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46 german teachers in United Kingdom

Trusted teacher: I offer you a German course that is not like the others. There are two types of courses. Here is an analogy to illustrate their respective approaches: If you travel back and forth by train every day and don't have time to wait long at the platform, imagine that you only have two options: 1) Memorise the timetable. 2) Realise that the train comes every ten minutes and that a train arrives for example at 7:00 a.m. In school pedagogy, in textbooks and in normal lessons, the first approach is used - in the course I am offering you, it is the second approach because it is more economical and faster. My offer is aimed at both pupils and adults who want to learn the German language without time-consuming detours through the madness of fruitless school methods. Learning is easy, but unlearning things that have become bad habits is extremely difficult. This makes it all the more important to learn the right reflexes as early as possible. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, with my customised lessons you will greatly accelerate the learning process while having a positive attitude. I offer German lessons for individuals or groups (2 to 5 people). The methods are based on cognitive science and historical linguistics in particular. My modular programme can be adapted on a case-by-case basis. The converging point of these modules is your independence in spontaneous conversations in real life. What will not be covered in the course: learning lists of verbs; learning lists of nouns with articles; learning words with their translations; flashcards; doing school exercises; following the syllabus of a booklet; imposing the English grammar on the German language. What is particularly important to me: to motivate my student and to give him a learning rhythm; to encourage his creativity; to befriend him with the language; the letters and their sounds; to strengthen the memory by training the phonological loop; to teach blueprints instead of memorising sentences; to explain how the language works in order to make my student independent as quickly as possible; to eliminate common preconceptions, such as that 'der' would mean masculine and 'die' feminine, that the accusative would be a direct complement and the dative an indirect complement, that verbs would be irregular, that declension would be random and therefore would have to be learnt with each verb...; to put practice at the centre and only deal with grammar where necessary. A first lesson will give you a sound idea of my pedagogy.
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*Subjects available: All Primary subjects (e.g., literacy and English, maths and numeracy, social subjects, sciences etc.) and German and Spanish to Advanced Higher/A-Level* My name is Zoe and I am a fully qualified and registered Primary Teacher working in Glasgow. Before moving into education, I completed my undergraduate degree in German and Spanish at the University of St Andrews (2020) and speak both languages to an advanced level (C1 of CEFR). I am currently working part-time as a Primary Teacher and tutor while I also undertake a Master's in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. I have taught from Primary 2 - 7 and am also qualified to teach pupils until the end of S3. I have a background in working with primary school pupils with additional support needs, including ASD, AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. As such, I am confident meeting the needs of all learners to ensure I provide the most appropriate support. I believe in a child-centred education and always adapt my teaching to the needs, abilities and personalities of pupils. Quality learning only takes place when positive relationships are in place, so I take great pride in developing trusting and respectful bonds with pupils. I use a range of strategies to keep learning engaging and challenging, including games, online tools and quizzes. I am happy to engage with and offer advice to parents and carers during sessions. I have evening and weekend availability - please feel free to get in touch to discuss this. I have weekend and evening availability.
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Polyglot specialist with 9 years of experience. German in speed mode. Level A1 to C2. No school teaching. (Mulhouse)
Kevin is a genius, who is capable of breaking down complex concepts into manageable, useful bits. If you think of a really large basket of vegetables and fruits. You know all the nutrients are good for you, but it would be tedious to try to eat it all raw. But then, you get a juicer or blender or 'Nutribullet', and juice all those vegetables and fruits into a refreshing smoothie. You can then drink that smoothie as quickly or slowly as you wish, and still get all the necessary nutrients... That's what Kevin can do - he juices all the complex intricacies of the German language into something you can understand and digest. His methods are unconventional, but very helpful in laying a proper foundation for a successful language learning journey. Very highly recommended.
Review by PETAL
Online or 1-to-1 German classes in Worthing (West Sussex) (Worthing)
We have made an excellent choice in engaging with Silvia. Silvia possesses a warm and friendly method of teaching and is an excellent subject matter expert in her field. We are relocating to a German speaking nation, so I would recommend Silvia for anyone seeking knowledge of German language without hesitation.
Review by SIMON