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Teaching somebody has always been my joy, since it was the one that I was confident at, and also the one that gave me good relationships with my friends. During my student days, I have always helped my friends with any subjects that they are struggling with, and I felt very proud and accomplished when the other's finally understood the concept correctly and got higher scores in the exam. This sense of accomplishment led me to actually start my private tutoring lessons after my high school graduation. My first class was SAT 1 Math and following that, the second one was SAT 2 Mathematics Level 2. After I came to the Netherlands and started my university life, I met a lot of foreign friends who are enthusiastic about learning Korean, so I taught them for about five months. The total amount of students would be about six people, and they all enjoyed having Korean classes with me every week.

This is why I wish to continue my tutoring classes. I appreciate the special relationship I earn with my students so much. So, feel free to join the class and let's have some good time!


University of Amsterdam (2019)
Bachelor's in Communication Science
Current GPA: 9.05/10.00

CSIA (2015-2018)
GPA: 5.0/5.0
Merit Scholarship (2016): given to top 3 students

Experience / Qualifications

SAT 1 tutor for two months (2018.04-2018.05)
SAT 2 tutor for two months (2018.07-2018.08)
Korean tutor for five months (2018.10~ )

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