Maths is a subject that can be hard to get a the grade you are actually capable of. To achieve the top grades you can't just rely on hard work and memorising methods - a deep level of understanding is fundamental as in your exam you will find questions that you have never seen before. Years of teaching and tuition have shown me that a bright student can study as much as possible but still get a grade or two less than what was hoped for. By focusing on understanding the concepts behind the more challenging topics, this allows you to problem solve on the spot. If you really understand everything and have good exam technique such as unravelling worded/problem solving questions you will get your desired grade or better. Over the years I have developed a style of teaching that allows me to break down the most difficult problems to their foundations and show how the things they already know fit together to solve these challenging problems. The fact that I am currently tutoring a student who was in set 4 last year and is now consistently getting 9s on past papers is one of many examples of what you can expect from my lessons. I also teach a year 8 student A level Maths, he is very bright but not top set. I cater my lessons to my students by being aware of weak spots, strengths and knowing exactly what level they are working at and how to get them to where they want to be. I have countless success stories and testimonials which I would be happy to provide.

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