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Help and support with all aspects of English Language and Literature
I specialise in tutoring English from primary school age through to university level. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed; all lessons are unique to each student. I am highly experienced, having worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school and secondary school, and I have just graduated with a first-class degree in English. So, whether you are wanting to learn English as a Second Language, need help with school work, an essay, or creative writing, I can help. All lessons will be conducted online.

Are you struggling with maths and science? I can help you understand them!
I believe that any topic can be broken down and made simple for the student. If the topic is hard, then it’s the tutor's job to make it easy. I have tutored students of all levels. I can also help with the preparation and learn what it takes for grammar schools and if you want to go to Uxbridge. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Mandarin Chinese Experienced Teacher for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced
I am a native Chinese speaker who has several years of experience teaching in schools and privately. In the lessons, I aim to help you grab an understanding of the Mandarin Chinese language. Chinese is of course a difficult language for beginners, however, I will structure my lessons to tailor to your strengths and weaknesses. We will learn pinyin (the Chinese alphabet which can help you to read Chinese and pronunciation). Then we will move onto master the speaking, reading, listening, and writing aspects (this can depend on your interest).

Classical piano and music theory lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance students
I provide piano lesson for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, preparing them for piano exams up to grade 8, including the necessary aural and music theory training. I also teach pre-school children from the age of 3 as well as children with disabilities, adjusting the music program to their needs. When working with young children I focus on developing their musical imagination and curiosity, while also providing them with technical skills and a detailed understanding of the musical score. I aim to provide a firm basis on which they can build a western classical repertoire, or any other musical style they choose. For beginners I work with one of the early piano syllabi, usually Thompson's 'Easiest Piano Course' or Oxford's piano method book 'Piano Time,' which consist of fun songs and simple melodies. Through this the pupil is gradually introduced to various aspects of the melody (such as pitch, duration of notes, phrasing and articulation) and coordination of both hands on the keyboard in a creative and stimulating way. At this stage I place a strong emphasis on proper body posture and hand position. As the pupil acquires fundamental piano skills and gets comfortable reading music I proceed with them through the ABRSM or Trinity piano syllabus to a more advanced repertoire. Throughout a student’s education, I incorporate sight reading, scales exercises and technical work into the lesson structure and daily practice routine of the pupil. I also focus on developing my students’ understanding of how music theory applies to the material they play. Applying Musicological knowledge and own performing experience I teach students in depth analyses of the music they play, guide their individual interpretation and bring their awareness to the specifics of a historically informed performance. My pupils play a broad variety of western classical styles, and I will work with them to balance their program and maximise their enjoyment and appreciation for music. The student will become familiar with the main forms and stylistic traits of baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century Western classical music. I will also make sure the pieces stay challenging technically and if needed I will provide additional materials which will help the student to focus on the areas which need most work on. Though not usually covered in exam syllabi, I am happy to work alongside the student on pieces which do not necessarily fit into the Western classical canon, should they so wish. Playing and learning an instrument should primarily bring joy, and as a result inspire the student’s dedication to practice and foster a willingness to work hard. I believe in the importance of the relationship between teacher and student and as such provide the needed mental support and encouragement. I adopt an intuitive pupil-centred approach to learning that will best support their passion for making music. Attention to detail is paramount, and staying attuned to the needs of the student is always a priority. As such, I will adjust the tempo of the program to meet goals at a pace that is ideal for both the pupil’s ability and well-being.

A level Biology - Spec AQA Beginner - Advanced Level!
I'll be teaching A-level Biology, I can tutor via a webcam or in person, I'll be focusing on exam practice and technique, can teach a beginner fresh from GCSE or someone preparing for their A level exam. I am a medical student who recently graduated with an A in Biology and so am very familiar with the specification.

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness - in life and in writing
I have been working in the Adult Learning and Career Development sectors for more than 12 years, supporting people to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I have also worked in counselling settings with young people, adults and couples, as well as managing a mentoring project and undertaking academic proof-reading, and all these experiences inform my methods now. I blend a person-centred focus with a practical and structured approach to good effect. I believe that professional development goes hand-in-hand with increased understanding of self and others, also known as emotional intelligence. Understanding and valuing your own strengths and vulnerabilities helps you communicate more strongly and create more honest, productive relationships, both at home and at work, and can impact on your ability to make a convincing argument in written form as well. I am happy to meet you at your home, at my home or at another location convenient to us both, or we can work via webcam. I normally prepare tasks or concepts to consider between meetings, and always tailor the sessions to what you most need or want to get out of them. If you want a simple listening ear, that is fine - if you want someone to create a schedule to help you stick to goals, I can do that. We can decide between us what might best help you get where you want to in your life or career. The availability in the calendar below is just a guide, I can work around your schedule, so please feel free to ask about specific days or times.

Maths up to GCSE level, Classics (Latin, Ancient Greek) to A-level
Hi there! I am currently in my third year studying Classics at Oxford University, with extensive maths knowledge up to A-level and experience teaching abroad. I aim to provide flexible and focused lessons that are specifically tailored to the individual needs of the student. Once we’ve discussed the particular areas you’re finding challenging or want to work on, these tutorial sessions can be focused towards discussing particular concepts for better understanding and working through examples together, before moving on to practising exercises and past questions on your own to be marked. If you are working towards an exam, we will also go through exam techniques and effective revision methods, again to suit you! I offer regular feedback and like to set specific goals which students can work towards. If you have any questions or would like to see a proposed lesson plan please drop me a message and we can discuss it from there! Experience: - Currently reading Classics at Worcester College, Oxford, currently with a 2:1 equivalent after 2 years. - 12 A*s at GCSE, 3 As at A-level (Latin, Maths, English Literature). - 3 months teaching Maths and English in a Ghanaian combined primary and secondary school - I’ve had several years of work experience and always aspire to provide a professional, helpful and enjoyable service.

Math (including Advanced math and statistics) and Science (including Physics) Class
Each student is unique and has different ways of learning. I take the students level of understanding in consideration and build up upon how he/she might learn quickest and is able to apply them. There are always more than one way of solving math and science problems and I would help the student in using the best way for each of them.

English Literature: Themes and Intertextuality in Literature, for Students and Adults
English Literature is an extremely important and, for many students, compulsory part of education. This class is about improving the skills needed for close, thematic reading of both old and more contemporary texts. Using overarching themes found across literature, as well as giving suggestions for other relevant texts, this class aims not only to help pass any exams, but to also enrich your understanding and appreciation of the subject. Outside of exams, especially for any adults, this class can be a more freeform discussion of novels or poetry for anyone who wants to enjoy literature on a deeper level but isn't quite sure where to start or what avenues of thought to explore.

tutor teacher face to face / online classes in Italian and spanish
I have long experience in Italian and spanish school teaching, so I am very aware of the level required by academics. My subject approach is domain specific and aimed at obtaining the best effect on the students learning abilities. I form my methods on the basis of the individual students attitudes, meeting their needs and expectations.

Teaching assistant that loves teaching maths & sports
I have experience with all vary ages of children and I have a great knowledge of EYFS to the older children. I am a natural leader that is always positive. I have experience dealing with behaviour that challenge children and also SEN children. I am something that likes to motivate and help people gain happiness and positive path in their life’s and help them & guide with any behaviour or educational challenges. I always smiley and happy , I am a great role model for children to look up to. I have always wanted to be in a job that helps children achieve better in life and it makes me very happy to see achievement and progression from children.

Primary school Maths and English Tutoring. 1:1 tailored lessons to suit the needs of each individual student.
KS2 catch up and test prep tutoring with a Vice Principal and Class teacher. Over 6 years of private tutoring experience in London and Northern Ireland, preparing children for 7+, 11+ and Transfer tests. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the students with measurable progress and outcomes.

University student willing to tutor History, Re, English
I am a social anthropology student at Durham university (female aged 19), i have 2 As and 2A*s at A-level. I have a 9(A**) in history, 9(A**) in RE, a 9(A**) in English literature all at GCSE level. I am passionate about humanities and English i miss being able to study these subjects at university and would love to be able to share my passion with younger students.

Making Mathematics Fun. An interactive way to learn to enjoy the subject
I used to struggle a lot at school with Maths, until I realised that practice makes perfect. The amazing thing about this fascinating subject is that there is always a correct answer and a methodical way to reach that answer. Throughout my classes I will teach and explain to the children a simple way to solve equations and begin to love the subject. I received an A* at IGCSE maths and have been tutoring for the last 4 years.

Mathematics lesson for Mathematicians and a well rounded tutor
I love asking questions to my students and encourage them to do the same. I teach the topics my students struggle the most with or if they have coming assessments. I go through Powerpoints with my students which explains the whole topic and some easy questions to go with. Then, I give them around 20 medium/ hard questions depends on the students capability. I also make sure to go with every question that my student go wrong in the lessons with me. I also give them some questions to do as homework. I do AQA, Edexcel and OCR A boards with GCSE science and maths. I also do AQA, Edexcel and OCR A level Maths. I make sure to cover every point according to the specification of particular boards my student.

GCSE and A Level Revision Skills and Humanities Subject Help
This class can be tailored to your requests, whether you would like subject specific help in RS, Politics or English, or need help in more general exam preparation I can help! I achieved A*AA in RS, Politics and History at A level, and two 9s in RS and English Language at GCSE - results I could not have achieved without making my revision as effective and efficient as possible. I particularly found that understanding how to keep myself organised was essential to keeping a healthy balance of school work and free time - I am passionate about helping other students in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.

- English Lessons to Speakers of Other Languages -
I can design tailored English lessons Online. In these lessons, I select exercises and make explanations in line with the students' learning goals and interests. These can include Skills related tasks: reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises; Controlled practice exercises from English Grammar in Use and other Student books. For these lessons, students receive a handout before class with the target exercises and language. Lessons are conducted with a PowerPoint presentation to make it engaging and interesting. I can also tutor and help you with the homework you have already assign to you, or other tasks involving language that you need help with. In this case, I will expect you to send me before hand what you need to do so I can prepare for the tutoring session. I can help with translation from English to Portuguese and vice-versa; proofreading and editing written work and help you in structuring your study around an assignment you may have.

French lessons for all and for all needs by a native French
Bonjour bonjour ! Comment ca va? Are you interested to learn or improve your French? Parfait ! I am dedicated to make you learn and enjoy your lessons. Depending of your level, and what you like, the lessons will be personalised . Come and talk to me if you are interested or want some informations Au revoir

Juan Ignacio
Guitar Tuition - 18 Years of Experience as a Tutor
My name is Juan Ignacio. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, guitar technician, music tutor and producer/mixer. I have 23 years of experience as a guitarist, 18 years teaching guitar and repairing/building stringed instruments for 16 years. I've composed music under the name of SEE YOU IN A BEAT, for all different kinds of audio visual media productions, including advertising campaigns for Samsung, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Nesquik, Avon and Breil. I have worked as a music tutor for different music agencies including: London Music Centre, London School of Music and Musiko Musika. I've delivered guitar lessons at Spotify (Charing Cross Office), different primary schools and kinder gardens. In 2018, I taught Brit Award-Winners Bastille how to play the traditional Argentinian rhythms. BIOGRAPHY Juan was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of nine he started teaching himself how to play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums; before joining local bands and performing around the country. After studying sound engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Lanús, he worked as a live sound engineer and separately on a number of music productions in his home studio. He also trained as a luthier/guitar technician, building and repairing stringed instruments alongside his father, using his surname Diaco as a brand. In 2014 Juan moved to London to develop his skills and connections. His passion and commitment to music led him to working at guitar repair workshops around the capital city, including Camden Town and the well-known Denmark Street. Here he repaired guitars for artists like the legendary Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Mercury Prize-winner Michael Kiwanuka, Grammy-winners Mumford & Sons, and King Krule. He later taught Brit Award-winners Bastille how to play the traditional rhythms of his home country. At the same time, he played with a host of different bands as a guitarist, and even busked around town. Juan was hired to work as a guitar technician at Abbey Road on live recording sessions. During this period spent in the studio, mastering engineer Wharton spotted Juan’s potential and encouraged him to focus more of his attention on writing, releasing and performing his own material.

Friendly and individualistic Psychology Tutoring in person or online (Zoom)
Friendly and individualist AQA, A Level Psychology/ general Psychology (preferably 1st years) tutoring in Bath/Exeter or online (Zoom) My approach is very individualistic- some students prefer going through exam questions and some prefer lessons on specific topics. I tend to go over the topic that the student would like to go through, make sure they fully understand and then finish with some assisted exam questions as this, in my personal experience, is what will make a difference. I’m more than happy to go over work a student has completed in ‘class’ if the understanding isn’t there, and try and make lessons as interesting and enjoyable as possible! For A level, my experience is with AQA, however, I can also tutor from other exam boards In September (2021), I will be entering the second year of my degree program (Msci Applied, Clinical, Psychology) at Exeter University. I took A-Levels in Psychology (A), Sociology (A), Music (C) and Maths in Context (B). After university, I hope to train to become a Clinical Psychologist. I have experience in tutoring (2 years) in all areas of psychology, including statistics. Moreover, tutoring experience in essay writing and short answer exam questions & am more than happy to give studying advice (note that this advice is entirely my own opinion, from my experience, therefore, it may not work for everyone). 2+ years of experience working with and supporting vulnerable adults and children. I’m friendly and reliable and understand that everyone learns in a different way so therefore adopt that when teaching. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions!

KS1 and 2 school maths and English class taught by a year 13 student.
I offer lessons for KS1 and KS2 children, to improve there skills and give a good base to go on to do SATs and go on to secondary school. I am 16 years old and have expected grades for GCSEs from 6-8, English and maths are my two strong suits. I have experience of teaching primary school students and my teaching style is. Or only effective but also enjoyable, allowing your child to learn something as well as have fun!

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

Tutoring lessons

Whether in primary, middle or high school, school support is still important. And depending on the grade level, tutoring will be focusing on homework after class, organization of school work, or will contribute to higher morale and stress and anxiety control for students facing exams for example. Tutoring classes are most effective when personalized and individualized. that's why there's nothing better than a private home teacher, where the lesson purely concentrates on the specific problems of the student in question. The most requested topics:

Tutoring,  Math lessons, English lessons, Science, Economics, French lessons, Biology    

Language lessons

Whether it's English, Spanish or Portuguese and Chinese, learning a new language is as enriching on the human level as it is professionally. And to learn to write and speak a new language, an adapted pedagogy is essential. There is nothing better than having a competent private teacher. Apprentus puts you into contact with the best language teachers near you. Choose the one that suits you right now and book your lessons!, Discover our selection of private language lessons

Russian lessons , French lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons , German lessons,      

Music lessons

Music lessons can turn into true passion thanks to a good teacher. Perfect moments of relaxation and excellent escape from the stress of everyday life, these courses become very easily an essential part of your life. Helped by a teacher who is pedagogue who will go to the rhythm of the student, this activity according to several testimonies, changes a life! So what are you waiting for to start? These are some of the most popular music lessons on Apprentus

Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Guitar lessons, Drums, Music theory lessons, Ukulele lessons    

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