them. I will assist you in changing your thought patterns so we believe and behave from a healthier place for overall better mental health.

Steven Varela
Learning French - Portuguese - English private or groupe class possible
Learning a foreigner language can be useful for many purposes travel tourism studies studying abroad emergency during holidays work opportunities Income improvement Knowledge improvement Grades improvement Meeting different people during group classes.

Alejandro Torio
Private Spanish Classes in Liverpool. Conversation class and preparation for exams.
Spanish teacher in Liverpool specialized in individualized pedagogy. The aim of the classes is the preparation of official exams. Classes taught in Spanish. After each lesson, homework is sent and progress reports are provided periodically.

Flute teacher for pupils of all abilities and ages
I am an experienced flute teacher, enthusiastic about teaching pupils of all abilities.I am currently studying as a flute scholar at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, I am involved with and exposed to a diverse array of musical styles during my studies, from which I draw inspiration when teaching and encouraging pupils. I tailor my methods to each pupil and respect that everyone wants different things out of instrumental teaching. I am happy to guide any level of student through exams or provide a more casual approach. My main aim is to encourage a love for music in my pupils, whatever form that may take, and to challenge them to progress their playing to a level they can be proud of!

Learn how to Use PowerPoint For Beginners Creative
PowerPoint is a creative way to make presentations. You can be creative as much as you like, you can choose lots of different templates, you can choose lots of different styles of texts and fonts, what colour you want for text. PowerPoint is very much so fun

English for natives and foreigners, including test prep.
I specialize in teaching English for both reading and speaking proficiency. My goal is to help English speakers, both foreign and native, to improve their speech as well as their writing. This class is for anyone who thinks they could improve their English, whether it be for work, because you want to learn a new language, or you just want to further improve your writing and/or speaking skills.

Violin and music theory lessons being offered by young qualified teacher.
Violin and music theory lessons structured according to the individual. Plenty of Experience teaching children of all ages as well as adults. Happy to take on compete beginners! Plenty of experience preparing students for ABRSM exams with a 100% pass rate.

Spanish all levels I can help you to improve your grammar/vocabulary, writing, listening, speaking, and confidence level!
I am a certified Spanish teacher, currently working as a private Spanish tutor in London. I am originally from Spain, which allows me to show you both the language and culture of Spain. I have a diploma from the Cervantes Institute that allows me to teach Spanish as a foreign language. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Law. This could be useful if you need your Spanish to be improved for business reasons or you might need it for professional advancement, tourism, or survival Spanish. I’d love to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be; improve your grammar/vocabulary, writing, listening, speaking, and confidence level! I have a flexible and fun style, which makes learning Spanish enjoyable. Best regards Marta

Music Lessons Consisting of Composition, Theory and Performance
My focus is on delivering high quality musical teaching in musical composition, theory and performance to anyone of any age, with the objective of providing fun and engaging lessons. Students can choose to study one discipline or combine several in a lesson, providing there is a proactive approach and goal for student development. My interests include choral, film and classical music. Students can choose to compose, analyse, perform or create any type of music they so wish. I have a wealth of experience in academia, performance, and composition studies, having acquired two music degrees in Falmouth, Cornwall and Aberdeen, Scotland. I am currently co-directing a community choir in the city of Aberdeen, which is where I am currently based.

Mathematics Tutoring - (past papers, homework help, struggling with certain topics)
We can plan what you want me to help you with beforehand, then at my desk we can work through the problems you have. - Here to help with any homework you have been set - Past paper questions - Can help to go over a topic you do not understand - Anything else you need just ask!

11 + Test preparation and Tuition in Maths, English, PE and Science
I specialise in teaching and tutoring from Year 3 up to Year 8 primarily. I specialise towards 11 + examinations as well as Common Entrance, Scholarship, GCSE and up to A Level standard. This is a new venture for me teaching online having been a full time teacher for 11 years. I have held roles as Head of Maths, Head of Sport, Head of Curriculum and Assistant Headteacher.

One-to-one Career Coaching for career progression!
One-to-one career coaching can help you identify and/or clarify the most fulfilling career path for YOU. Each individual is unique and we may all want different things in life - fair enough! What you need to do is take charge and find your path. How it works: I do one-to-one sessions online (skype or phone) or face to face if you are based in London. You can have only one session but bare in mind that self-awareness is a process and it is hard to fit it in only one session. I suggest min. 3 and max. 8 sessions. You can decide how many sessions to commit to at the end of the first session. The Coach: I am a certified Executive Coach and a Psychologist. I have international HR and L&D experience in organisations like L'Oreal Group, Danone, Monsoon Accessorize, Topshop Topman, EBRD and etc.

Private lessons - Literary subjects (high school & high school)
Former student in economic preparatory class in Bordeaux, I am now studying international relations at King's College London. I obtained my Scientific Baccalaureate with highest honors, including grades ranging from 17 to 20 for literary subjects. I propose courses in the following subjects: French, history-geography (and geopolitics), philosophy, English and Spanish. I can also propose some in scientific subjects. I am very flexible about schedules.

Supporting french home learning: from complete beginner to proficiency
I'm Romain, friendly french native speaker. You'll learn French as it's spoken in everyday situations and develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Courses are taught at various levels, from complete beginner to proficiency. You can start at any level.

Primary National Curriculum Booster - Maths/English
This class will be designed specifically to suit your child’s needs. It may be that extra push they need to help them feel more confident in class or to get them caught up with their year groups national average expectations in literacy and or maths. KS1 or KS2 bespoke lessons directly linked to National Curriculum objectives. Delivered by an active, experienced qualified primary school teacher.

Engaging and supportive maths tuition (Up to GCSE) by a qualified teacher
I am a fully qualified secondary mathematics teacher and a friendly, compassionate tutor with a passion for science and mathematics. I enjoy helping students increase their confidence in the subject, using a variety of teaching strategies. I have tutored for a number of years (in mathematics) and am currently teaching in a secondary school. Tutoring Experience I have a wealth of school experience and am equipped with a variety of engaging, teaching strategies, to bring mathematics to real life. I focus on depth of understanding and developing students problem solving skills, this not only makes the maths fun but means students can apply their knowledge to any exam question! Qualifications Degree: Medical Science (Hons) Obtaining a science degree has allowed me to see the direct application of mathematics to other fields. Seeing the wide applications of the subject first hand, is why I am so passionate about the subject. Tutoring Approach Maths is everywhere, I like to prove this to students by giving them questions in a real life context. I also teach students to be resilient and work through questions logically, developing their problem solving skills. This is a new skill being brought into the revised national curriculum. Therefore will set students up for success in their exams. I also focus on developing exam technique, helping students to gain all the marks they deserve.

Learn How To Compose/Produce Your Own Music On A Computer From Scratch
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music on a computer but not known where to start? I specialise in composing and designing sound using various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). I am also an adept mixing engineer with a lot of knowledge in mastering audio. My goal is to help students learn music productions techniques associated with software so that they can realise their own creative ideas. I like to assign work to keep students progressing in their own time. I also provide tutorial session where progress is reviewed. The class I teach is for aspiring producers/composers and the classes are tailored to each individuals ability level. You will learn a variety of techniques which can be used to fuel/enhance the creative elements of making music.