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21 business skills teachers in United Kingdom

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and financial accounting are embedded economically in all levels and types of business organizations. This is a result of the importance of record keeping in daily business transactions to the government, business enterprises, society, and us. Even a layman otherwise known as a small store keeps records, which is why a bookkeeper has to tackle "incomplete records".A professional could make errors, this brings about the "correction of errors". Also, the need; for organizations to be socially, politically, and economically recognized, to attract investors, to reap benefits accruing from standard and systematic record-keeping, to give business updates to the users of accounting information, and so on. Hence, enterprises are demanding students/professionals with appropriate skills to ensure their business data or information otherwise known as financial statements reflects the true and fair views, I am concerned about building students' confidence, simplifying accounting methods for students, and walking you through the process of accounting equation ( assets = liabilities ) by the application of its principles and how to identify discrepancies affecting business records. How to fix these discrepancies using tools like trial balance, control account, bank reconciliation statement, and other errors as they affect day-to-day posting/records. With the use of practical examples and source documents ( physical or digital). Other adjustments like accruals and prepayments must be well understood by bookkeeping or accounting students. However, the appropriate application and effective understanding of the above will lead to the successful preparation of a financial statement that comprises profits and loss accounts of different organizational settings, a statement of financial position, a statement of cash flow, a statement of change in equity, and disclosure notes.
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I am a well-experienced Maths and Business teacher. My goal is to impart knowledge and ensure that learning takes place at all times. Mathematics is an essential skill to have in this day and age. My lessons will be focussing on how to embed numeracy and literacy. The lessons and resources are well structured and tailored to the needs of all. My skills and attributes can be summarised as follows: -A skilled communicator with excellent presentation and interpersonal skills -Ability to interact effectively with people at all levels with tact and diplomacy -Effective user of online content creation, collaboration and distribution tools to promote flipped learning, -An enthusiastic, hardworking, dedicated individual, driven to bringing tasks to conclusion -A committed team player and leader with an ability to motivate and inspire others -Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure and work to strict deadlines -Friendly, approachable, easy-going personality with a positive outlook -Manages time and resources effectively -Experience of developing, managing, quality-assuring and evaluating processes and initiatives to secure good outcomes -Evaluates and revises ways of working -Maintains confidentiality and works with discretion. -Effective user of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) for EBS for tracking achievement rate, retention and attendance and as well promonitor for setting SMART targets -Well versed with Ofsted new common inspection framework and able to provide quality education with intent, implementation, and impact on the learners
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