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Learn Opera and Classical Singing from baritone Grant
Vocal Technique: Breathing, breath control, appoggio (“support”). Flowing and flexible phonation. Vowel production and modification. Effective use of consonants. Resonance, space and “placement”. Musicianship: Intonation, phrasing, rhythm, dynamics and style. Music theory. Keyboard (or guitar) musicianship. Critical listening. Languages: Pronounciation, syntax, comprehension and interpretation. Singing in English, Italian, German, French, Latin and basic Russian. International Phonetic Alphabet. Stagecraft: Posture, movement, character, physical interpretation. Acting and communication through singing. Working with costumes, makeup and lighting. Techniques: Practising, warming up, vocal hygiene. Efficient learning and memorisation techniques. Use of technology aids for learning and inspiration. Professional Skills: Performing as part of an ensemble. Working with a conductor. Audition, rehearsal and performance techniques. Etiquette and protocol in the profession. Managing stress, nervousness and illness. Agents and managers. Recordings, videos and websites

Improve your Italian conversation skills with informal sessions
Whether you have been learning Italian for some time or have begun out of boredom during lockdown, chances are you may want to test your skills and get better at conversation. I'm a PhD student at UCL and I have lived in London for the past seven years. As I have no formal training in teaching languages this would not be an Italian class, but simply an informal, relaxed way to improve your conversation. We can meet in person (Hackney) or over Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp (we are all familiar with all of those by now!) and have a chat. I will help you with vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, with any homework you may have to do or correct stuff you have written. It is all very flexible and lead by your needs, desires and curiosity. Umberto PS: Yes, I can also train you in the various Italian gestures so that you'll be a pro next time you visit Italy =)

Oana Silviana
English and Public Speaking for different areas in your life
Are you looking to make conversations in English or you need to talk professionally in English? I can teach you how to speak well in different professional areas. And if you are afraid of speaking in public, my public speaking classes will guide you through this. I am a professional journalist and communication professional with more than 10 years in the media industry.

Tutoring English speaking for adults and Maths for Children (ages 5-11)
I am a recent undergraduate from Newcastle University with a 2.1 degree in BSc Hons Accounting and Finance. Are you looking to improve your English speaking skills? I have lived most of my life in the UK and am a native speaker of English. I can help you to change your accent and improve your confidence! I can also teach primary school Mathematics. My way of teaching is by providing practice questions and going through step by step to solve sums! You can also bring any questions to the class! I have completed A level Maths and have always been good at Maths. I am also willing to help outside of the class and the tuition fee will cover that. I don't have any specific method of teaching but i will try to adapt to the needs of the student.

Rock/Pop Guitar Lessons for beginners of all ages!
Ever wanted to play guitar like a rockstar? Maybe you have plans to join a band, just play for fun or maybe even become a youtube guitar star. However you want to play, this course will take you on some very simple steps starting with the basics of guitar (if you're a complete beginner)and going on to explore several different rock genres until you decide which route you would like to take! We'll go over several fun exercises and classic rock/pop songs so you can start to play over backing tracks very quickly and build your confidence in becoming a competent guitar player!

London based musician offering Piano and Vocal lessons
Did you ever want to learn how to sing or to play the piano? Or maybe you just want to improve your musical skills? If so, now it's the time! I have a bachelors degree in Music Performance and I am offering vocal and piano lessons to beginners of all ages. Experience with children aged 5 to 12 (if needed can provide references). Preparation for ABRSM piano exams up to grade 4 also available. Get in contact for any further enquiries, I'd love to hear from you!

Darren Mark
** Stand Up & Speak - The Confidence & Capability **
Over the last few decades I’ve spoken at huge (business) events and conferences around the world including London, Paris, Cannes, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Halifax (Canada), NYC, Atlanta, etc. I’ve also given eulogies, been a best man multiple times, and given awards. I’d love to share what works and what doesn’t when talking to any audience of any size. At home, work or school. Whatever. And mostly how to get the confidence to stand up in the first place :)

Ainhoa Llamas
“Spanish Lessons For All Levels Now ”
My classes will be an introduction to Spanish in case you never have studied it or they can be intermediate and advanced level. They are focused on the four key areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The primary purpose of the course is to prepare students to be college-ready, well-rounded global citizens who can communicate effectively in Spanish and are aware of the cultural influences of the Spanish and Latino heritage at home and abroad. This course includes a broad series of lessons and activities that offer a variety of modalities for ultimate student engagement and content retention. Each unit contains a series of lessons that include the introduction of content, virtual demonstration of that content, and repeated opportunity to practice that content.

Math, English and Test Prep Tutoring with 5 year experience
I specialize in tutorinng math and English for school and the SAT, GED, GRE and GMAT exams. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I do progress tests every two weeks.

Dance, Drama, Singing, Fitness/Basic Gymnastics, Mum and Toddler Imaginative Song and Dance.
Ballet, modern, jazz, and tap are all subjects you can choose from to learn from beginner to an advanced stage. You can also choose drama, where we will be playing fun drama games, doing useful exercises, and script works for gaining confidence and improving imagination and creativity. Singing is available in the musical theatre style. All of these can be taught separately or you can choose a mixture of them all or two. Dance/gymnastics or dance acrobatic basics can be taught also to get moving and improve strength and stamina. For the little ones, they can take part in a fun-filled session of movement, song, and drama - taking them through a different story every time. (This class is best in a small group) Small group classes also available online and in your homes for any of the lessons. For group classes, prices slightly differ, please contact. The aim is to have fun but also learn along the way!

Business Administration Tutoring for undergraduates and postgraduates
After completing my MBA in Global Business two years ago, I started lecturing Business Administration modules at a London University. Some of the modules I teach are Strategic Management, International Business Strategy, Research Methodology and Capstone Business Simulation.

London based Drum Tutor with BMus degree committed to creativity, effectiveness and helping you excel.
My goal is to help you understand what you want to achieve with the instrument, and help you to do it in the best way. We will customize the lesson plan according to your personal needs and goals. The method I follow allows you to play immediately without neglecting the fundamental aspects of the study of drums. We will approach the topics gradually, to allow you to develop the tools to improve and develop your expressive freedom progressively. I think that the lessons should be a relaxing and fun moment but also a learning experience. I use imagination and evaluate situations from different angles and points of view to achieve great efficiency, good coexistence, and mutual respect; that's why my lessons are tailored to students individually, to make sure you'll get the most out of our time together.

History, Spanish, All subjects for GCSEs preparation
I am a History and International Relations graduate specialized in British history and currently preparing my competitive exams to become a police inspector. I have been teaching for the past 5 years. My classes are dynamic and I focus on my pupils to understand everything before finishing the session. I have excellent references available on request.

Spanish lessons - private tutor - qualified teacher
Online or face-to-face private Spanish or English lessons available from a fully qualified teacher in the Liverpool area. Classes available for beginners as well as advanced learners. I can cover a range of classes from primary school language lessons up to adult learner lessons. I have great experience teaching in secondary schools in the Liverpool area where I have delivered GCSE and A-level lessons to large classes. I have also taught in the region of Barcelona as well as Albacete.

Violin and Music Theory Lessons for beginner to advanced students
I am an enthusiast and experienced teacher, and I have taught students of different level and age. I always tailor the lesson according to the specific student need, goal and learning process. Part of the lesson is dedicated to music theory as well, and I have a wide range of violin duos (all levels covered) that I often play along with the student. I prepare students for violin exams (ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall), as well as nurture the passion for Music as extracurricular pastime.

Guitar Tuition (Electric and Acoustic) Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Folk
Tuition from experienced musician and teacher. Styles taught include: rock, pop, folk, blues, lead, slide, fingerstyle. If you're just starting out on guitar, or if you've been playing for a while and need some help to develop your playing, then my lessons are just what you're looking for. In these difficult times my home is ideally laid out for tuition. My teaching room is just inside the front door (where hand sanitizer will be provided), the room is large enough for social distancing, and there is natural ventilation. I also offer online video lessons. Get in touch to book your first lesson.

Teacher of saxophone performance, music theory (including harmony and counterpoint) and music composition
I have instructed students of different age groups in saxophone performance and music theory (including counterpoint, harmony and composition) up until university level, in Spain and the UK. After graduating from Cambridge with a double starred first, taking into consideration my academic results and teaching experience, I have also been selected for inclusion in the Supervisor Registry to teach counterpoint and harmony papers. My approach to lessons is very flexible, and I always try to adapt to the needs and qualities of each student. I believe that communication is essential, and at the beginning of each lesson I ask my students if they found my recommendations from the previous lesson helpful and how they see their progress. After this spoken introduction, we proceed to work on some warm-up and technical exercises. Then, we play some studies and pieces, or go over some music theory exercises, trying to apply the advice from the previous lesson and make further improvements. Finally, we conclude the lesson with a summary, listing the main key points and suggestions and comparing our experience to the previous lessons, trying to find a clear sense of progression and a coherent line of work towards a certain goal. This teleological mindset occupies a central position in my methodology, and I always encourage my students to look ahead and plan a series of stimulating events or challenges to look foward to, such as a concert, a recital, a presentation or an exam.

Piano/Keyboard Lessons - All Ages and All Abilities
Hello there! I'm a piano teacher, providing lessons in the Guildford area. Having taught the piano now for 5 years, I love passing on my knowledge in a fun and inspiring way to help you improve. I've taught all ages from 4 years old and above at a range of levels. I myself have a degree in Music with the piano being my primary study. As a pianist and musical director myself, I'm a huge advocate of learning to play the styles of music that you love, whether this be popular, jazz, classical or musical theatre. My lessons aim to create well-rounded musicians that understand and enjoy the music they're playing. My students have the option to take graded instrumental exams with ABRSM, however the focus is always on enjoying what you're leaning and so if that isn't the right path for you or your child then we will look at other methods of progression. Teaching takes place in my studio in Burpham, Guildford. I'm also able to teach music theory and focused classes on piano accompaniment.

Native German Speaker offering classes around Edinburgh and online
Du wolltest schon immer Deutsch lernen oder deine bestehenden Deutschkenntnisse verbessern? Lass uns dies gemeinsam angehen! About me👩: I am Swiss and a native Swiss German, German and Italian Speaker. I have recently moved to Edinburgh and I am very passionate about learning languages myself. I'm an intermediate French and Spanish Speaker and I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese. I'd like to share my passion and help you learn German. I have experience tutoring children but I am also able to provide interesting lessons for adults. My Methodology👍: I think the best way to learn a language is through immersion. During our lesson we will speak as much German as possible and tailor our lessons to your needs. Whether you like to learn German for travelling purposes, work or even just for fun, let me know what you need and I'll provide the necessary learning materials and prepare fun and interactive lessons. This is what you can expect from my German lessons💥: • fun, patient and encouraging one-to-one classes • lots of talking time for you to practise your speaking skills • homework for you to review the lesson content and practise more • writing exercises (I will correct them and provide you feedback) • occasionally I will send you an exam in order to track your progress and identify areas which we will have to work on in future lessons Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a class. Thank you

Learn to how play the Bongos, Congas, Cajon or Pandeiro
Learn the Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro or Cajon Brazilian or Cuban style I have 25 years experience in playing and teaching From complete beginner to intermediate I am very patient and understanding Starting with the basic techniques we'll move through the stages of playing certain rhythms and how they fit into latin set ups and how they can be used in modern music.

Love for music! Music Theory, Piano and Singing Lessons!
For as long as I can remember, I loved music. I have successfully completed my BA degree and Mmus in Singing Performance My passion for music started at an early age with piano lessons. which was the start of my academic path in music. I successfully completed my ABRSM Grade 8 exams both in piano and music theory. Theory of music was always a great interest of mine and the thought of passing my knowledge through tutoring excites me. I am familiar with the long practice and study hours in order to achieve perfection. I have a very good knowledge of the piano ABRSM syllabus and feel very confident I can transfer this knowledge over to an interested student. I teach piano and theory of music based on the ABRSM syllabus, however, if the student wants to focus on a specific topic I am happy to do so. I am also a singing teacher in pop/jazz music.

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

Tutoring lessons

Whether in primary, middle or high school, school support is still important. And depending on the grade level, tutoring will be focusing on homework after class, organization of school work, or will contribute to higher morale and stress and anxiety control for students facing exams for example. Tutoring classes are most effective when personalized and individualized. that's why there's nothing better than a private home teacher, where the lesson purely concentrates on the specific problems of the student in question. The most requested topics:

Tutoring,  Math lessons, English lessons, Science, Economics, French lessons, Biology    

Language lessons

Whether it's English, Spanish or Portuguese and Chinese, learning a new language is as enriching on the human level as it is professionally. And to learn to write and speak a new language, an adapted pedagogy is essential. There is nothing better than having a competent private teacher. Apprentus puts you into contact with the best language teachers near you. Choose the one that suits you right now and book your lessons!, Discover our selection of private language lessons

Russian lessons , French lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons , German lessons,      

Music lessons

Music lessons can turn into true passion thanks to a good teacher. Perfect moments of relaxation and excellent escape from the stress of everyday life, these courses become very easily an essential part of your life. Helped by a teacher who is pedagogue who will go to the rhythm of the student, this activity according to several testimonies, changes a life! So what are you waiting for to start? These are some of the most popular music lessons on Apprentus

Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Guitar lessons, Drums, Music theory lessons, Ukulele lessons    

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