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Learning Skills for Academic, Professional and Personal Success
Learning can be fun! Did you know your brain CRAVES and does it anyway, on autopilot, 24/7? How is it, then, that for so many people learning seems like a tedious chore or a very difficult thing to do? Why do we often feel "stupid" or "untalented"? That's simply because the way we are commonly taught and expected to study at school, university or on vocational training is NOT in alignment with the natural functionality and needs of the human brain, our mind in a broader sense, or more holistically, our entire personality. So what can we do about that? How can we process and retain information, gain knowledge and at the same time, develop our personality, learn vital life skills, become successful, healthy and happy? Here's the good news: Genius is common! You "simply" need to rekindle your innate curiosity, playfulness, creativity, problem solving abilities and inner wisdom. You've got this! All you need is the right information and someone who believes in you, guides and supports your progress. That's what I can do for you. I will * teach you the theory behind all learning (mainly neurosciences and psychology) if and when desired, so you can understand how the human mind really works, what the conditions for learning are and how you can create them, * give you a wide range of easy, mix-and-match tools that will support any learning, no matter the subject or level, * hold you accountable, track your progress & cheer you on, * help you apply the information (practise transfer), based on your individual circumstances (the WHY, WHAT and HOW of your learning), * all this in a fun, engaging and simple way that will not only get you maximum results with minimum effort, but will also be something you're going to enjoy and look forward to! My unique approach will help you with all of the following: * problem solving * critical/lateral thinking * creativity * memory * focus & motivation * logic & reasoning * presentation skills * communication and other social skills * mental health and wellbeing It can also be used as a complementary program for people in difficult circumstances (including survivors), life transitions, after trauma or during severe/chronic illness, for career advancement (like landing your dream job or creating your own business), for dementia prevention or simply to keep mentally fit and happy at any age. My courses are 100% client centred, which means the curriculum can and will be adapted to the needs, preferences and unique situation of the individual or group I'm teaching. All content is modular, so you can literally "pick your own adventure" and work exactly at the pace and in the order that suits you best. I am committed to your success and provide outstanding, highly personalized support even between lessons. I'm also very flexible with times and settings, however I expect and require students to follow through once a commitment has been made.

Music, flute and percussion teacher. How to play flute and recorder in a fun and easy way.
I specialize in Traverse Flute as a music instrument. I can teach begginers or intermediate students. I provided different exercises and the instrument techniques, how to play, breathing technique etc. I can teach as well music theory that can help to understand more the instrument like the grammar and other theory aspects of music. I like to keep the sutdent working constantly but not too much as the stress doesn't help in music learning.

Spanish for all ages, Math for SATS, GCSE and A levels, Yoga for everyone
I have a PhD in Computer Science and did teaching at the University for many years. I specialize in tutoring Math and Spanish for GCSE. I will prepare you to get a 9. I also did a Yoga Teaching Training, teach Yoga at the Sport Center and do 1-1 Yoga lessons at home.

Singing Lesson, Vocal Technique, Yoga of the sound
I'm an “Estill Voice Training Certified Master Teacher” and a “Yoga of The Sound Practitioner” with 20 years of experience in singing and 10 in teaching students of all levels and ages. I'm teaching singing for beginners and advanced students of all ages. Vocal lessons include: - Physical warm up with a body and vocal stretching - Breathing and Vocal Technique (Estill Voice Training) - Ear Training - Yoga of the Sound to discover the connection between the sound, the Body and to feel the Vibrations - Repertoire - Recording and Musical Performance Technique I teach (almost) all genres. I believes it’s important to expand our own musical knowledge from pop, to soul, to jazz and musical theatre. I encourage my students to have a broad musical experience to draw from I love to take my students on a real journey, during which they can approach and learn how to apply technical knowledge and study the art of “song interpretation” ; each lesson is an exploration of the emotions that they want to convey through a song.

Literacy and numeracy KS2-KS5, I can help all levels of ability and I concentrate on special educational needs students with autism
I offer one to one tutoring in English and maths, for students both in or out of school who need some extra help. I have helped many students already My clients say “ I have never seen my son sit for an hour doing maths before, you are a miracle worker” another says “So great to meet you today my daughter is so happy with what she’s achieved already I can’t thank you enough” “We had parents evening today. S........ report for maths was glowing. The teacher said she’d rarely seen such a rapid change in ability and confidence. Thank you!”

Learn how to play Piano ,understand music theory, or improvise .
I have thought Piano for over 25 years , I love teaching and my aim is to bring joy of learning into my student's life ,no matter of their age or ability .I believe everyone can connect to music and get benefit from learning an instrument . In my teaching I emphasis on technical points , improvisation , theory , and listening to music from round the world . Before committing to teach a new student, I would like to have a tryout lesson to make sure we both can start our musical path .

English classes for Non - native English Speakers.
In my class you will learn how to read,write and spell. English is a universal language so you will learn how to formulate sentences to be able to communicate in English. We will also listen to audios to make you familiar with how some words are pronounced.

Music - Piano, Singing, Theory, Composition - Jazz, Classical, Rock & Pop
ABOUT ME: My name is Christian. I'm a professional musician, and have 10 years experience working as a music teacher. I teach Jazz, Classical, Rock and Pop, and Theory. Playing music just about the most fun thing a person can do and my goal is to bring that joy to my lessons. I attended King's College London, where I studied music, majoring in composition, and achieved a 1st Class (Hons) Degree. I have performed at some of London's most prestigious venues including The Royal Festival Hall, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, Kansas Smitty's, Wilderness Festival, The Nightjar, The Ned London, and many more. TEACHING EXPERIENCE: I have been working as a private piano, singing teacher, and music tutor for 10 years, helping students achieve their personal goals, success with their ABRSM and Trinity instrumental exams, and their desired GCSE and A Level Results. I also worked as a peripatetic teacher in a secondary school (Bishop Thomas Grant School) for three years before deciding to make my teaching practice entirely private. While at the school I taught piano, I also tutored GCSE and A Level students through their exams. I also ran the school's jazz band throughout my tenure where I taught jazz, ensemble, and improvisational skills to students on many different instruments. ABOUT OUR LESSONS: In our lessons, I will work with you to come up with a teaching plan that will best suit you. I am very open to all musical styles so will make sure that the material we are covering is always the music you want to be learning! If you or your child would like to pursue grades with ABRSM or Trinity exam boards, you will be pleased to know that my students have had a 100% success rate, with many achieving merit or distinction. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Passionate English / Spanish Tutor with a Master's degree, who loves to any age group at any level.
Hi, I’m Emilia and I’m trilingual in Spanish / English / Polish with UK Qualified Teacher Status and having taught at schools in the UK over the past 4 years. I also have a Master’s degree in English Literature and Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with Spanish as an additional language. Languages are my absolute passion! I have taught in Spain, England and Poland so have great experience and passion for helping people to learn languages. I am very enthusiastic about languages and love to see my students smiling, no matter what age they are. I am used to dealing with different age groups from young children to adults and, therefore, can plan and differentiate my lessons accordingly. Building confidence in languages is extremely important and can help people make friends, interact at school or for work purposes. I have also taught English as an additional language in Poland, Spain and England and prepared my students for examinations such as B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE), C2 Proficiency (CPE) and IELTS. I offer Spanish lessons up to an intermediate / GCSE level for students (children, teenagers and adults) who would like to start an adventure with Spanish language. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Lesson Description I am conversant with a wide variety of teaching methods and have a strong command of current curriculum. I also make sure I provide my students with additional activities to practise at home in order to consolidate their knowledge / skills. I have led Read Write Inc. phonics programmes at schools and always plan rich and stimulating activities to help individuals progress in their learning. I always create new engaging resources and provide my own materials such as reading books, interactive activities, handwriting tasks, flash cards, sound cards, a vast variety of regular (phonetically plausible) and irregular (learned by sight) words that correspond with Read Write Inc Program. In my opinion, motivating students is vital to effective lessons and therefore I put a great deal of effort and preparation into my lessons plan to ensure they have maximum impact.

Spanish language class for beginners to advanced level
Spanish language for all levels and needs. I cater Spanish lessons to help for school, college or University. I prepare students for holidays, conduct business in Spanish and for leisure. Spanish from complete beginners to advanced in different fields. It can be learnt in all areas (speaking, listening-comprehension, writing and reading or just in one or two areas. Learning Spanish in my class is fun, easy thanks to my twenty years experience. I am a native speaker and university graduated in teaching and Spanish language. I have taught all types of groups including diplomats and students at GCSE level. I enjoy teaching.

French courses for all levels: Learn the language, grammar and culture
Currently Erasmus student at the University of Salford, Manchester, I am in second year BA in dance. Passionate about the arts and performing arts, I am also very sensitive to different cultures and curious to learn foreign languages. It is for these reasons that I propose to give you French classes at home to help you with this language not always easy to learn. With a little passion, repetition, curiosity and fun, I will give you some methodological keys to implement the elements seen in class everyday. My learning techniques are mainly based on the visual, that's why I will present films, part of the French culture! "Currently French Erasmus student at the University of Salford, Manchester, I'm in the 2nd year of BA Dance Passionate by arts and all kind of scenery, I'm very interested in different cultures and curious about learning foreign languages. For these reasons, I offer you some of these languages, which are sometimes hard to learn. With passion, repetition, curiosity and pleasure, I will give you some methodological tips to practice your life in your everyday life. My methodological technique is mainly visual, that's why I'll show you some movies which is a good thing to learn some of the french classics! "

Violin Lessons for all ages and levels, PhD in music, DBS checked
I completed a Master’s degree in Music at the University of Oxford, and later a PhD in Music at King’s College London. I have years of experience offering private and group violin lessons. I hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate and have spent some time teaching the violin to children of different age groups in schools across London. I can also provide music theory lessons for those who wish to gain an insight into the language of music and the fundamentals of music making. I teach beginners through to advanced and casual learners through to committed students. I have been trained in a school of violin playing that inherits from and follows the aesthetic standards and technical methods of great masters such as Leopold Auer and Abram Yampolsky. I pass on this knowledge and skill with absolute passion and in my maximum capacity.

Musical Theory for Graded Exams or as a supplement for School Music Lessons
* John studied music at the University of Oxford, which included world-class tutorials in composition and theory across a variety of genres. Having achieved distinction in his LTCL diploma in classical piano and grade 8+ in violin, he has taken numerous exams, for which a solid understanding of musical theory has been essential. * This class is useful for anyone wishing to take ABRSM or other boards' theory exams, or as a supplement for anyone taking GCSE or A Level music. It is recommended, though not essential, to travel to John's house in the case that students do not have a piano or keyboard.

Language classes Italian Spanish English French freelance
Hi everybody! It's Giovanna. Ready to open a door on a new culture? Study modern foreign languages with, me! Five years of freelance experience, I focus on grammar and then the speaking ability, but I can also prepare exams and tests. I have IELTS DALF and DELE C1 certificates, contact me for info!

Economics, Business, French, German, Accounting, Dactylorgraphy (10 finger keyboard typing)
I am a postgraduate (MSc) economics student based in Kingston, a native French and German speaker from the G-D of Luxembourg. I am a passionate and patient polyglot tutor dedicated to helping students. Classes I tutor: German and French primary education and secondary education and economics related topics for secondary education and higher education. Furthermore specific tutoring for accounting and Dactylography (10 finger keyboard typing) My first priority is to make sure that scholars have a clear understanding of the core skills needed to satisfy the requirements of the exam methodology. Fundamental requirements for French, German and other essay subjects, these include: - a solid understanding of how to argue coherently and use evidence convincingly; - a good command of grammar and syntax; - confident use of a diverse and technical vocabulary; - the ability to plan, structure, and write essays that score high marks efficiently. I believe in making the process of learning to read, write, and think one which is enjoyable, satisfying, and challenging in equal measure. Note: I am also accepting 2 students at same time.

Polytechnique gives private lessons in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, SVT, French, ... in London
Recently graduated from Polytechnic, I live in London and gives private lessons in Mathematics and Physics at all levels (college, high school, university), as well as courses in French, Chemistry, SVT, English ... until at high school level. After my high school and my high school prep Louis-Le-Grand and Henri 4, I joined the X in 2014, where I specialized in theoretical Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. I have a long experience as a private teacher (I had 3 students of all levels) and as a collector in MP * in Louis-Le-Grand. I am passionate about teaching and love to help students overcome their difficulties.

Spanish lessons and Piano lessons for Children and Adults! :)
For students at all levels, from beginner to advance. You will improve your communication skills with this lessons! or If you prefer you can learn piano and improve both, your technical and musicality ability. And we will work with your prefers songs! Spanish Lessons: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Learn new vocabulary and colloquial expressions to speak. Piano Lessons: Your favourite repertoire, technical, musicality, rhythm, take a good position in front of piano... Adapted classes to your level and age. **If you need a conversation class we can do it! It's the best way to learn a new language! :)

Josep Clemente
Improve your Spanish with one native spanish in Scotland
I specialize in tutoring math and Spanish for school and higer school. I'm native Spanish living in Scotland, I can do online or face-to-face classes, I adapt to the needs and levels of the student. I have been doing private classes in Spain for over 10 years, both to classmates and to seniors. Spanish classes are tailored as the student wishes: Doing the subject of mathematics, learning through a conversation, focusing on a specific topic. I recommend doing classes with grammar, vocabulary and speaking.

Learn Spanish through conversation, listening and reading.
I specialize in Spanish tutoring for the school and higer school. I am a native Spanish living in Scotland, I can do classes online or in person, I adapt to the needs and levels of the student. I have experience with children of all ages. Spanish classes adapt to the wishes of the student: Learn through conversation, reading, vocabulary, listening or focusing on a specific topic.

Learn German language Levels A1, A2 in friendly way
I have experience of 6 years in teaching basic German language. A very basic German course is also available for travel purpose. The classes will be held at student's place and in a very friendly way. The language is taught by understanding the students' capabilities and learning speed. All four skills -reading, writing, speaking and listening will be cultivated with the practice of each skill daily.

Music, flute and percussion teacher. How to play flute and recorder in a fun and easy way.
I specialize in Traverse Flute as a music instrument. I can teach begginers or intermediate students. I provided different exercises and the instrument techniques, how to play, breathing technique etc. I can teach as well music theory that can help to understand more the instrument like the grammar and other theory aspects of music. I like to keep the sutdent working constantly but not too much as the stress doesn't help in music learning.

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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