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I have spent the last 5 years designing a English course combining my business textbooks from university and the Cambridge English Language Assessment course to make sure my clients get the best possible outcome from my lessons.These lessons are aimed at helping individuals improve their English abilities from Listening, Reading, Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary knowledge. A typical class of mine starts with a quick discussion on the lesson topic, then we move on to learning 8-10 new vocabulary words associated with that topic, we will do a vocabulary test to see if you can correctly place the newly learned vocabulary words in a sentence, then we move onto a reading passage that tests your pronunciation of words, words that you may have not come across before, and then I will ask you questions on the topic that will require you to think and be creative. In the lesson there will be things like understanding memes or humour or explaining what you see in a picture etc. While the lesson is in progress I will be helping you to construct better sentences from adding the correct grammar to helping you be more creative with your words. I also will help with improving your pronunciation among other things. I always adjust my teaching style to what best suits the client, if you need to express yourself more I will help show you how can add words to your sentence to make it sound better, If you need help on pronunciation, I will sit with you and break the word down to help pronounce it correctly, if you need help in your writing skills I will give you homework and check your homework for you, remember these lessons are about you and your goals. My main goal in the lesson is to understand your needs and help you achieve those needs as no two clients are the same. I always try to create a classroom environment that is interesting, fun and entertaining so that the lesson feels like leisure time and not something you have to do in order to advance yourself in your career. I love building relationships with my clients and I want to inspire your passion for English. I am very kind and patient and always believe the lesson is about my client, you are the star of the show and I am just the supporting cast member.
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Business School exam preparation, masters, MIM, Grande Ecole (Paris)
I was totally lost and desperate in accouting until I took lessons with Vishakha. She really explained me well the concepts, theories and we went through the exercices to make me gain confidence. On top of that Vishakha was really patient and found the rights words to make me understand accouting. I really recommend this wonderful teacher !
Review by DELPHINE
Learn the Arabic language at home "Children and Adult" (Namur)
Islame is a thoughtful and knowledgeable tutor. She is dedicated to ensuring you understand new Arabic content. I especially like that she gives homework to prepare for the next lesson. She exceeds expectations!
Review by MICHAEL
MBA, BBA, BCOM, Business, Accounts, Maths, Physics (Munich)
Shikha is a great teacher. She read my slides from uni and was immediately able to explain everything to me. She is clearly very experienced and knows how to explain things in a clear way.
Review by ZAKIYYA