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Ilia - London£19
Trusted teacher: Can learning English be fun, insightful, productive and effective at the same time? I believe so! Whatever your background or profession, deciding to learn a foreign language is a great way to add another dimension to your life and make your mind work in a new way. You become a (slightly) different person, since along with a new language, one learns to look at the world in a slightly different way. This is why my approach to teaching English is not only aimed at laying or strengthening the foundational knowledge - grammar, speaking, writing and listening skills, but also at introducing students to the culture of the English-speaking population. We will find out what English speakers find funny, what drives them to tears, what makes them feel proud and what they get embarrassed about. Open to students of all levels, my course usually is taught online, using a variety of visual aids and a wide range of material, from textbooks to YouTube videos. In teaching advanced learners, I often refer to pieces of literature such as novels and poems, since they easily spark discussions, which in turn improves the students' grasp and feel of the language. In doing so, I take students beyond ordinary textbooks and grammar books, since they are no more than guides to learning, not absolute authorities, and because to me language is a living, constantly evolving matter, which you must submerge yourself into in order to understand. In addition to my unorthodox approach, what sets me apart is a collection of unique, language-related experiences, which translate into a good ability to understand nuances of the English language. A native Russian speaker, I have lived in the UK for over 5 years, went to a Scottish boarding school and have even completed a university degree in English. Thanks to my linguistic and cultural competency, I will make sure that you are never lost in translation! Are you interested? Then contact me today!
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Do you or your children think why should the Mathematics even be studied? What if I told you, everything around you from AI to economics has hidden Mathematics behind it, even the device your are currently reading this on can only work because of Mathematics. Therefore, it becomes crucial that your child relates to seemingly abstract concepts and understands why it is important to study them. Given my real-life research experience and an advanced degree in applied mathematics, I can provide just that: real-world applicable examples of different mathematical concepts to keep the students engaged and interested in the subject matter. This practical approach not only enhances comprehension but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the relevance of mathematics in everyday life. For instance, a simple concept like of percentages can be explained by relating it to expenses and the pocket money. Even seemingly daunting topics like Trigonometry and Differential Equations become accessible and exciting when I would explain how they are applied in sustaining not one or two but four different trillion-dollar industries. Another example where students will be able to relate to with seemingly abstract concepts would be understanding the role of linear algebra in developing modern technology such as smartphones, GPS systems, and some firefighting equipment. I make mathematics relatable, enjoyable, and comprehensible by offering numerous examples that demonstrate its practical significance. Whether your aspirations lie in sports, science, or medicine, mathematics is an indispensable tool, and my aim is to make the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding for every student.
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Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Acton)
I had my first ever Russian lesson with Ilia and I enjoyed it so much! He's very patient and organised and showed up to the first class with excellent materials pre-prepared. He explains everything in a clear manner. I'm looking forward to our future classes. If you're a beginner don't be afraid to book a class with Ilia.
Review by RYAN
Senior Maths & Physics Tutor. NZCA Level 1 - 3, College, University, A-Levels, IB - DP (Tauranga)
Excellent teacher. Tom knew exactly what my son needed to close the gap between IGCSE and MYP and got into it right away. He has the ability to make concepts clear and enable the learner to gain knowledge. I highly recommend Tom.
Review by STELLA
Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and preparation for DELE and SIELE exams (Málaga)
I've really enjoyed my lessons with Lucia. She's well prepared and also responsive to your specific areas of interest. It's been great to learn from and practice being conversational with her. Gracias Lucia!
Review by ALLISON