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Biology for students in order to gain knowledge about life.
Biology is the branch of science .It deals with the study of botany and zoology.Botany deals with the study of plants whereas Zoology deals with the study of animals. I will do the regular assessments along with the mind mapping.Biology will help students To learn about life.

"Embark on a Journey of Discovery: With our Biology, English, and Math Masterclasses
Hello, my name is Yusra Zia, and I am deeply passionate about Biology, English, and Math. My qualifications in Life and Medical Sciences are not just academic; they are a testament to my love for this field. I have a thorough understanding of the syllabus and am well-versed in common textbooks such as the IGCSE and CGP revision guides for science. This knowledge equips me to guide students effectively towards excelling in their exams. I understand that teaching is not just about academic proficiency, but also about building a rapport with students. Although I have 1 year of formal teaching experience, and I have spent considerable time interacting with young people. Whether it’s babysitting, spending time with my siblings, or volunteering at local community centres, these experiences have given me valuable insights into communicating with young minds. If you choose me as your tutor, I promise to bring not only my academic expertise but also my passion to every tutoring session. I believe that this combination will truly make a difference in your child’s learning journey.

Philosophy and Theology, Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies, Religious Studies.
Tutoring Philosophy and Theology aimed at students of any age or ability within the subjects of Religious studies, Philosophy and Theology. The content with my skill set and preexisting knowledge can easily be applied to the Scottish Higher system but I am comfortable teaching anything up until the undergraduate level including A level's, GCSE's and any other qualification.

English Language and Literature; ESOL, Tutoring: IGCSE, GCSE, KS3, A'Level, IB Diploma
As a qualified and experienced teacher of English Language and Literature as well as ESOL, I can offer tailor-made classes to suit the individual needs and desired outcome of the learner. I have taught internationally: MYP, IGCSE, and IB Diploma and I have taught in the British state school system: KS3, GCSE and A'Level. I also have had years experience of teaching adults and teens ESOL. I have availability in the day time (UK time) as well as other times, so just ask. If you'd like individual or small groups - just ask. I am an enthusiastic person and love to share my passion.

English Language and Phonetics Class with Pre Made Lesson Plans!
Easy to learn phonetics for those learning English as a second language or struggling with pronunciations! This class will help expand your English vocabulary from beginner to advanced levels. I will focus on speaking work as well as reading and writing and will form pre-made lessons and exercises to help in whichever sector you need the most assistance with :)

English and Turkish learners are welcome to join my classes for learning and practice
My experience and kmowledge allow me to teach english, turkish and math. I am using english efficiently for more than 10 years in my education and business carrer during that time ı have had many certificates such as IELTS Acafemic and TOEFL. I am ready to share my these experiences and effective methods with my students.Learning and practice are the way for improving. Lets improve ourself together

Oluwafemi Jude
Biology and Biomedical sciences for students across all levels
I teach a biological and Biomedical concepts in a very simple and less complex way. I have built a creative and excellent background in biological science and I have been working to help budding science enthusiasts to understand how easy the "science of life" is.

English literature, Fine art and certain maths topics
This class is to teach students how to improve their English literature work for GCSEs. I’ll assign homework after lesson and mark it and explain how it could be improved. Each lesson will be fun and helpful to pass your exams in the future.

Ice Skating lessons for all levels (on and off ice training)
Whether you are beginner or already know how to ice skate, I provide lessons for all levels. You can choose the structure of the lesson whether that is working on a specific skill or all round improvement. If you have a decent level of ice skating, we can work on refining certain moves or even looking at your programmes if you are at show of competition level. I can also tailor lessons to focus on fitness, speed, stamina, choreography or technique. Please message me about time slots as this will depend on ice availability at the Guilford Ice rink. The time slots are not accurate here.

Maths and Exam Prep Tutoring: Learn To Problem Solve
Struggling with math at school? Preparing for an exam or simply trying to get homework done? Look no further! In these math tutoring sessions, we'll not only delve into academic concepts but also emphasize the real-world importance of mathematics in your daily life, because everyone has to use math at some point. From budgeting and problem-solving to making informed decisions, understanding math is crucial. Join us to not only excel academically but also to empower yourself with practical math skills that will benefit you in various aspects of your day-to-day life. Let's unlock the power of math together!

Italian, English (ESL), Spanish teaching and tutoring
Knowing a language nowadays has become extremely important. Our need to communicate and relate with the world has increased and so, in order to be able to feel confident with it, we need the right tools and methods. Have you ever been keen on one particular language and willing to learn it? Are you a student struggling to understand your teacher tasks and to get a good grade? Would you like to get better at English as a second language (speaking, writing, reading and listening)? I could be the answer to all these questions.

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Lessons for Students of all Ages and Abilities
I offer fantastically priced bespoke professional acoustic, electric and classical guitar lessons for players of any ability. Many of my students take graded exams in either contemporary or classical guitar and students who I prepare for exams regularly achieve distinctions. However if the student does not wish to take graded exams I can simply help them learn their favourite songs as well as teaching key techniques to progress in their preferred genres and styles. I have a DBS certificate and have experience working with students of all ages. If you have any questions just send me a message.

A LEVEL CLASSES - Psychology, Sociology & Politics (revision or covering new material)
Hi! I’m Emma. I’m currently 20 years old and studying Pharmacy at University. I have experience in teaching a wide range of GCSE & A Level subjects to school aged students. In my A-Levels, which I took in 2021, I achieved an A* in Psychology & Sociology and an A in Government and Politics. I would love to be able to offer my expertise in these subjects and provide regular or one-off tutoring to students!

English Exam Tutoring - National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher level
English Literature, while being a fun and engaging subject, can be equally daunting - especially when getting your ideas down on the page! This class is designed for Scottish High school students, ranging from National 5 to Advanced Higher level, and offers support with how to approach textual analysis, essay writing skills, proofreading, and exam techniques so that your ideas can be conveyed in the best way possible. I have a first-class MA undergraduate in English literature from the University of Edinburgh, so am up to date with contemporary literary theory and debates. Furthermore, I sat the Scottish National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher English exams myself, and achieved A's, as recently as 2018 so I have an understanding of what the courses entail. I have tutored privately for three years, and am available in person and over Zoom. My approach to teaching English is a collaborative one, allowing for an open discussion of your aims and needs. I can tailor to what each person struggles with in class while providing the information and structure needed to excel in examinations. Furthermore, I will proofread the folio work required for the exam. I find that with this approach, students gain the confidence and skill set needed to tackle their examinations and thrive.

Secondary school biology teacher and science teacher
I am an experienced and qualified science and biology teacher. I have done my bachelors in microbiology and masters in biotechnology, also I have a teaching qualification to UK equivalent. I have more than 5 years experience in teaching and handling students.

Animal Care, a wide variety of topics surrounding animals
Animal care is a broad topic, I'm able to teach many areas as someone who's worked in zoos and rescue centres. I'll be teaching the following topics: * Feeding & Nutrition * Animal Behaviour * Ecology * Zoological practices * Animal Welfare * Animal Conservation * Animal Physiology * Health checks * Animal communication

Information Technology and Business Studies Teacher
I have 8 years experience as an Information Technology and Business Studies teacher in a Secondary School. I am also a Head of Year group along with the professional lead mentor for PGSE Students training at school. I have experience with many exam boards and can help to prepare you for examinations and coursework. I can provide extra tuition for students in lower years with an interest and passion for both subjects. If you are a trainee teacher needing help / guidance with applications, lessons or behaviour management I can also work with you.

Professional Violin lessons for beginner to advanced students
With 10 years of teaching experience, I will show you the most easier and most effective way to play the violin and also how you should practice after the lessons. You will be able to enjoy the repertoires you would like to learn without struggle. Please contact me if you have any questions about the class.

Maths and Physics for GCSE level, and Japanese and Spanish to anyone interested
I teach Maths, Physics GCSE level to anyone at secondary school. My goal is to teach the mathematical tool for their exam and to make the student like the subject. I teach Japanese and/or Spanish to anyone interested, as I am a native speaker for both languages. Not need to be advanced in the language and it is able to learn specific areas, such as speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Music Theory Lesson with an Oxford Graduate, better your understanding of music today!
Music theory is important to better your understanding of music and progress in learning your instruments! Having learned instruments form 6-years-old, and performed in many venues across the country, I can help out with whatever music needs you may have!

Music classes - Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder, Music Production, Theory, Composition
Learn a musical instrument or other music skills such as music composing, music production and technology, or music theory with my fun and engaging classes, based on a wealth of teaching experience, a Masters in Composition (Bristol University) and degree in Popular and World Music (Leeds University). I teach Violin from beginner to advanced level, and also teach cello, piano and guitar from beginner to intermediate levels. I love music, and love sharing the joy and skills of music with all my students, young or older, it's never to late to learn and to enjoy learning!

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

Tutoring lessons

Whether in primary, or secondary school, school support is always important. 
Regardless of the stage in life, students will always benefit from tutors focusing on different facets of school life. That might include homework after class, organisation of school work, contributing to higher levels of personal motivation, or managing stress and anxiety for students facing exams.
Tutoring classes are most effective when personalized and individualized. That's why there's nothing better than a private home teacher where the lesson can concentrate entirely on the specific problems of the student in question.

The most requested topics:

Tutoring,  Math lessons, English lessons, Science, Economics, French lessons, Biology    

Language lessons

Whether it's English, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese, learning a new language is as enriching on a human level as it is on a professional one. To learn to write and speak a new language, an adapted pedagogy is essential. In this regard there is nothing better than having a competent private teacher. Apprentus can put you in contact with some of the best language teachers near you. Choose the one that suits you right now and book your lessons! Discover our selection of private language lessons

Russian lessons , French lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons , German lessons,      

Music lessons

With a good teacher, Music lessons can turn into a true passion. Music can create beautiful moments of relaxation and a healthy escape from the stress of everyday life, these courses can enable you to discover this beauty and help you access the power of music. With help from a teacher on Apprentus, who understands the varying needs of individual students, the rhythm of the student in both music and in life can be enhanced.
Music, as is widely discussed in history and in modern culture, can change lives. So what are you waiting for? Why not start pushing yourself today?

These are some of the most popular music lessons on Apprentus

Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Guitar lessons, Drums, Music theory lessons, Ukulele lessons    

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