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Math(11 Plus) - Math,Science(GCSE) - Maths,Physics(Advanced Level)
I specialize in tutoring Math, Non-Verbal, Verbal and English for 11 plus exam preparation. My believe is anybody can learn and excel if guide them through a correct path. Simplified and easy to remember methods, repeated testing using my online test tool will make students comfortable and sail easily through exams. I have done wonders with many kids who made their dreams a reality comfortably. My techniques will last longer for them to study further or excel in later years rather than just passing 11 plus.

Spanish language and literature focused on foreigners.
Teaching Spanish for non-native people of this language. It is intended to work different sessions to the rhythm of the student, adapting learning to their environment and taking into account their special needs, if any. Verbal analysis and logic are also worked on. Literature teaching as research and art: Poetry Theater Novel Story Test

Piano, Flute and Music Theory lessons online or in person (ages 6+)
I am a music graduate offering private piano, flute and music theory lessons. I have a first class Bachelor of Music from Manchester University and I have extensive practical experience playing flute and piano. I am a highly experienced teacher for children between ages 5-16 and I would happily accept adult students as well. I would welcome flute students from beginner to grade 8 and piano and music theory students from beginner to grade 5.

Ms Paloma
Expanding Creativity and thinking in Art and Design.
My Class focuses on expanding your understanding of what Art is Practically and theoretically. I will work around your specific interests and skills and assist you to explore your own personal practice. This may especially be helpful for Students hoping to apply to the top Modern Art Universities. Universities are looking for future thinking artists wanting to explore new Mediums and Ideas. This is the most important thing that schools often fail to teach. Workshops and Activities will enable you to understand the motivation behind your work, identify themes of interest and allow your creative mindset to blossom. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning how to overcome creative blocks will all be assisted with. I can help you with particular projects or generally, increase your creative capabilities. Observational drawing is a key skill for its use to improve 'Seeing' as opposed to looking as well as communicating Ideas. Beyond that, I encourage my student to go beyond painting to mixed media - sculpture - installation - film and photography. All different forms of expression often forgotten about in other art classes. One to one tuition gives pupils the freedom to truly explore. I will introduce you to theoretical ideas and concepts to help you explore why do you create art? To push you into new directions, and utilise your full potential.

Piano, Music Theory, Music composition and Prep for exams
I specialize in tutoring piano, keyboard, music theory, music history, music composition and orchestration. My lessons vary according to the student, so nobody gets tired or frustrated. There is always a reward for good work and with very low pressure levels there is always progress and success.

French - get ready for exams, or brush up your language skills!
I have experience tutoring children and teenagers to help them prepare for their exams (GCSE, A-Level), to boost their confidence when speaking and writing, or just to ensure what they learned in class has been clearly understood. I have also helped quite a few adult friends practice and improve their spoken French, and I would love to help you do so too! I strongly believe the student should be at the centre of the tutor’s attention and planning every step of the way. Every tutee is different, and I will always spend the first hour discussing what their expectations are, what has worked best for them until then, and what they are struggling with. If their attention span is short, I will make sure to both work with it by adapting my lessons and work to improve it over time. If exam anxiety prevents them from achieving the results they could, I will include regular mock exams. I want my tutees to feel at ease and stress-free during our lessons, and making our time together safe and comfortable is crucial to me.

English, History of Art and Creative Arts tutoring
I am a university student who specialises in tutoring English Lit/Lang, History of Art and Creative Arts to school children ranging from 11-18. I scored highly in both my GCSEs and International Baccalaureate, and would love to help improve children's confidence and abilities in these subjects, whether they are working for a small test, for GCSEs or otherwise.

Learn, how to play the cello, from Beginner to Advanced.
You will receive professional one-to-one cello lessons. I am going to show you how to play the cello, how to create a beautiful sound and practice technically difficult parts. You will play several pieces, at first easy and from time to time more difficult and virtuoso. I am focussing on conveying the joy of music and responding to the individual needs of my students.

Academic and Practical skills for Drama and Theatre Arts
This class will prepare students for practical and written examinations related to the field of Drama and Theatre Arts (this may include but is not limited to; GCSE Drama, A-Level Drama, GCSE English language or Literature, BTEC courses, Degree level courses related to theatre and performance). After an initial session to discuss the curriculum content and the outcomes the student hopes to achieve for their particular exam or performance, each session will be tailored to the individual students needs. In the past five years I have obtained my Degree and Master's Degree in the field of contemporary theatre practices as well as working with a small company to produce and tour innovative new performances. I have an extensive skills-base spanning contemporary devised theatre, classical texts, producing, academic writing and much more. I aim to make these classes fun and informative; allowing students to reach their potential academically whilst aiding them in becoming forward-thinking creative individuals. Don't hesitate to contact me with any enquiries.

Math for Primary School - Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
I am an independent school teacher and have experience of teaching students to high standards. I'm able to prepare students for SATs, 7+ and 11+ exams, as well as school entrance exams. This class is for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Math students. My classes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student.

Alberto Torres
Enthusiastic Painting, Drawing and Art History teacher.
I am a professional artist who has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London, at the Royal Academy, more recently at the Salisbury Museum, and internationally. I offer lessons in Painting, Drawing and Art History. I have a big interest in materials and techniques, I have use embroidery in a series of works that I have realised recently for a solo show in Rome. I gain a MA at the Chelsea College of Arts in London and therefore I can help you prepare your portfolio for university applications or teach you how to paint a portrait or a still life. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge of art History I can also help. For the last 9 years, I have been an assistant to British Painter Jonathan Yeo, working with him toward big national shows such as a show at the National Portrait Gallery, or international such as the one in Friederiksborg Castle in Denmark in 2016.

Vinyasa Yoga for beginners, qualified Yoga teacher
This class is for those who have always wanted to try yoga but just haven't found the right time, place or teacher. With just some space at home, join me in an hour of looking after your body, mind and soul. With my 200 hour Yoga Teaching qualification and hours of teaching in University under my belt (or mat!), you can rest assured you will be well looked after.

Instrumental Music Class, Recorder Oboe (Woodwinds)
Dear Student, You are going to learn in my class, how to play recorder or oboe on high quality. We will discover every secret of my lovely instruments, and I hope you will enjoy it. I will show you how can you practise, and how can you improve your skills, and how can you become a very good recorder or oboe player. For my oboists I'm going to teach how to make reed, as well. I'm waiting for you in my class!!

Violin tuition, Piano tuition and composition/ improvisation instructor
I have been teaching violin and piano for a number of years and have recently made the transition to teaching online! I was trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and I am very happy to teach all ages and skill sets on both Violin and Piano. While being classically trained, I have interests in many different genres of music, I run and play with a Gypsy Jazz band, a tango duo and a Ceilidh band and I have strong love of Eastern European folk and Klezmer. Even if I'm not familiar with a certain genre i'm very happy to learn new things, so don't be worried about bringing me unusual pieces of music, or even your own compositions. I have found that teaching is constant a learning curve and no two students are the same, and its always fun to experience something new!

Learn Spanish with a native qualified linguist and a very experienced language teacher.
Spanish has become a very popular language after English and whether you want to learn it so you can communicate when travelling, whether you want to learn it just because you like it or whether you want to learn it because you need to pass your GCSEs or A level exams, I have the experience to help you with this. I have a degree on linguistics and a masters on education. I work as a secondary Spanish teacher and I have been doing this for many years now. If you need to learn grammar, I can help, if you want to just learn to converse, I can help you, If you need to just get on and understand the complexities of either GCSE or A Level courses, I can also do that, that is my job. Over the past few years I have developed numerous teaching techniques in order to make my students understand the Spanish language.

Violin Lessons Online for children and adults - learn for fun or for exams
I am a violinist and traveling teacher. I have played the violin for many years in several orchestras. The violin rep to me is the most amazing beautiful sounds that have been created. I love to teach students from the very beginning to help them achieve a good technique and musical ear. The first few lessons are so important to understand how the body works with the violin in order to achieve a beautiful tone and musicality later down the line. I also cater for exams with ABRSM and trinity exam boards I have currently moved to London to continue my studies of the violin with Fabienne Fauritte. My teaching style depends on how the student learns and I will adapt to their needs in order to help them achieve their potential.

How to play guitar from beginner to intermediate level.
This guitar classes are created specifically for students that are new to the guitar.All of the basics are covered,will help you learn how to play guitar by providing a series of lessons from how to hold a guitar,how to strum,tips for strumming, open chords, power chords and your first song etc.

German Lessons with Great Results - Deutsch Macht Spass!
Guten Tag! Have you always wanted to learn German? Do you already have a passion for languages? I specialise in teaching adults and seniors who want to learn a new language or who want to take their knowledge to the next level. I help students to improve both their spoken and written fluency in German, focussing on cultural and lifestyle topics of interest and current affairs. My aim is to make lessons inspiring, interesting and enjoyable, so that students can experience the joy of learning German, as they gain a useful skill.

Pilates General, Strength ,Gentle, Pregnancy, Beginners
Small group or one on one Pilates to strengthen the core, gluts, shoulders and back. Mobilise stiff joints. Stretch tight muscles. All levels catered for but some experience preferred for groups Equipment not essential but is recommended (foam roller/ ball/ bands)

Drawing, painting and craft workshops for all ages and abilities with Royal Academy Fine Art Graduate
I am a Royal Academy fine art graduate and have taught for many years, teaching all ages and abilities. These classes are for everyone, whether its for pre-school children experimenting making masks, puppets or paintings, student's needing support with their portfolios and sketch books or those who are complete beginners and want to learn a new skill. These lessons will be adapted to support each students particular need. My goal is to help individuals to get the most out of these lessons, supporting them to gain confidence with creating artworks and gaining skills using different painting and drawing mediums and lastly (but most importantly) to have fun!

Psychology GCSE, A-Level and Undergraduate BSc Level
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, I specialise in tutoring Psychology at GCSE, A-Level and Undergraduate Level. I have years of experience in coursework, essay and exam planning. My goal is to provide assistance and help improve your performance through essay-writing, research and overall psychology learning. Each lesson will be tailored to the student's wants in an informal and flexible environment. You can bring any questions and topics that you may be having trouble with and I will help you with revision techniques and understanding the different psychology theories. A typical lesson might look like this: - You come to the lesson with an area that you'd like to focus on - We go through the content of this area - We identify the challenges you face with this - We look at the different methods to overcome this challenge - You apply what you have learned

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

Tutoring lessons

Whether in primary, middle or high school, school support is still important. And depending on the grade level, tutoring will be focusing on homework after class, organization of school work, or will contribute to higher morale and stress and anxiety control for students facing exams for example. Tutoring classes are most effective when personalized and individualized. that's why there's nothing better than a private home teacher, where the lesson purely concentrates on the specific problems of the student in question. The most requested topics:

Tutoring,  Math lessons, English lessons, Science, Economics, French lessons, Biology    

Language lessons

Whether it's English, Spanish or Portuguese and Chinese, learning a new language is as enriching on the human level as it is professionally. And to learn to write and speak a new language, an adapted pedagogy is essential. There is nothing better than having a competent private teacher. Apprentus puts you into contact with the best language teachers near you. Choose the one that suits you right now and book your lessons!, Discover our selection of private language lessons

Russian lessons , French lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons , German lessons,      

Music lessons

Music lessons can turn into true passion thanks to a good teacher. Perfect moments of relaxation and excellent escape from the stress of everyday life, these courses become very easily an essential part of your life. Helped by a teacher who is pedagogue who will go to the rhythm of the student, this activity according to several testimonies, changes a life! So what are you waiting for to start? These are some of the most popular music lessons on Apprentus

Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Guitar lessons, Drums, Music theory lessons, Ukulele lessons    

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