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French or Italian Conversation Classes, Let's TALK and learn!
The Conversation Class is different than regular language teaching as, I believe, it raises the stakes of the lesson. Instead of having a professor inflicting knowledge to his/her student, it becomes about two people trying to communicate. I regularly give French and Italian conversation classes to all levels.I have always adopted a friendly attitude with my students (no matter the age), always trying to keep them interested and active. I believe in this tutoring format for it is a way to learn differently than in school for instance, and to take the time to understand and succeed in whatever was challenging us. I have been teaching French and Italian since I am 17, holding a 'Conversation Class' course within the context of an International Music Academy every summer for two weeks (since 2016).

Spanish for English speakers & English for Spanish speakers
I consider myself a very organized and dynamic person so my lessons will response to that personality. I do not like to offer classes and book exercises, but rather a playful and entertaining teaching that develops meaningful learning. Personally I like to adapt the student's interests to the lessons, from my opinion this is the first link to achieve a good level in a second language, either trough (music, sports, TV shows, Netflix, etc.)

Ange Cédric
French courses, spoken and written- French classes, wrote and spoke
French is a beautiful, but complex language. It has a very large number of rules and regulations to risk. It is a language spoken on five continents, making it one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. It is my mother tongue and I take great pleasure in teaching it, sharing it, participating in its extension and understanding, in order to make its complexity an obvious beauty. During this course, you will not only learn to understand the French language well, to write it better and to discern its subtleties, but also and above all to speak French well and all this in an intuitive and relaxed way.

Professional Result orientated Cello Teacher Oxford
Education. Sofiko completed her studies in London. 2012-2014 Royall College of Music, Master of Performance in A.Chaushian class 2008-2012 Royal College of Music, Bachelor of Music under A.Boyarsky and A.Chaushian 2004-2008 Jelgava Music College under Irina Titarenko 1996-2004 Jelgava Music School under Irina Titarenko

Piano Lessons for all ages and abilities. Any style
I am a piano and singing teacher with over fifteen years’ experience. I offer comprehensive, exciting, insightful and fun classes where the pupil sets the pace and we cover exactly what they want to learn. This can range from just learning a few songs, the basics, right through to rigorous preparation for Grade Level exams. So if you just want to busk through songs by The Beatles or Elton John (without even having to read music!) or want to tackle the classical repertoire with a view to grades or working in the profession, I can accommodate all of your needs. If you are just starting out or need a refresher get in touch. I offer suitable sessions for young children right through to professionals and retired persons. All ages, abilities and styles can be covered. I can teach at your home, at my home studio or online as you require.

English Language & Literature Tutoring from a Qualified English Teacher
I am offering 1:1 English Literature and Language tutoring from a qualified English teacher. I have been an English teacher in London for 4 Years and have experience teaching Year 7-Year11. Support is available for all secondary school ages, developing a variety of skills involved in reading and writing. I can also offer bespoke GCSE support tailored to your specific needs and ability.

Mathematics, at a KS1-KS4 level! (SATs, GCSEs or general)
Hi, I'm here to provide students with a collaborative experience and help them work towards the best grades they can get! This class can include (but is not limited to) 1-to-1 teaching, group teaching, periodic assessments, extra support sessions and data tabulation to statistically track a students progress, strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to working with everyone and helping you all be the best you can be!

The Science of Sociality, Psychology, Maths and/or Statistics
If you or someone you know is looking for a tutor to help them understand Mathematics, Statistics, or Social Science, then I am the perfect tutor for you! As a current MSc student in Mental health and Clinical Psychology at London South Bank University, and a recent graduate as a Bachelor of Science in psychology at the University of Reading, I am aptly equipped to pass on my knowlegde to anyone from any skill level with a thirst for knowledge! It doesn't matter your starting point, after tutoring with me you'll have a deeper understanding of applying mathematical concepts such as statistics to understanding real-world concepts. Just get in touch with your prefered learning style, location and time!

French and math lessons for students of all ages.
Hello, I offer my services as a French and / or math teacher for any level. I was born in France and I am doing a 3-month exchange in London from September to December as part of my engineering studies. I have been giving math lessons in France to middle school and high school students for 4 years and will be happy to help other people. I remain available every day for more information.

Music Theory Tuition (ABRSM Grades 1 - 5 & Advanced)
I am a Trombone, Music Theory, Music Technology, Studio Techniques, and Composition tutor based in Bristol, UK, with over 10 years of experience in performance and in the music industry. I love to teach and to see students excel to the best of their standards, and to reach their personal goals. Whether you are a beginner or looking to take your practice to a higher level, I can tailor my teaching to give a personalized experience for all age groups, with a dedication to helping you succeed. I have been playing trombone since the age of 9, and have studied and performed in a range of styles, from classical and jazz to reggae, soul, funk, ska, pop, and rock. I started playing with professional orchestras while still a teenager, and have studied with Amos Miller, Paul Nieman, and Adrian France, each of whom has taught me essential practices and techniques in a variety of styles. I have performed and recorded with a number of successful groups, ensembles, and projects, which include: Hotsteppas & Dub Princess, Timbali, Eastone Rockers, Lil Maxine, Zoob & Fat Mark, Waggle Dance Records/The Co-operators, Wheel Up Records/Calculus, Gwari Music, Zoe Mazah, Rob Symmeonn, Urban Lions, Frankie, and the Heartstrings, Euphony Collective, Toothless Mary, Sussex Jazz Orchestra, and Martha Hill. I studied for a year at the Royal College of Music aged 17 and went on to study at Newcastle University, achieving 2:1 honors in 2015. In September 2021, I graduated a Master's degree in Innovation In Sound with Distinction, from DBS Sound & Music Institute, which has led me to work as a recording and live sound engineer with Eastone Recordings, a small Bristol-based studio, and production company. I have taught music theory for 7 years, helping students to reach Grade 5 and above, enabling them to progress in their musicianship, and to go on to study music at university. I believe that theory is not only an incredibly important part of learning music but can also be a fun way to engage with the different elements of music. Practical application of theory, as well as purely theoretical learning, is an essential way of solidifying the knowledge, and how I believe theory should be taught. Having studied Trombone, Piano, and Music Theory I have intimate knowledge of the ABRSM Grades and can offer tuition to help students achieve the grades they need. I also offer Music Technology, Studio Techniques, and Composition tuition which is informed by my work as a professional recording engineer, and through my research into experimental and extended studio practice. I have also gained writing and arranging credits for many of the groups listed above, composing for brass and whole ensembles. With this experience, I can offer expert assistance and guidance with students’ compositions, as well as the equipment and set up to help with this process, both at home and at the studio I work in.

Maths for High School Students (GCSEs, A-Levels, etc)
I am a 1st Year LSE Student studying Mathematics & LSE in London from Dubai. I am very passionate about teaching and have always loved spreading knowledge and helping others learn Math. Be it GCSEs, A-Levels, or anything equivalent, I am more than happy to help.

Grammar mastery workshop for primary school students
Grammar can be a difficult concept to master, especially since there are various rules to remember. This class will cover word types such as nouns and pronouns as well punctuation. Mastery in grammar is applicable to all other subjects whether it is writing an essay in English or labelling a graph in Science. I ensure that my lessons are interactive and engaging as active learning is significant for achieving understanding and applying knowledge.

One to one Spanish lessons for adults and children all levels
One to one spanish classes for adults & children. Bespoke Spainish classes. Whether you are you looking for improving your spanish or to learn from scratch, with my one to one Spanish classes you will learn how to speak with the right accent as well as to communicate when you are abroad, to improve your level at school or just to be able to have conversations in Spanish without any difficulty. My classes are based and focused on conversation. Conversation is key when it comes to learning. I believe that nothing is more important than to be able to speak a language anywhere and with anyone. That´s why conversation comes first. Even if I teach and dedicate time to grammar and other topics, I believe that you don´t know a language until you are able to communicate verbally, which means being able to understand others as well as to speak. I bespoke my classes based on the client. Fun classes for everyone but specially for children, when I teach through songs, stories, fragments of movies, etc. For the grown ups, I play with situational conversations, work scenarios, restaurants and food knowledge... I will basically tailor my classes to you so you can learn and achieve about exactly what you want.

Chess for beginners and hobbyists, online lessons or in person
Chess is a great game for having fun and sharpening the mind. Suitable for all ages, I offer classes for beginners to advanced players from ages of 5 upwards. As an online player myself with a blitz rating of 2440, I find the study and play of chess endlessly rewarding and hope that some of my passion can rub off on you. I offer lessons on all aspects of the game from the opening to the endgame, from simple queen and king endgames to Novotny interference I can provide puzzles and exercises for any level.

Learn to Play the Oboe / Improve on your oboe skills
I generally structure my lessons in the format of long tones, scales, sight-reading, etude and pieces. Depending on the student's ability and goals when it comes to playing the oboe, I may vary my lesson structure slightly in order to suit each individual student's needs best. Long tones and scales are the two things I still do every single day to this day, even after many years of playing the oboe professionally. They are the fundamental building blocks of tone, support and breathing and therefore need to be practiced regularly. This is why I always start my lessons with these, regardless of the student's level of playing. Sight-reading is a very useful tool to acquire, especially if you would like to play in ensembles. And as for etudes and pieces, I believe that technique and musicality go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other in order to play music to a high level. Therefore I encourage all my students to practice both.

Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - College, High School - 19 average
Give your child the future he deserves. Double-degree from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Centralesupelec / Scientific Baccalaureat with Very Good / 20/20 in mathematics / MPSI / MP preparatory class * / 5 years of tutoring experience / more than 30 regular students + volunteer in associations of homework help for pupils in great difficulty Do you want to significantly increase your child's mathematical average? Do you want it to integrate a selective course? Do you want it to become autonomous? For 5 years, I have helped more than 30 French students in difficulty from middle school (sixth, fifth, fourth, third) and high school (second, first, final) to achieve their goals (good average, patent, bac, PREPA) and to regain self-confidence. My method in 3 points: - in the short term, significantly increase the average by assimilating the course and preparing for the next tests (assimilating the course, writing files, practicing standard exercises, anticipating the teacher's expectations and test questions, having methods of writing) - in the medium term, integrate reasoning and work methods (learn to work regularly in this order: assimilation, training exercise, preparation for the test and analysis of the pass test) - in the long term, set a goal, build the steps to reach this goal, become aware of the SIMPLICITY of math, have confidence in your abilities, release your potential) The formula: a course of 1h30 / 2h * per week for the assimilation of the current chapter + a course before the test * I recommend two courses for those brought up in preparatory class # 1: The first class is a test class # 2: I come to your home # 3: Your child can contact me whenever they want If you want to increase your child's math results, contact me before the next test!

Language Tutoring in Italian and Spanish for all levels
Ciao! Hola! I’m Vladimir, an enthusiastic and experienced language tutor of Spanish and Italian at any levels. I’m currently studying at Edinburgh, getting a Masters and I hope to be your next language tutor! I’m a mother-tongue speaker in English and Italian and I have achieved a B2 in the Spanish DELE qualifications. I am also an experienced language tutor, having taught students of all ages and level over the course of the past five years. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve their desired proficiency level, whether that be learning the language from scratch or consolidating knowledge. Classes are tailored to the student’s needs and objective where we can cover any of the essential skills of language learning: vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, writing and listening. By providing a full-immersion experience, I make learning languages fun and accessible to all kinds of learners. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like tutoring sessions in any of the subjects listed above. I look forward to hearing from you!

French and/or Spanish classes for all ages and levels
Since I was young, I have always enjoyed learning languages as I know it is a very important skill to have. Being able to speak and understand languages is difficult, it takes time and effort to excel. I, like you, am still finding new words that I don’t know and expanding my vocabulary. However, with my fun and creative lessons, we can work together to improve your confidence and ability. If you have a particular interest, I can tailor the language lessons towards it (for example, if you like music, I can play French and Spanish songs to help you remember grammar points and vocabulary).

Primary School - 11+ and SATs. GCSE - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics. A-level Tutoring in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Biology Chemistry and Mathematics are all hard subjects at GCSE and A-level. I hope to cover the whole specification to identify students' weaknesses, then focus time on these topics through example questions and walk-throughs. I then use past paper questions so the student can consolidate their learning through exam-style questions.

Belen Gonzalez
Sciences Tutoring (GCSEs and A-levels) with 2 years experience!
I am a Biotechnology student at the University of Manchester. I have always been an exceptional student, specially in science-related subjects and languages. I obtained a honorific studies mention in Secondary Education and coursed both the Spanish A-levels equivalent and the IB. I have a 2 year experience tutoring GCSE and A-level Maths, Chemistry and Biology. In my classes, I usually start asking the student to solve a medium difficulty problem or exercise. This way I can check the concepts he or she does not understand and start explaining from that point on. I find problem-solving the best method as it makes students understand more than just memorize a way of solving the exercise, making them grow into more autonomous learners.

Painting lessons for beginners and intermediates at your location
Painting is one of the greatest ways you can express yourself. Experimenting with colours, shapes, perspectives and motives, you can expand the limits of your thinking and imagination. It is all about the process of playing with colours and materials. In order to help develop your current skills, my classes are designed individually for beginners and intermediates. If you are a beginner in painting, you can expect from my classes to learn how to paint with different materials (e.g. watercolours, gouache, acrylics, pastels, oil paints) and to discover various painting techniques. The purpose of this is to get more confident when painting, so you can find the best way you want to express your ideas, but also to develop your creativity. For intermediate students, my lessons will serve as a space for further exploration of your own artistic voice by using different painting mediums. I will help you to challenge the way you approach the world around you in order to draw inspiration for your art. I hope you will enjoy the creative process of discovering yourself as a potential artist whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in painting.

Our students in The United Kingdom say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

Tutoring lessons

Whether in primary, middle or high school, school support is still important. And depending on the grade level, tutoring will be focusing on homework after class, organization of school work, or will contribute to higher morale and stress and anxiety control for students facing exams for example. Tutoring classes are most effective when personalized and individualized. that's why there's nothing better than a private home teacher, where the lesson purely concentrates on the specific problems of the student in question. The most requested topics:

Tutoring,  Math lessons, English lessons, Science, Economics, French lessons, Biology    

Language lessons

Whether it's English, Spanish or Portuguese and Chinese, learning a new language is as enriching on the human level as it is professionally. And to learn to write and speak a new language, an adapted pedagogy is essential. There is nothing better than having a competent private teacher. Apprentus puts you into contact with the best language teachers near you. Choose the one that suits you right now and book your lessons!, Discover our selection of private language lessons

Russian lessons , French lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons , German lessons,      

Music lessons

Music lessons can turn into true passion thanks to a good teacher. Perfect moments of relaxation and excellent escape from the stress of everyday life, these courses become very easily an essential part of your life. Helped by a teacher who is pedagogue who will go to the rhythm of the student, this activity according to several testimonies, changes a life! So what are you waiting for to start? These are some of the most popular music lessons on Apprentus

Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Guitar lessons, Drums, Music theory lessons, Ukulele lessons    

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