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Recently Posted Private Classes

Discover your ideal dance class - Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and more
I am a professional dance artist who can offer tuition in Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Creative Dance, Tap, Modern, and Choreography. With experience dancing on stage, in commericals and music videos as well as teaching around the country, co-founding the UK Dance Federation and co-creating the technical and creative content of the 8 Rambert Grades (a new contemporary dance syllabus), I draw from all of these experiences to cater the class to your needs. I have taught individuals from age 2-80+ of all abilities and believe everyone should be given the opportunity to experience dance.

Medical student who can help you with science, english and maths.
Medical student offering help in science chemistry biology and pschology at alevel and GCSE. Exam help and focus. Tailored teaching to your needs. Pre medical help for students wanting to study medicine. Primary education help is also available. Unlock your potential for a bright future.

Ballet teaching with strengthening and conditioning
Ballet is a beautiful, challenging and rewarding dance form. Suitable for beginners and advanced students of all ages. I can offer early years creative ballet, ballet barre, center work, pointe shoe coaching, stretching and strengthening tailored to each individual's goals. As a professionally trained dancer and Progressing Ballet Technique certified teacher with 7 years of teaching experience for all ages and abilities, I can provide structured, engaging, fun classes to music, that can be built upon week by week. Learn to move gracefully, improve coordination and balance and express yourself to music.

Ajay Singh
4th Dan Black Belt, National Medalist, Current GB squad member offering Taekwondo lessons to Kids and adults in London.
I can plan lessons for kids and adults classes as per their experience in martial arts. These lessons will help students to learn self defense, increase confidence, healthy life-style, weight loss, flexibility and so on. Lessons can be run for individual or groups.

Professional artist providing various arts, digital media, photography and filmmaking classes
I am a professional practicing artist with over thirteen years experience teaching in a wide variety of settings, designing and delivering community arts projects and running my own arts and digital media tutoring and mentoring business for both academic students and adult learners. I am a multidisciplinary artist skilled in a variety of media and able to provide teaching in painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, photography, graphic design, digital media and filmmaking. I am hugely experienced in working with people of all ages, abilities, social and cultural backgrounds, and pride myself on my ability to cater my teaching methods accordingly to the individual learning needs and styles of those I work with. Please do get in touch for further information and we can discuss further the specific class you are looking for so I can tailor exactly to your requirements.

French lessons (from beginners to advanced) Or French literature course
French lessons for kids and adults. •The confidence to speak with good intonation and pronunciation. • Fluency in reading. • Fluency and imagination in writing. • A better awareness of the culture of the countries where the language is spoken. • a better knowledge of grammar and conjugation •improve your vocabulary Preparing for exams: •French baccalaureate •French A-levels... •CECRL...

Discover your Piano and Music Theory skills via webcam or in person! :)
I am an active musician based in Cardiff where I give piano and music theory lessons. I am a positive person, always open to new experiences, with a friendly, extrovert character who is highly organized, reliable and patient. I have a great deal of experience in teaching music to both adults and children, individually and in groups. In my method of teaching, I focus on passing knowledge on to students in a proper order, which I organize individually as everyone has different predispositions and needs a particular approach. I don't stick tight to the teaching templates which are not universal and often limit understanding the music and the whole process of improvement. I truly believe that flexibility, openness and adaptation are the most crucial teaching skills which I hold in high regard as a tutor. I provide printed exercises and sheet music for my students, depending on their goals and what they would like to play. At the end of the lesson, I also do some improvisations, as it is a great activity for having a lot of fun, being creative, spontaneous and discovering the instrument. My multiple skills and interests give me a wide perspective when it comes to understanding music, art and performance. This helps me to enhance the experience of those who choose to engage in the creative process. Sharing my knowledge and connecting with people through music and performance is my great passion. It is my vocation and nothing gives me more joy.

Develop a unique fashion design vision with Central Saint Martins alumna
Firstly we will go through a consultation to define your individual requirements so I can tailor the sessions specifically to you. Previous work/a portfolio is great to see, if you’re a beginner we can discuss what you’d like to learn and achieve. Whilst getting to know one another I will also provide some resources for us to discuss so I can see how your brain interprets 3D relationships. Following this, I will create a plan of action for us to follow to help you achieve your goal. I am very honest with my approach, and will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths, as well as encouraging you to develop your own unique design style, brand & process (and the confidence to execute!). I will encourage you to think outside the box & realise potential routes to your goal you hadn’t previously considered. I can help with: • Creating a vision and portfolio that demonstrates your designer DNA. • Creating a portfolio for application to a Fashion Degree. • Help collecting the right ingredients & contacts to start a fashion label. • Developing original textiles. • How to create a pattern, and how to grade it. • How to use a sewing machine, and how to sew different types of seams, collars, cuffs, pockets, hems, sleeves, waistbands, trousers & fastenings. I provide 24 hour support. Any questions you have about working in the industry or studying a Fashion degree I am more than happy to help with.

Saxophone, Piano, and Music Theory Tutor. Online & can travel to you
I have just finished studying music business at university. I have been teaching Piano, Sax, and theory for over 3 years now and managed to get my first student playing grade 3 alto sax pieces within her first year and another student achieved a distinction in her grade 2 piano exam. At the moment, due to covid-19, I will only be doing online lessons. I did my grade 5 in Piano and then continued to play pieces up to around grade 7 level for fun. Moreover, I got a B in my A-Level music exams alongside doing my grade 6 music theory so have a wide knowledge of music theory. I got a distinction in my Grade 8 jazz saxophone exam and have been playing in big bands and wind bands.

Bilingual actress (Spanish and English) offers fun and dynamic English lessons in London.
I am a Spanish born actress that have recently moved to London, where part of my family is from. Having been born in a bilingual household I know how tricky switching the languages can be and how intimidating the accents can be too. I have been teaching in Spain English to more than 20 students ranging from 2 to 40 years old, so I have plenty of experience with personal tutoring and different levels and ways of learning and interests with the language. My teaching methodology is fitted to every student. I strongly believe the best way to learn a language is to be immersed and confronted by it. Most of the time languages get lost in grammatical structures and filling blanks and we miss the actual usage of a language. I always start with a level check and wanting to know what the student wants to gain with the lessons: doing better at school, being more fluent, reducing accent, getting more confident... I strongly believe in culture immersion to understand a language better: expressions, using of certain words are easily understood if you know more about the culture. There will be a mixture of grammatical lessons, writing, listening and conversational lessons.

Java Beginner and Intermediate class level FULL course.
Java is a widely used language in the world of Programming. Many software and tools run using Java only (the first version of Minecraft is an example). This language is powerful and could help you to achieve a successful career in Software Engineer, Android developer and so on. With this course, I will ensure that you will get the BEST programming methodology as well as a very good understanding of what Java is and how it works. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the wonderful concept of Oriented Object Paradigm which can help you to build any software you might think of. Finally, if you are already following a Java course at your School or University and find it challenging, it will be my pleasure to get back to the basics and ensure that you will have the best chance to succeed during your course. So, get in touch and let's discover this fantastic world of programming together!

Private lessons Italian Language with Italian teacher
My teaching method consists to speak only in Italian, with children and with adults, because in my opinion this is the best way to learn a foreign language. The teaching method that I use with children consists in making them learn Italian through play, singing songs, reading stories and always talking to them in Italian so that they can learn new words everyday. The method that I use with adults consists in making sure that they learn Italian by always speaking in Italian, have conversation in Italian, study grammar, do written excercises, listening excercises. I will start from the basic level and then go a higher level.

Wine Appreciation- command the basics to understand the world of wine
There are many different tastes and flavours of wine and it's difficult to know which wine styles fit where if we don't learn it. So, take this opportunity to start from the basics and work your way through how and why wines suit different palates and occasions. You will learn all the inside knowledge of where best to spend your money, how to spot a good value wine and what they all taste like before you've even opened the bottle. The classes include ReWINEd- what makes wines different and what styles are out there Taste Buddies- why do we all have personal preferences and which ones suit what palate TasteFace- how wine works with other flavours and food Reading the label- start knowing the taste of a wine before opening the wine SipPop- know about Sparkling Wine Or pick any country and grape variety we explore in detail- we will be going through these as part of the course if you want to take the full course.

Online German language tutoring (for all learner levels)
I am an enthusiastic and friendly German language tutor. I believe that, having mastered German myself as a foreign language, I am particularly well suited to guiding and inspiring others on the same journey! I make sure to understand your goals and motivations before creating a tailored plan for us. I am also a firm believer in encouraging the student to become comfortable expressing themselves and making mistakes from day one.

Professional violin tuition for all levels, ages and styles.
My purpose is to create a fun and interactive learning environment whilst improving your general musical skills as well as your technical abilities. Whether your're a complete beginner, wanting to improvise on your violin, taking grades or just play for fun I'm happy to help. I hold a masters degree in violin teaching and a bachelors degree in music performance (Violin). I welcome students from all styles of music and am happy to structure my lessons around your requirements. I have played in classical orchestras, ceilidh bands and been part of a few CD recordings of various styles. I look forward to hearing from you.

English Standard & Higher Level for International Baccalaureate
English SL and Higher Level for the International Baccalaureate is a rigorous course, especially for ESL students. I completed the IB with HL English and received a 7 (highest mark) in my final exam. I will be able to go over both Standard Level and Higher Level syllabuses for the course specific to the material covered in your school, and prepare you for mock and final exams. I will include essay writing skills, literary criticism and analysis, as well as vocabulary expansion techniques in my teaching. A brief overview of the key features of English SL/HL as set by the International Baccalaureate Organisation: • Higher level study requires a minimum of 240 class hours, while standard level study requires a minimum of 150 class hours • Students study 13 works at higher level and 9 works at standard level from a representative selection of literary forms, periods and places • Students develop the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of literary works, building understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism • The study of literary works in context is emphasised, and through the study of literature in translation the student is challenged to reflect on the role of cultural assumptions in interpretation • Students are assessed through a combination of formal examination and oral and written coursework. • The formal examination comprises two essay papers, one requiring the analysis of a passage of unseen literary text, and the other comparative response to a question based on two works studied • Students also perform an oral activity presenting their analysis of two works studied • HL students comply with an additional written coursework requirement which consists of writing a 1200 - 1500 word essay on one of the works studied

Vocal coaching, stage preparation and music theory
Hello, I’m a pro singer with over 20 years of teaching experience. Classically trained as a child and still performing, I will teach you how to use your voice in a healthy and efficient way, whether you want to sing pop, country, soul, I will guide your practice and help you find confidence while singing in public. If you’re a more advanced singer and need guidance, I will also help you to find your style and the repertoire that is right for you, or help develop your own style in the repertoire you wish. About music theory: It is also important for a singer to know the basics of music theory in order to find your key and communicate with other musicians. So if you want, a musical training is also available.

Music Lessons - Double/Electric Bass, Theory, Composition, Improvisation, Pedagogy
A holistic approach ensures that my students are encouraged and inspired to explore all aspects of music making from the very beginning.; active listening, improvisation, composition, ear training and rhythmic skills are used together to help to develop the whole musician and improve instrumental abilities. I have experience teaching a wide range of people from young beginners to older professionals, and aim to develop the confidence and skills of my students in a safe and inclusive environment. I am happy to work towards grade exams, personal musical goals, conservatoire auditions, original songs/compositions, identifying together which areas we want to develop and work on and providing the necessary tools and resources to further skills. Most of all, I provide a fun and enthusiastic learning environment to make lessons enjoyable for everyone! Lessons are available at my home in Hunslet or via Skype/Zoom. Teaching at your location will be at a higher rate based on distance and travel time. I am a Masters qualified professional musician who is currently a senior lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire, and also have 10 years experience teaching a variety of younger age groups through award wining organisations such as Symphony Hall Birmingham, Make The Paint Dance (Leeds) and NOFA. Prices and subject areas are flexible - please do feel free to get in touch! TESTIMONIALS "Really friendly and patient chap. Great teacher, he went through everything thoroughly and made me feel confident in my abilities. Highly recommend :-)" "James is responsive and invested teacher who in inspires both creativity and discipline in his lessons, and always leaves me with something new to think about." "Really friendly and patient chap. Great teacher, he went through everything thoroughly and made me feel confident in my abilities. Highly recommend :-)" "James, is a wonderful teacher with an amazing and specialised understanding of the instrument. He’s reliable, friendly and open to possibilities/ideas when teaching. This makes the lessons engaging for all levels."

Chess tutor in London for beginners and intermediate players
Chess lessons for beginners and intermediate players of all ages. London and surrounding areas. Kids friendly. For those who want to learn this amazing game or master their skills and become better players. I live in Wembley, flexible with location

Teaching violin (or viola) to students of all levels
I am a professional violinist with over 15 years in the industry. Graduated from Guildhall School of Music & Drama - this year rated the UK’s best music conservatoire and in the top 10 in the world. I will be teaching violin and everything related to it. Depending on your wishes, we will elaborate a strategy for your lessons in accordance with your goals. Contact me, even if it is only pure interest.

Professional Performer & Yoga Teacher offering Private Maths Tuition with 5yrs Experience Primary -GSCE
Online personal maths tuition catered to the pupils needs. I teach from Primary to GCSE & have done for the past five years with great results. I am comfortable teaching from young children to mature students & have a passion for making maths translatable!