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Spanish for adults and spanish for children. Why do you want to learn spanish? I will program the lessons related to your interests and goal

I specialise in tutoring spanish language. I am about to finish a master in teaching spanish as a foreign language. I am spanish native. I am a teacher assistant in two state schools and a tutor for adults and children already. I adapt my lessons to student's interests.
Book one lesson and judge yourself.
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At teacher's location: Richmond TW10 7RS, UK

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General info

School, Spanish for adults
Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
60 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Spanish

About Me

I am an experience GCSE and adults online and in person Spanish tutor used to online from long ago.

I was born in Madrid but I live in Richmond with my family and I hold a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

I am a passionate and highly motivated native Spanish tutor, and I glad to say my GCSE students got excellent results this year.
I also have the pleasure to tutor adults (professionals and retired people).

I adapt my lessons to the students and their school program, in order to complement and not confuse their progress. I am trained to teach the tricky spanish language issues in a different and efficient way (i.e. when to use each past tense, por/para, ser/estar, idioms, subjunctive, etc.)

I also train the students to get the most marks possible while taking the exam (the use of different tenses, idioms, comparatives, etc.) and we practice in one to one basis.

I always offer homework and a copy of the lesson to the students so they can practice between lessons if they wish (I use youtube, google classroom, flash cards, games, and other useful and easy applications online).

Some of my adult students start from scratch and other students have a good level but they wish to improve certain mistakes or just the oral skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your case. I will be glad to give you any advice I can.


Qualification: Masters
Institute:Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR)
Course: Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
Grade: 10/10
Date: 2017

Qualification: Honours Degree
Institute: CUNEF
Course: Honours Degree in Business and Economics.
Date: 1996

Experience / Qualifications

I have three years of experience (online and in person tutoring): I am a native (from Spain) and I also hold a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language as well as a Honours Degree in Business and Economics.
GCSE: I glad to say my GCSE students got excellent results. I am a volunteer in the MFL School were I work everyweek.
Adult beginners: I also have the pleasure to tutor adults (professionals and retired people) and they learn fast Spanish for Travel and basic needs.
Adult intermmediate /advanced: I am an expert in tricky spanish grammar issues like ser and estar, por and para, subjuntive, ...when to use each past...
I also prepare conversation, listening and reading homework and activities to stimulate learning.

Ask a question

Send a message explaining your needs and Iciar will reply soon:
The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

9          Friday at 9:00    
10          Friday at 10:00    
11          Friday at 11:00    
12          Friday at 12:00    
13          Friday at 13:00    
14          Friday at 14:00    
16      Wednesday at 16:00        
17      Wednesday at 17:00        
18      Wednesday at 18:00        
19      Wednesday at 19:00        
20    Tuesday at 20:00  Wednesday at 20:00  Thursday at 20:00      
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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since June 2017
  • Phone number verified

Availability of a typical week

9          Friday at 9:00    
10          Friday at 10:00    
11          Friday at 11:00    
12          Friday at 12:00    
13          Friday at 13:00    
14          Friday at 14:00    
16      Wednesday at 16:00        
17      Wednesday at 17:00        
18      Wednesday at 18:00        
19      Wednesday at 19:00        
20    Tuesday at 20:00  Wednesday at 20:00  Thursday at 20:00      
from £29At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Ayesha Emma
French and Spanish GCSE/A-Level conversation classes
I specialise in tutoring Spanish and French to students of all levels, particularly teenagers preparing for their GCSE or A-Level examinations. I have just graduated with a first-class degree in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge. I am familiar with various exam boards and would tailor the classes to specific individual needs (reading, writing, speaking), and will focus on confidence, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary range. I will provide periodic progress reports as well as lists of common errors and how to impress the examiners! I would preferably teach via Skype, as this flexibility is convenient for both myself and my students, but I am based in London so would be able to meet in person there. Please get in touch with any questions!

Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French
Hello, I offer courses for preparation of internship interviews for students of BTS Commercial, correction of students at the terminal level, preparation for the oral exam, Spanish classes and conferences on different concepts, school support for children, help with homework, grammar, vocabulary, writing, composition, conversation. Methodology according to the personality and needs of the students. Thank you Jenny

Learn Spanish effectively! Customized courses
Established in Geneva since 2011, I am a teacher of Spanish mother tongue, who also speaks English and Portuguese. The content of my classes is focused on the needs of learners. The language is transmitted through practical examples with active participation of the learners in order to assimilate in a global way the words, the grammatical or phonetic rules according to their uses and in a usual context, ranging from an informal language to a form written complex. Classes are built around oral communication to enhance the interactivity of learners. I adapt my classes, be they of support or improvement or other, to the needs of the students, thus to reach their objectives in terms of comprehension of oral / oral production, and comprehension and written production. I have several years of experience in teaching, and a training in pedagogy, as well as a master's degree in translation and interpretation and in French literature (Lettres Modernes). Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information or any other question, I will be happy to answer you. Regards, Pilar

Spanish - Online - Spanish lessons with a native teacher
My native language is Spanish (Native, Alicante), I have a Bac +5 degree in Science (Biology) and a Master's degree in Education that gives me an educational experience in education. I give Spanish lessons for those who see the need to learn the language from scratch, or just for those who want to learn it. As each person is different, the courses are tailored to the student's needs, goals and concerns. One of the best ways to learn a language is by immersion, which can be obtained through these courses. The platform to use for the course will be Skype. I want to share with you this experience!

My name is Marian and I am a native Spanish translator and interpreter (AN-FR-IT). I live this year in Paris (but I belong to the south of Spain) and therefore I would like to be able to give private lessons of Spanish at the same time that I work as a Spanish teacher in high school. You can choose the level, the method and the points to study together. I adapt to the specific situation of each person! I give courses online with the same teaching method that I use in high school. Do not hesitate... ¡¡Vamos a aprender español !!

Spanish private lessons for beginners and advanced students
As a native Spanish speaker I will give an inmersive class that will help you learn Spanish very quickly. I am very flexible as to my students needs: if you want to perfect your conversational Spanish or you are a beginner interested in the language, I can help you. I have ten years of experience in tutoring that give me the background needed for any scenario.

Spanish tuition: Language and communication [ONLINE]
I am a French teacher, an academician. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I teach Spanish, language and communication, with an effective pedagogy so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice.

In my lessons I will teach you Spanish. We adjust the lessons depending on your goal, level and pace. I teach in English, but my mother tongue is Spanish. In the lessons we deal with grammar and vocabulary. And several practical exercises. Students who need tutoring, just like adults who want to learn fluent Spanish, can come to me. During the coronavirus situation, lessons will be given via skype. For more information, send me a message :)

Private English, French and Spanish lessons online or in Brussels taught by CELTA-certified teacher
My name is Marco, I teach English, French and Spanish to people of all ages and levels as online as well as in Brussels. I am 26 years old and I was born in Brussels. French and Spanish are my native languages. My qualifications are CELTA, which is University of Cambridge´s Certificate in Teaching in English to Speakers of Other Languages, as well as the European Baccalaureate with linguistic and literary options. My lessons are adapted to my students´goals, whether it is to learn to speak, to write, to listen, to read, to learn the language for work, to prepare for exams, to improve pronunciation or to prepare for a trip abroad. I also offer proofreading services. I give one-to-one and group lessons in Brussels. We can meet at your place or have our lesson at my place in Saint-Gilles, otherwise anywhere else where you would like to have your lesson (café, etc). I also teach online lessons. We can have our lessons on any day and at anytime of the week, my schedules are flexible. This is what you get from booking lessons with me: - Lessons that are exclusively given in the language you want to learn. - Explanations in English/French/Spanish if you need them. - Lessons that are adapted to YOUR level and goals. - Receive additional homework, learning resources and advice if asked between lessons. - Discounts for groups and multiple lessons booked.

English and Spanish lessons from a Native teacher/İstanbul'da ve online özel İspanyolca dersi/ DELE/ özel yerli öğretmen / Clases de español
My Spanish and English lessons will be skill and grammar focused. I will help the students to develop their language skills so that they can use them in real contexts. For the DELE and Cambridge assessment lessons the students must have a good command of the language because I will prepare them to know the structure of the tests while they practice and develop the main skills and sub skills needed to have a good result. İspanyolca derslerim beceri ve dilbilgisi odaklı olacak. Öğrencilerin, dili gerçek anlamda kullanmak için dil becerilerini geliştirmelerine yardımcı olacağım. DELE dersleri için öğrencilerin iyi derecede İspanyolca bilmesi gerekir ve onları testin yapısını bilmeye hazırlayacağım ve iyi bir sonuç elde etmek için gereken temel becerilerini ve alt becerilerini çalıştıracağım.

Spanish Lessons by Modern Foreign Languages ​​teacher
As a Spanish teacher, I like to guide classes to action, day by day. It is always preferable to know the recurring vocabulary and the most common forms. We will focus on the oral interaction. It will be necessary to have a grammatical review session, which is not a problem: my experience as a teacher of the subject "Spanish Language" in Spain has given me the ways to teach them at all levels (from 9 years to adults). Classes would be given entirely in Spanish, it is always necessary to input the most of the language that is being studied.

Spanish classes - Classi di Spagnolo - Latin-American teacher - ONLINE -
Hola a todos! Ciao a tutti! ¿Quieres aprender español? My name is Ignacio but you can call me Nacho. I am 36 years old. I am a native Spanish speaker from Latin-American (Argentina) and I am willing to teach Spanish to people from all ages. I can teach you Spanish from English or Italian, I am fluent in both. I am currently living in Milan, Italy due to som post laurea studies in the IUSS, Pavia. I love to teach different languages, is one of my passions. I have 4 years of experience teaching Spanish. I want to offer you grammar and conversation classes for Spanish. The duration could be 60, 90 or 120 minutes, is up to you. We can do it ONLINE or arrange to meet in a bar/cafeteria or in your place. I live in Portello area in Milan but we can arrange to meet in a convenient place for both of us. My hobbies are football (sports in general), movies, traveling and listening pop or rock music. Do not hesitate to contact me! Espero verlos pronto!! Ci vediamo pronto!!

Native spanish lessons / Clases de español realizadas por un nativo.
My classes would be decided for both sides, the student tells me what he or she rathers and we focus on it. Normally I like to make the classes a bit dynamic. For example, at the beginning of the class we could start with some grammar, and then practise it with a game, exercises, videos, ...After that, some reading, and finish with activities of speaking. But like I said, we can decide together, and if you prefer to be longer with the speaking is also fine, just tell me your preferences. And of course, I can recommend you books, movies, series, apps, and different ways to learn on your own. It can be a kind of homework to keep in touch with the Spanish along the week. Or I can also prepare exercises for the week after or ask you to make a writing and then I correct it and tell you how to improve from your mistakes. Text me for couple or group prices :) I am quite flexible, so just text me if you think you can be interested or if you have any questions!

Spanish class; Spanish lesson for Spanish teachers; Spanish tutoring
First we determine your current level, learning objectives and which materials we will use. Pleasure in learning and daring to communicate are paramount for me. I succeed in strengthening the self-confidence of my students. The student may indicate whether the focus is on, for example: - grammar; - communication; - speaking skills; - listening skills - writing skills; - reading skills or eg. - Spanish for the holidays; - a self-made subject For Spanish teachers: Are you a Spanish teacher and can your Spanish use a boost? I would like to help you put the dots on the i.

Spanish Private Lessons from a Certified Native Speaker in Berlin
Dear student/Querido alumno My name is Denise I’m a Mexican Spanish as foreign Language teacher (ELE Español Lengua Extranjera as acronym) certified by Cervantes Escuela Internacional Cervantes, with a multicultural educational background and experience. I started teaching and tutoring Spanish at a very young age helping my colleagues from High School achieve better scores and later formalize this activity while finishing my university studies. For the last six years, I’ve been teaching Spanish in America and Europe to a broad variety of students: children/teenage tutoring, in-company adult students, online orientation and freelance translation. I follow a flexible method adapting to the student’s level and wishes, working together in an amicable way. Don't worry if you are a beginner, we start from scratch. We can discuss politics, arts, fashion or your favorite topic in order to develop your verbal or grammatical skills. My tools are diverse: textbooks, videos, podcast, newspapers, etc. Suggested textbooks are the following: Gramático de uso del español. A1- b2 Teoría práctica. Ed. S.m. Aula Internacional 1-4 I invite you to contact me in case of further doubts and I hope to help you in your new language project. Denise