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I've completed my GCSEs a little over a year ago , I'm on here to fund myself in the future (primarily university) . I've averaged above an A (above grade 7) overall with recent experience and am still attending sixth form . Because of this I'll be able to easily relate to and figure out the needs of my tutee as I was in their position not too long ago . I myself studied based on topic rather than necessarily textbooks , this means that I can make due with any textbook or other material (this accounts for difference in exam boards). I can teach a concept from the ground up , or to solidify knowledge on topics as well as teach the basic principles for understanding the topic in the first place . I'm especially good at understanding and taking advantage of mark schemes to maximise grades , despite if the topic is completely unbeknownst to you . Though this seems minor , this tactic means you'll almost never score zero marks on a question . Ergo : if you can do half of the questions on a 100 mark test you'll get around 50 marks (high C to low B grade , grade 5 to 6) however even without understanding the rest it's easy to get at least another 15 marks up to around 25 (you usually cannot get over half marks without getting close to the answer , which is why half the remaining marks is a typical maximum) putting your grade up to to a minimum of a strong B or a maximum of a solid A (min of a grade 6 and max of grade 8) all of which requires minimal work which you won't forget . In English a similar thing can be done with punctuation , so long as you use a type of punctuation once ; you can score easy additional marks and get more marks on other criteria due to the examiner's bias . This is my forté .
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Ilia - London£18
Trusted teacher: Having difficulties analysing poems and prose in your (I) GCSE / IB English Literature course? Looking to amp your essays up a notch and finally get that A/A* or 6/7 that you have been dreaming of? I am here to help. The first thing to remember: though analysing works of literature isn't always fun, everybody can master the techniques of how to do it. But learning takes time, which the school teacher may often lack. Indeed, it has been my own experience that English teachers often choose width over depth, and so discussions are cut short for the sake of covering all elements of the teaching programme, leaving many interesting aspects of a particular work unexplored. Or sometimes it's just the attention that wanders off as the teacher is explaining these pesky concepts of "writer's voice", "writer's tone", "meter", "rhymescheme" and so on. Let me assure you: that, too, happens even to the best of us. What I can offer you is exactly what a teacher normally does not time for: exploring a work of literature in as much detail (both analytical and technical) as it takes to push the quality of your essays up to the desired level. My approach is informed by IB / (I)GSCE Eng Lit course guidelines to make sure that the quality of your answer would be developed in accordance with what examiners want to see. Armed with a deep passion for literature on the one hand (reading and writing poems and short stories are one of my favorite things to do) and knowledge of ways of critical analysis (obtained in IB English Lit and reinforced by philosophy courses on university level) which are of tremendous importance in literary analysis as well, I will show you how to deconstruct any piece, how to place it in its cultural context, and make educated guesses about the links between cultural context and the author's choice of stylistical devices. And best of all - unlike in the classroom, the learning experience is tailored to you (based on your way of learning / remembering) and delivered in a highly interactive way! The skills described above, coupled with general essay writing tips will lend authority and style to your summative essays and exam answers, boosting your academic confidence. Ready to leave unsatisfactory essays in the past? Then contact me today!
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English Language - Writing, Speaking, Listening Comprehension (Berlin)
Had an amazing English language class with Ilia. He was very well prepared and the lesson was structured according to the right level. We set expectations and plan for the learning and can’t wait for the results that we’ll achieve together. I highly recommend Ilia as an English language tutor.
Review by LANA
Swedish Classes for everyone. Everything from beginner to advanced and bespoke. (London)
I can recommend Peter to 100%. I had lessons via skype and life and both were very good and enjoyable. Well trained, professionell, informed, prepared, responds to the student, practice-oriented lessons, personable, honest, open & flexible and much more.
Review by PETER
Private lessons in English, French and Dutch (Brussels)
I am super happy with the lessons Lucie provides. She is very kind and patient. Lucie comes very well prepared and gives homework that challenges me. She has a very nice way of explaining things and we can also have a good laugh in between exercises!
Review by MARIJN