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As a recent first-class Biochemistry graduate working as an intern in Financial Audit and Value for Money (VFM) at the UK National Audit Office, I have experience working in many fields, from medicine to tutoring to auditing. I have had experience as a glider pilot through my Gliding scholarship, I have worked with my genetics lecturer as a laboratory module developer and I have also been an activity leader in an international summer school. I, therefore, hold a spectrum of transferrable skills with a wealth of knowledge in Biochemistry which I can bring to the students. My teaching method starts with an initial assessment and consultation with the students to identify their areas of weakness. We then discuss effective revision methods to see which one is more suited for the individual. I action plan or a revision plan will then be created with the student, which is suited to their daily lives. Following this, we tackle the subject areas using various methods. Making the lessons creative and ensuring the student understands why things happen instead of memorising facts is very important, therefore, explaining certain topics as a story and a flowing process is crucial. To ensure that the student has fully understood the session, the end of each session will consist of a recall period, where the student will have 5-10 minutes to write everything they have learnt and understood in that session. The student will then be advised revision techniques for the topic and we will create a revision plan for the following week to ensure the content is not forgotten. The student will be advised to recall the topic every other day until the next session and a short 5-minute pop-quiz will be set at the start of the next session. It is incredibly important that the student is comfortable and enjoying the sessions therefore, some parts of the session will be more informal and others will be in exam conditions to ensure the student also experiences and learns how to manage their time under pressure.
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I am biomedical Science graduate from Plymouth University. I enjoy teaching and has had previous tutoring experience working with Einstein tutoring, providing one to one tutoring session. I have has students that range from year 7 to GCSE, and have been tutoring in various subjects such as Biology, chemistry , English and Maths. I acknowledge that each individual student has a unique way of learning, and therefore try to cater to their individual needs. I myself have a strong academic background, currently I have received a first class BSc(Hons) degree. In addition to this, I have also achieved 4A*, 3A and 2B including Maths and Science in my GCSE. I usually tend to use various materials for tutoring such as the textbooks, powerpoint presentations and even in some cases seminars and videos that are useful and available online. I tend to get feedback from the student and then try to adapt more to their style of learning. I also make sure that I am aware of the progress a student makes by giving them test and record to their score as an indication to myself and the student of the progress we have made so far. I also tend to start the follow up lesson by usually reviewing what was done in the last lesson. Since I am currently doing a degree, I can only commit to tutoring during the weekends. In summary, I am an highly motivated and experienced tutor, with a background of providing private tuitions to students from diverse background. I am confident that my song desire to help students achieve their goal will go a long way in providing high quality services to your organisation. I assure you that if given a chance, I would do the best to my abilities.I have also started tutoring for UKAT to get into medical school. Sessions will cost UKAT £35p/h for that.
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I am a recent graduate from Oxford University where I gained and integrated Masters in Biochemistry. Throughout my degree I studied molecular biology and organic chemistry as well as both pure and applied mathematics. I chose to specialise in Developmental Biology and Immunology for my masters but am passionate about all things science! Whilst at University I began my own tutoring business and have successful experience with both GCSE and A Level students in a range of subjects and abilities. I try to make lessons fun as well as educational and encourage the students to tackle questions outside of their comfort zone by giving them confidence in their knowledge and ability. I often use ‘real world’ examples to explain concepts in order to aid memorisation of key information that the student can then remember more easily in the exam. I have found that this is a particularly successful technique because it is more a more interesting way of learning the key exam content and my previous students engage well. For A level students especially I like to be able to answer the questions I remember my teachers often didn’t have time to explain in lessons – Why does this happen? Are these two processes linked? How is this used in real life? – and as an Oxford graduate I know these are the kind of questions that may be asked in university interviews or seminars. I think it is important to get students at higher levels asking these questions and in my tutorials I aim to answer any the students have as I feel this adds context and aids memorisation of content. I also have experience teaching English as a foreign language as I worked in China as a teacher for Summer 2018. I lead English classes as well as activity based lessons on environmental protection and climate change.
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