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Ilia - London£19
Trusted teacher: Having difficulties analysing poems and prose in your (I) GCSE / IB English Literature course? Looking to amp your essays up a notch and finally get that A/A* or 6/7 that you have been dreaming of? I am here to help. The first thing to remember: though analysing works of literature isn't always fun, everybody can master the techniques of how to do it. But learning takes time, which the school teacher may often lack. Indeed, it has been my own experience that English teachers often choose width over depth, and so discussions are cut short for the sake of covering all elements of the teaching programme, leaving many interesting aspects of a particular work unexplored. Or sometimes it's just the attention that wanders off as the teacher is explaining these pesky concepts of "writer's voice", "writer's tone", "meter", "rhymescheme" and so on. Let me assure you: that, too, happens even to the best of us. What I can offer you is exactly what a teacher normally does not time for: exploring a work of literature in as much detail (both analytical and technical) as it takes to push the quality of your essays up to the desired level. My approach is informed by IB / (I)GSCE Eng Lit course guidelines to make sure that the quality of your answer would be developed in accordance with what examiners want to see. Armed with a deep passion for literature on the one hand (reading and writing poems and short stories are one of my favorite things to do) and knowledge of ways of critical analysis (obtained in IB English Lit and reinforced by philosophy courses on university level) which are of tremendous importance in literary analysis as well, I will show you how to deconstruct any piece, how to place it in its cultural context, and make educated guesses about the links between cultural context and the author's choice of stylistical devices. And best of all - unlike in the classroom, the learning experience is tailored to you (based on your way of learning / remembering) and delivered in a highly interactive way! The skills described above, coupled with general essay writing tips will lend authority and style to your summative essays and exam answers, boosting your academic confidence. Ready to leave unsatisfactory essays in the past? Then contact me today!
Literature · English
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Marketing · Math · English
Good day Everyone! This English language course is specifically designed for students who face challenges in mastering vocabulary, grammar, and effective communication. Through a supportive, engaging, fun and interactive learning environment, students will strengthen their English language skills, gain confidence in expressing themselves, and develop strategies to overcome difficulties in language acquisition. Vocabulary Enhancement: Expand students' vocabulary through targeted exercises, interactive activities, and practical applications to improve their ability to comprehend and use a wider range of words in context. Grammar Fundamentals: Focus on key grammar concepts, including sentence structure, verb tenses, articles, and prepositions, to help students grasp fundamental grammar rules and apply them accurately in their speaking and writing. Communication Skills: Develop students' ability to express themselves clearly and coherently in English through speaking and writing tasks. Emphasis will be placed on building confidence in initiating and sustaining conversations, as well as conveying ideas effectively. Reading and Listening Comprehension: Enhance students' reading and listening comprehension skills by engaging with a variety of texts, audio materials, and multimedia resources. Activities will be tailored to improve comprehension, inferencing, and critical thinking abilities. Writing Proficiency: Support students in improving their writing skills, including sentence construction, paragraph development, and overall coherence. Practice will be provided in different types of writing, such as descriptive, narrative, and persuasive compositions. Cultural Awareness: Foster an understanding of British culture and customs to enrich students' language learning experience and promote cross-cultural communication competence. One of my main passions is to support students in confidently communicating in English. I also want students to feel valued when developing their English Vocabulary.
English · Communication skills · Interviewing skills
My Psychology degree and 9 years of experience working with children with Neuro-divergence and additional educational needs prior to teaching have significantly shaped my approach to teaching. I prioritise relationship building and trust with students and their caregivers. I am patient, kind, and incredibly encouraging but have high expectations. I work with students for them to also gain high expectations in themselves. This may happen in the first few sessions or may take a longer period of time depending on the student. I help students gain high expectations for themselves by initially giving tasks where they are guaranteed success, then celebrating and reflecting on this success and how they were able to use the skills taught and their effort to complete the task. This builds a persons confidence and significantly increases the likelihood of attempting more difficult tasks. This is heavily proven by research (and seen in my classroom daily) known as the “theory of self efficacy” and the “theory of planned behaviour”. If a person does not believe a task is within their capability, they are incredibly unlikely to even attempt it (No matter how much we believe they can do it). It is my job to SHOW students they can do it by designing tasks and lessons in a way that they feel challenged finish with pride in their achievements. When teaching new skills I will show them first, then we will complete a task together, then they will apply the skills independently. I will be constantly assessing as they work independently and provide support where necessary. The ultimate goal is to phase back my support until they are using the taught skills correctly, consistently, confidently and independently. Lessons will vary depending on students needs. If caregivers want to spend a percentage of the lesson to discuss, that will be agreed upon. If there are specific targets you want me to cover then we can dedicate time for you to tell me these expectations. If you would prefer me to assess your student and gage where the gaps are and plan accordingly, that is also ok. I would suggest an initial session to meet, and discuss goals. Some classes you may benefit from: -SATs Prep -Phonics -Reading (comprehension, vocabulary, inferencing, predictions, explaining, retrieval, sequencing, summarising, making links, authors intent) -Spelling -Grammar (or Spelling and grammar combined) -Maths -Maths (arithmetic) -Maths (Reasoning and Problem solving) -Target specific - has your teacher said there are targets you need to work on in various subjects? -Science -History -Geography -Psychology (GCSE, A Level) Is your child in secondary school but needs support in the foundation subjects such as reading, writing or maths? Reading and writing is an essential skills in secondary school for every subject. I can support your child to close the gap so they can access all subjects with their peers. Having worked in secondary schools before, I have seen how much students are required to read and write in all lessons, but there will not be opportunities to learn these fundamental skills at school. I welcome students of all ages (including adults) from all backgrounds and of all abilities. I look forward to meeting you soon and celebrating the amazing progress ahead!
Reading · English · Math
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Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Acton)
I had my first ever Russian lesson with Ilia and I enjoyed it so much! He's very patient and organised and showed up to the first class with excellent materials pre-prepared. He explains everything in a clear manner. I'm looking forward to our future classes. If you're a beginner don't be afraid to book a class with Ilia.
Review by RYAN
Spanish for all ages, for travel, studies or work! (Barcelona)
Florencia does a great job teaching Spanish! She's very patient, tailors the lessons according to your needs, and does a great job writing down the words on a shared screen to visual vocabulary and conjugations, which she then sends in a follow-up email to retain and remember. Highly recommend her!
Review by MATTHEW
English, Italian, Latin Classes online and in person (Canary Wharf)
Very organized teacher : sent all the materials ahead of time as well as discussed the plan. Kid just had his first lesson and liked it a lot. :)
Review by VAL