You'll learn how to write speak ,listen Mandarin. First is speak Sec, Listen Last write Intro to Pinyin-Chinese phonetics system Greetings in normal and polite ways Introduce self, introduce others Talking about oneself Likes & dislikes Taking a taxi Asking about directions Expressing time, days and counting numbers from 0-100 Shopping, asking about prices, sizes and colours Buying tickets for travel; start with “qing wen 请问” Talking about jobs, company and business etiquette. Asking for help Basic sentences with to be “shi是”, to have “you有” and to do “zuo做” Sentences with stative verb (hen, 我很好) Past, and the situation has changed with a functional marker “le” Pronouns – subject “wo我”, plural form 我们,你们, 他们 possessive word “de的” Auxiliary words e.g. “xiang 想” Word order in sentences (Chinese sentence orders, difference between English and Chinese) Sentence forms – statement, question and negative Measure words (e.g. a cup of tea = “yi bei cha” 一杯茶 ) Particles with “ba 吧” “ma吗” Various forms of Chinese Lucky/unlucky numbers Hand shaking Business card China tea Politeness in Chinese language (different modal words) Extensive practice of Pinyin and tones eading phonetics/ Pinyin skills Focus on Pinyin, characters are optional Listening practice (short simple sentences) Recognizing reading a few simple characters Memorize some frequently used short sentences.

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