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Trusted teacher: I offer you a German course that is not like the others. There are two types of courses. Here is an analogy to illustrate their respective approaches: If you travel back and forth by train every day and don't have time to wait long at the platform, imagine that you only have two options: 1) Memorise the timetable. 2) Realise that the train comes every ten minutes and that a train arrives for example at 7:00 a.m. In school pedagogy, in textbooks and in normal lessons, the first approach is used - in the course I am offering you, it is the second approach because it is more economical and faster. My offer is aimed at both pupils and adults who want to learn the German language without time-consuming detours through the madness of fruitless school methods. Learning is easy, but unlearning things that have become bad habits is extremely difficult. This makes it all the more important to learn the right reflexes as early as possible. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, with my customised lessons you will greatly accelerate the learning process while having a positive attitude. I offer German lessons for individuals or groups (2 to 5 people). The methods are based on cognitive science and historical linguistics in particular. My modular programme can be adapted on a case-by-case basis. The converging point of these modules is your independence in spontaneous conversations in real life. What will not be covered in the course: learning lists of verbs; learning lists of nouns with articles; learning words with their translations; flashcards; doing school exercises; following the syllabus of a booklet; imposing the English grammar on the German language. What is particularly important to me: to motivate my student and to give him a learning rhythm; to encourage his creativity; to befriend him with the language; the letters and their sounds; to strengthen the memory by training the phonological loop; to teach blueprints instead of memorising sentences; to explain how the language works in order to make my student independent as quickly as possible; to eliminate common preconceptions, such as that 'der' would mean masculine and 'die' feminine, that the accusative would be a direct complement and the dative an indirect complement, that verbs would be irregular, that declension would be random and therefore would have to be learnt with each verb...; to put practice at the centre and only deal with grammar where necessary. A first lesson will give you a sound idea of my pedagogy.
German · Grammar · Methodology course
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Ilia - Acton£20
Trusted teacher: Hi All, thank you for checking out my course. This class is open to students of all levels. Whether you are only starting to learn the wild-looking letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, or whether you are looking to practise your written and spoken Russian, I would be delighted to accompany you at any stage of your Russian-learning journey. For more advanced students, I would be happy to help you get to know one of the most defining aspects of the Russian language, namely its novels and poetry, which would be a great way to learn about the 'mysterious' Russian soul. I believe that studying in three different countries have allowed me to try out and assess various approaches to education in general and teaching languages in particular - from the rigourous Russian system based on ensuring that the students will obtain exceptional spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation skills, to the more relaxed yet more critical and analytical Western approach, focused on problem-solving and independent work. You will get the benefit of a vast bank of techniques, methods and learning materials that I have developed and accumulated over the past year will be used in class to pique and maintain your interest. And since I was once a language student too, I would be able to share my personal tips and tricks with you to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself - be it being able to wow your friends and family by reciting a poem in the language of Dostoyevski, or impressing your future collegues with the thorough knowledge of Russian current affairs in their mother tongue!
Russian · Grammar · Reading
A multilingual and charismatic professional with expertise in the education. Establishes positive professional relationships with people of all ages, abilities and cultures and communicates effectively both verbally and in writing. Always willing to accept responsibility and improve standards, highly organised with psychological and pedagogical expertise. Areas of Expertise: -Language teaching, Communication, Mentoring; -Languages: Native Russian, fluent English and Polish, basic French and German) -Extensive years of experience working with bilinguals: -Russia-Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University of Foreign Languages, faculty of Russian Philology, private Lyceum Debiut UNI at the faculty; -High Security Academy-Poland, Poznan-Russian Lecturer . Taught bilingual programs to students in different age groups of up to 9 students, provided personal mentoring and demonstrated a sound understanding of various cultures and languages. -Taught Russian to the Dean, providing etymology and definitions of words to improve her speaking, comprehension and writing, enabling her to release and acclaimed scientific work. -Supported a polish student in participating in an international competition and enabled her to achieve third place. -Poland, Poznan-Time Bank organization-Teacher of English Language for kids and group 50+; -UK, Cheshire -School for Gifted and Talented- Planning and teaching Russian lessons with grammar material, reading and writing, using calligraphy, tongue twisters, mirrors and different pedagogical methods of teaching.
Reading (for adults) · Phonetics course · Grammar
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Sylvain - Camden£60
French · Grammar · Public speaking
Trusted teacher: Testimonies --------- In just 5 and 1/2 days in February, 2022, I was beginning to transform almost roughly half a secondary school's children ! A Laboratory Technician & Former Senior Mathematics Teacher liked what I was doing - and noted I was the only teacher at the school she saw using my method ! The Head of Science wanted its success for her own children ! The Head of Physics wanted its success for his own children ! The school cleaners liked and agreed strongly with what I was doing ! Children kept clapping hands for me in different classes ! The most dangerous [ latent murderer ] boy, Will, was transformed by my 6th day ! His rebellious classmate, Jackson, was transformed by the 5th day ! From my 1st day to my 6th last day teaching at the school as a Supply Teacher, children kept calling out in the Playgrounds. That week I was helped by 72 million pastors & members of Christ Embassy praying from 6am for the children of the world and the Lord Jesus Christ answered miraculously our prayers. 92% Mathematics - By A Girl NOT In Top Sets - ca 7 Lessons ONLY ! In just 6 months of Home Tuition, 7 A, A, A, A, A, A & A* - BY A LOWEST SET Cardiff High School GCSE BOY ! 100% SUCCESS - with zero rejection of learning - BY DYSLEXIC CHILDREN - Since 2016 ! ALL BECAUSE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS BLESSED MY PEDAGOGICAL METHODS - Since 1985 ! Thanks to Him, He used me to bless many families - since I entered school teaching in 1992 ! EXPERIENCED TEACHER - I BEGAN TEACHING OVER 35 YEARS AGO ! HOME - SCHOOL - UNIVERSITY - BUSINESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 == I have been teaching Far Easier Ways To Learn At School & Home since 1992. 2 == Ca 2012, I began to flow naturally into being able to make many students of EVEN LOW grades able to aim successfully FOR ONLY TOP GRADES - from my 1st lesson ! My achievements like : 2.1 == 7 A, A, A, A, A, A & A* - By A Lowest Set GCSE Boy - Cardiff High School - In JUST 6 Months Of My Tuition ! 2.2 == 100 % SUCCESS - Teaching DYSLEXIC Children - In RECENT YEARS ! 2.3 == 100 % SUCCESS - UNIVERSITY Personal Statements - Since I Began Years Ago !
Grammar · English · Science
As a teacher with a background in botany, zoology, chemistry, and microbiology, coupled with extensive management experience, I bring a unique perspective to the classroom. My lessons are designed not only to impart scientific knowledge but also to instill essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. Drawing on my management experience, I emphasize the importance of organization, time management, and leadership in scientific inquiry. Whether planning laboratory experiments or coordinating group projects, I provide students with opportunities to develop these skills in a scientific context. Through collaborative activities and role-playing scenarios, students learn to work effectively as part of a team, delegate tasks, and take initiative in problem-solving. In addition to science subjects, I also incorporate lessons on grammar and mathematics into my teaching repertoire. As an expert in grammar and mathematics, I recognize the value of strong communication and quantitative skills in scientific research and analysis. In grammar lessons, I emphasize the importance of clarity, precision, and coherence in scientific writing. Through grammar exercises and writing assignments, students learn to express their ideas effectively and communicate scientific concepts with accuracy and confidence. Similarly, in mathematics lessons, I help students develop quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills essential for data analysis and interpretation in the sciences. Whether calculating chemical reactions, analyzing biological data, or interpreting statistical results, students learn to apply mathematical concepts in practical scientific contexts. By integrating grammar and mathematics into my science curriculum, I provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in academic and professional endeavors. Overall, my teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that education should not only impart knowledge but also foster critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning. By incorporating management principles, grammar, and mathematics into my science lessons, I aim to empower students with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and hands-on experiments, I inspire curiosity, ignite passion, and cultivate a love for learning in every student I teach.
Algebra · Biology · Grammar
Trusted teacher: In these neuro-divergent times, the binary division of "one language or two" in bilinguals is perhaps due some contestation, which students are capable of providing. I have always found bilingual production models (and the ubiquitous Powerpoint slide) that university teachers provide a hindrance because of their lack of explicitness and discussion - they are just not relatable as presented nor do they provide much information or examples for monolingual students. Code-switching, a by-product of bilingualism, is now a term that is even found in minority-ethnic neighbourhood grafitti ("can white people code-switch" a found example). My personal position is that there is no such thing as bilingualism: there is always a language that suffers attrition, and one language that prevails, mostly because of its prestigious standing over the other language. On the other hand, a child exposed to more than one language cannot be truly monolingual. For this course (very popular at universities around Europe both at undergraduate and postgraduate level) we shall go through the terms used to discuss bilingualism, in detail, and then discuss, with the help of published books and articles, who can be considered bilingual (or are we all, one other language lying dormant?). Can bilingualism be defined by the speaker, instead of the "community"? Can it be imposed by the State? Does a bilingual brain function in the same manner as a monolingual brain? These are research questions that emerge as dissertation or thesis topics both at undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Grammar · Social studies · Child development
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Polyglot specialist with 9 years of experience. German in speed mode. Level A1 to C2. No school teaching. (Luxembourg)
Kevin is a genius, who is capable of breaking down complex concepts into manageable, useful bits. If you think of a really large basket of vegetables and fruits. You know all the nutrients are good for you, but it would be tedious to try to eat it all raw. But then, you get a juicer or blender or 'Nutribullet', and juice all those vegetables and fruits into a refreshing smoothie. You can then drink that smoothie as quickly or slowly as you wish, and still get all the necessary nutrients... That's what Kevin can do - he juices all the complex intricacies of the German language into something you can understand and digest. His methods are unconventional, but very helpful in laying a proper foundation for a successful language learning journey. Very highly recommended.
Review by PETAL
Give you confidence to speak , read and write Farsi-Persian in easy way (London)
I highly recommend Parinaz for anyone trying to learn Farsi! Her teaching approach is excellent and she’s able to adeptly tailor the lessons to my existing knowledge, ensuring an optimal pace for learning. She also integrates cultural nuances/topics related to vernacular Farsi into lessons, which is great for someone like myself who’s interested particularly in speaking rather than reading/writing. Parinaz is also very flexible with time and scheduling, so even if you have an irregular personal schedule, she can find time to have a class with you.
Review by KELLY
French experienced and qualified native tutor - learn, enjoy, share (Camden)
Sylvain has been a private tutor to my 4-5 year old daughter for the last couple of months and I am very pleased with his teaching approach. He makes sure that the basics are taught using interactive games which keeps my child engaged and she also has fun learning. He is very patient and also has a great way with children.