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82 vocabulary teachers in United Kingdom

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Emma - Cambridge£40
Trusted teacher: Qualified native English teacher in Cambridge. Personalised teaching method to ensure progress. Tailored practice and further development * speak with confidence * improve your writing * read confidently * improve your listening skills Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation training, and accent reduction. Make yourself understood with confidence: Pronunciation, elocution, accuracy, vocabulary development, grammar. Writing accurately: Planning, organisation, development. Listening: Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. Bespoke lesson-plans, whether for business purposes or for more fluent speaking practice. I have experience teaching every level and currently teach adults face to face in Cambridge. I quickly identify problem areas and work on them using a method that works well with each student-whether on the business premises or in the student's home. Together, we practise pronunciation techniques; fluency; increasing vocabulary; writing; and many more skills - using methods including speaking and listening. Over the years, I have worked with international students, corporate clients, scientists, business entrepreneurs, and translators to enhance their communication skills regarding clarity, intelligibility, confidence, accuracy, and vocabulary range. I encourage the student to speak as much as possible by using a variety of techniques to provide material to talk about, using everyday vocabulary. Student's comment-Alejandro: "I am really happy with my progress and the way Emma makes every lesson interesting." More specialist vocabulary is explained for work purposes. I am extremely patient and have experience teaching learners from all over the world and therefore understand particular pronunciation difficulties. I provide a lot of help with common problems encountered, using, for example: tenses, phrasal verbs, and word order in sentences. Student's comment-Izabela: "She helped me find some weaknesses right away in my first lesson and she was immensely helpful in explaining everything in detail during our sessions and in the written feedback." I am a native English speaker with a clear voice and am qualified through Trinity College London in TESOL. I also have an NVQ III in Business and Administration. Contacts are available for nearby, friendly, professional host families at reasonable prices. Student's comment-Linde: "What’s even better is that she takes my incorrect sentences as examples as well, which makes it easier to apply the grammar to my everyday life."
Communication skills · Public speaking · Vocabulary
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Katheline - Archway£41
Trusted teacher: Hello, Are you looking for help with the Dutch language and culture? Do you need to learn Dutch as a second language for work or to make life in BE/NL easier? Do you need to speak Dutch with your partner or family? Does your son or daughter need extra lessons in Dutch grammar, vocabulary, spelling, conversation; pronunciation,...? Look no further, I can help you with this, and more! I specialize in Dutch for kids (8yr+) and level A1-A2. I am a professional teacher in Dutch, passionate about communication, and a specialist in education. In my private lessons, I use materials as 'Taal op maat', 'Taal Actief', or 'Nederlands in Gang', but I also customize lessons for my students. Just tell me what your goal is, and I'll make it happen! My students say I'm very structured, positive, and helpful! Don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your needs and how I can help you. Hope to hear from you soon! Hoi! Hebben jij, je partner of jouw kinderen hulp nodig met Nederlandse lessen voor: - school - werk, - integratie in BE of NL, - een geplande terugkeer naar NL of BE, - of gewoon om met vrienden / familie thuis te praten? Dan kan ik je helpen! Ik ben docent Nederlands, met een passie voor communicatie en specialist in onderwijs. Ik gebruik materialen als Nederlands in Gang/in Actie, of Taal op Maat, maar ik maak ook lessen op maat voor mijn studenten. Vertel me wat je wilt bereiken, en ik zorg ervoor! Aarzel niet om contact met mij op te nemen om uw behoeften te bespreken en hoe ik jou kan helpen. Ik hoop snel van je te horen!
Vocabulary · Culture · Dutch
Trusted teacher: Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with over 460 million native speakers. Learning Spanish enables you to communicate with a significant portion of the global population and opens up opportunities for travel, cultural exchanges, and friendships. Learning a new language fosters personal growth and self-improvement as it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, boosts confidence, and enhances cross-cultural understanding, encouraging empathy, open-mindedness, and a broader perspective of the world. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, this class is designed to cater to learners of all levels. Flexible Schedule: Classes are conducted online and in person, allowing you to choose a schedule that fits your availability. Structured Curriculum: The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure a progressive learning experience. We'll start with basic greetings and introductions, gradually building your knowledge and proficiency in the language. Personalized Approach: Individualized attention and support, addressing your specific strengths and areas for improvement. Cultural Insights: Learning a language is not just about vocabulary and grammar; it's also about understanding the culture behind it. We'll explore various aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures, including traditions, customs, and celebrations, to provide a well-rounded learning experience. By the end of this online Spanish class, you can expect to have a solid grasp of the language and the ability to communicate effectively in everyday situations. Whether your goal is to travel, connect with Spanish-speaking communities, enhance your career prospects, or simply embrace a new culture, I will equip you with the skills you need to succeed.
Spanish · Vocabulary · Grammar
Hi everyone! I am Carolina Uribe. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, with a speciality in Journalism at a prestigious university in Venezuela. I come from a culturally rich and diverse family that has lived in different countries in South America and Europe, with a rich tradition that mixes the Spanish language from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile. I have spent 22 years in South America, the last 21 between Spain and the United Kingdom. I provide customised classes for children and adults who want to learn Spanish. I take pleasure in teaching the language and helping individuals achieve their language goals, whether it's exam preparation, business proficiency, or preparing for a trip to Spain or Latin America. Each individual has unique motivations, starting points, and proficiency levels when learning Spanish. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals on your timeline. How do my Spanish classes operate? We begin with an assessment to gain insights into your specific needs, goals, desired timeframes, current proficiency in Spanish, and your preferred learning style. Using this information, I tailor a comprehensive learning plan specifically for you, aligning with your preferences, and together, we embark on the journey towards achieving your goals! My approach is centred on addressing these specific needs, ensuring a well-rounded and effective learning experience tailored to your requirements. Together, we embark on a journey towards achieving your goals!
Culture · Spanish · Vocabulary
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English language pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, all skills. (Cambridge)
I had booked Emma to help to improve my children’s English. We had 3 hours of English lessons for 4 days in a row for our three children (10/12/14 years old) and participate ourselves. Emma made it fun for them to learn and took individual care of the different need. Our children and also Mum & Dad enjoyed a lot. We can highly recommend Emma‘s teaching skill and especially her ability to adjust to the individual needs! Thank you Emma!
Review by DETLEF
English as a second language - young people,adults (Pinner)
She is wonderful. She is so patient and can understand what we need for learning English !
Review by CATALINA
Tap Dancing. Rhythm and Movement. All levels Welcome! (Brentford)
Really enjoyed the class thanks
Review by M.NIEVES