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Private French classes in Paris with a qualified and experienced teacher !

Bonjour !

You want to improve your French and enjoy the classes? I am here !

To put it briefly :
- I am qualified (Master's degree) and experienced in French teaching (9 years in France and abroad)
- I am my own student, teaching myself languages (I can communicate in 9 languages)

>> Teaching/learning is for me a way to understand each other and not just a transfer of knowledge <<

I can teach :
- beginner, intermediate or advanced level (A1 to C2)
- to all ages (I have had students from 9 months to 76 years of age!)
- grammar, pronunciation, conversation, Business French
- DELF/DALF, TCF preparation
and all other specific needs you may have in French (applying to jobs or universities, administrative tasks, etc.)

For more details, please see below, otherwise, just contact me!

- I am qualified and experienced in French teaching :
> I love teaching ... Having more than 9 years of teaching French to foreigners in France (language schools, summer camps intensive classes, university, Red cross, social start-ups for refugees) and abroad : Japan (Institut français of Osaka for 2 years), Myanmar (University of foreign languages of Yangon and Institut français), Ukraine (Alliance française of Lviv), Lebanon (High school) and Germany, Ireland, Mexico (private classes)
> I love studying ... Holding 3 Master degrees in Didactics (French teaching for foreign students), Linguistics and International Business from Lyon and Paris Universities.

- I am my own student, teaching myself languages :
I love languages ... I can communicate in more than 9 languages - 3 of them fluently - so I understand the learning process and the students difficulties

Looking forward to meeting you !

A bientôt !


Extra information

For faster and realistic results, I strongly believe in the students' active participation, so don't forget to bring your great energy!


At teacher's location: Maubert - Mutualité, 75005 Paris, France

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General info


French for adults, Fsl


Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Burmese, Italian

About Me

I am patient, curious and dynamic. I enjoy teaching and meeting my students. Teaching/learning is, for me, a way to understand each other and not just a transfer of knowledge.


Master degrees in Didactics (French teaching for foreign students) (University Lyon 3)
Master degrees in Linguistics (Paris University INALCO & Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Master degrees in International Business (University of Lyon)

Experience / Qualifications

9 years of teaching French to foreigners :
- France (language schools, summer camps intensive classes, university, start-ups for refugees) and as a voluntary (associations, prison, Red cross)
- Japan (Institut français of Osaka for 2 years)
- Myanmar (University of foreign languages of Yangon and Institut français for 1 year)
- Ukraine (Alliance française of Lviv, primary schools)
- Lebanon (High school, cultural center, private classes for 1 year)
- Germany (private classes)
- Ireland (private classes)
- Mexico (private classes)

Reviews (20)

I have had six private tutors all over France and New York in the past three years, and I have attended language schools as well. Jade is, bar none, the best language teacher I have had. Her method is one of a kind and the learning continues even beyond the session. She dovetails memorization techniques, not just for the short term but for the long haul, with a close attention to detail - be it phonetic, grammar-wise, or proper use of vocabulary. Her overall effectiveness in teaching French and ability to hone even the smallest of nuances in the language are what make her stand out from the pack. Definitely worth the price and the experience. After a couple of hours with her, I plan to make her my permanent tutor for continued improvement in the language. I highly recommend!
Jade is the best. Brilliant teacher, original, and a a lot of fun. My french got way better, and Paris did too. Study with her if you can!
Jade is a great teacher! She makes a relaxed setting and I felt really comfortable working with her! I look forward to continuing my studies with her!
Jade is so nice and patient! She really helps a lot with my French. It’s always a pleasure to have her class!
I highly recommend you sign up with Jade for private tutoring if you are looking to learn French. After 6 months of weekly sessions, my conversational progression has allowed me to confidently live a fulfilled life in Paris! You can expect a professional yet friendly environment alongside tailored courses to meet your learning needs!

Ask a question

Send a message explaining your needs and Jade will reply soon:
The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

13          Friday at 13:00    
from £36.96At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since October 2017
  • 2 repeat students
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  • Google+ connected

Availability of a typical week

13          Friday at 13:00    
from £36.96At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.



Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French
Hello, I offer courses for preparation of internship interviews for students of BTS Commercial, correction of students at the terminal level, preparation for the oral exam, Spanish classes and conferences on different concepts, school support for children, help with homework, grammar, vocabulary, writing, composition, conversation. Methodology according to the personality and needs of the students. Thank you Jenny

private (online) french lesson. experienced teacher
Hi everyone, I'm Mathieu, 34 years old, from Paris. I'm a full-time professional french teacher. I lived in Shanghai for more than 5 years where I used to teach in french companies and language institutes. Now, I mainly teach private classes as a freelance, one to one. I have a 7-year teaching experience in China and France, face-to-face and online through Skype. I'm also a teacher in a business school here in Paris.You can check the comments that a few students of mine left here on my profile, to see that i'm a serious and competent teacher. I'm fluent in english and speak an intermediate chinese. I have all the materials necessary ready for you, self made PDF, audio files and much more. I always adapt my classes to the student's needs. We can focus on what's the most important to you. Contact me for any further information, I'm ready to discuss your goals and my teaching method with you so that you can make up your mind.

French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE]
I am coach, writer and teacher of French since 2012. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, English and a little Turkish. I give French lessons: language and communication with a French pedagogy, written and oral so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice.

Intensive course in French as a foreign language to quickly improve the oral expression by webcam
Experienced specialist in the field of didactics of French as a foreign language offers personalized and effective courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​to acquire: • excellent pronunciation • Flawless spelling • Vocabulary rich and adapted to all levels of language • Proper syntax according to the communication situation • Rules of address and politeness, • Regulation of relations between generations, sexes, statuses, social groups, with their specific markers, • Differences of register, dialect and accent, for example the rhythm of the voice. • Mastery of the speech, its cohesion and coherence, the identification textual types and genres, effects of irony, parody. The operation, the characteristics of the voice: To understand the mechanisms of the voice to better use it, to place it, to modulate it, to be comfortable in front of an interlocutor. Breathing: Work on abdominal breathing to gain relaxation and concentration. To develop this breathing to be available mentally, to gain in vocal ease, in presence. Oral expression: Work on the different aspects of speaking to be understood and listened to, to capture the attention of the audience. Master the diction to place your voice, invest your speech and manage the flow of words Discover his vocal possibilities to modulate his voice. Non-verbal communication : The look, mirror of the audience: Accepting to be watched, to know how to put one's gaze on and correctly refer to one's speech. To refine his bodily perceptions and sensations necessary to keep coherence between his gestures, his posture and his speech. Use nonverbal communication as an additional asset to convince Listening, improvisation: Learn to quickly mobilize ideas, structure your thinking to gain fluidity and avoid verbal haste. PEDAGOGY: A positive pedagogy that privileges the strong points, brings a diagnosis personalized to the participants. A method of implication based on the exchange, the expression of oneself, the role plays, to diminish the effects of surprise and to increase one's ease. Drills from theater and singing techniques, a work on spoken and sung voice, adapted to all. Practical arrangements : Duration: 1H30 hours

Improve your FRENCH! Améliorer votre Français: prononciation, diction, construction de phrases
If you've just moved to France and want to improve your French I'm here to help! Trained actor at Cours Florent in Acting in English, I moved to London and Toronto to improve my English. I am now back in Paris, bilingual and eager to help new foreigners to improve their French! You'll see that there are more connexions between French and English than you'd think! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to see what we can do together!

Work your diction to have a beautiful voice and / or a beautiful accent / Paris.
This course is aimed at those who evolve in the French language and of which it is not the native language. But also to people with a strong accent and who would like to reduce it. The work that I propose is based on my speaking techniques from theater and singing and will allow you to have a beautiful diction, speak less quickly and more clearly. This course is also intended for professionals of the communication (singers, comedians, journalists, lawyers, doctors, lecturers) wishing to develop their oratory potential or to address a specific question. Looking forward to reading you.

Jazz Classical Jazz Improvisation Piano Class
Certified Professor with a License in Musicology and Conservatory Award with more than 15 years of experience in Private and Conservatory classes, I offer courses tailored to your desires, your motivation and your needs. Learning an instrument requires patience and perseverance, I will make you discover composers and compositions that will give you the pleasure of playing from 6 to 95 years old.

Apprendre la culture et la langue française, French Courses
Skilled teacher (+5years) of French as a foreign language, working with Sorbonne Universities, ENS (Ecole Normale Sociale) et La Fabrique Nomade ; qualified and graduated from the French foundation Alliance Française, with the DAEFLE diploma. I give French courses to non-french speakers, to learn French, between beginner level (A1.1) to skilled level (C1). I've been working with Paris City Hall, institutes, training centers, private persons, for the OFII and one business school. You want to work hard and seriously, with a great teacher? You're looking for learning French and to discover French culture? My skills and experience are acknowledged and recommended by the people and structures I've been working with. They judge me as an excellent teacher. I've always obtained excellent results with my teaching. My method is to imbue my students with the French language, using conversations, role play, actional way. Professeur donnant des cours de FLE avec la Sorbonne Universités, l'ENS (Ecole Normale Sociale, la Fabrique Nomade, ainsi qu'avec des entreprises et des particuliers, diplômé (DAEFLE avec mention Bien) et expérimenté : (+5 ans d'expérience). Je donne des cours de français aux étrangers, pour apprendre la langue française. Du niveau débutant (A1.1) au niveau expert (C1). J'ai travaillé pour la Mairie de Paris, des associations, des centres de formation, avec l'OFII et dans une école supérieure de commerce. Vous voulez travailler sérieusement, avec un bon professeur ? Vous souhaitez apprendre le français et découvrir la culture française ? Mon expérience et mes qualités sont reconnues et recommandées par mes élèves et mes employeurs. On me juge comme un excellent professeur. J'ai toujours obtenu de très bons résultats. Je suis très consciencieux. Ma méthode est de s'imprégner de la langue française, de favoriser le dialogue, d'utiliser les mises en situation, le jeu de rôle, et l'approche actionnelle.

French courses, spelling, English and Spanish level and theater classes (breathing, stress management etc ...)
You will learn to speak French, to express yourself better or simply to work on your diction (I also give drama classes including diction, breathing, stress management etc ...) For English and Spanish classes, you will learn how to pronounce and express yourself well in these languages, which are very expressive and where intonation and pronunciation are important.

Homework Help / Further Education - From Primary to High School
As a student of International Law, I followed a literary course that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of literature, philosophy and the command of English. I am just as inclined to do a simple homework help for the youngest than a French bac preparation or philosophy for the older ones. Do not hesitate to contact me, whether for a single methodology course or a deepening of a subject. Possibility of courses by Skype.

Graduated from DAEFLE with honors, I am a French language teacher for 4 years abroad, I currently live and work in Belgium, in Brussels. I have taught in several international high schools (Cambridge School, Italian High School, American High School) and on behalf of several hospitals, real estate groups, lawyers, Chamber of Commerce of Great Britain, Red Cross, European Commission and several Parisian language schools and Brussels. I can receive you at my home and / or move to your home or business. Focusing on the oral participation of my students (children and adults), I prepare you for various competitions (TEF, TCF, DELF, DALF, etc.) or strengthen your confidence in you through different techniques of oral work.

De vogue
Private tuition middle school-high school-primary
This course is intended for middle school students, high school students, and children attending primary school.

Private tuition in all subjects (except in maths from the 5th) until the second included
For language courses, I offer English (school level), Spanish (B1 level) and Polish (maternal). My availability may vary according to my schedule so they are reconfirmed however during school holidays, I am available especially from June 20.

Methodological support Help with homework Math and French level school and college
TIPS FOR A MORE. Often children do not know how to do it. Methodology at school is not always explicitly detailed. It is necessary to have a punctual or regular support from a qualified person to overcome the difficulties encountered. Work at home is also very important because it prepares for autonomy but for that you have to learn to organize. It is therefore essential to be guided to successfully complete schooling. I am also able to make notional reminders if necessary. That's what I propose to myself. Cordially.

Learn French with a native French tutor in Paris (grammar, pronunciation, conversation, culture & history)
Bonjour ! I'm a patient, easy-going and flexible private French tutor living in Paris. I like to share my knowledge with other people, regarding language, but also to introduce you to French culture and history. I started teaching French abroad and enjoyed seeing my students' progress lesson after lesson, so I decided to continue teaching French in back in Paris, in person, or online through Skype. I use a set of textbooks called "Le nouveau taxi" and "Les 500 exercices de Grammaire”, in my experience, the best textbooks for learning French. Contact me, and we'll make it possible for you to improve your oral and written French :-) A bientôt! Jocelyn