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Trusted teacher: - I specialize in tutoring French (my mother tongue) for school, students who need help for their courses. I'm an assistance for the students in difficulty with the French courses, or for those who just want to deepen their French training. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I'm giving exercises, to combine pleasure and learning. I assign a bit of homework after every lesson and progression is the guiding principle of these classes. I will figure the student’s level out in order to bring him the necessary support in French. My aim is to show the subtleties of this language and make the student progressing at his own pace. - This class focuses on the founding principles of the French language : orthography exercises (for example : dictation in relation with an appreciated topic by the student), grammar exercises through games, practicing together via interactive dialogues, listening French videos, music. It can be related with current topics, to get used to the French pronunciation and the fluctuation of the language. Keep an eye on the societal topics is also very important to acquire a general knowledge on France and its customs. You'll learn and deepen your French training in a relaxed but also serious atmosphere. My goal is to guide you in the learning process, and come back to the basics if necessary. -If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, I master the French language in its entirety : indeed, it’s my mother tongue and I'm currently an undergraduate student, who did literary and language studies, during my three years of higher education, in France. I'm now deepening this formation there, in the UK, at Newcastle University. To sum up, my aim is to help pupils/students who need French assistance for their classes, homework, or to give a training for those who want to learn French ! I will instaure a nice atmosphere, so don't hesitate !
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Through my teaching assistant position I improved my adaptability and communication skills by liaising with students from different backgrounds. I will be listening to the children read, supervising group activities. I can also teach Ks3 students in English, Maths, and Science Which i have done before I identified common weaknesses such as low self-confidence with certain students. As a result, I used positive reinforcement techniques such as offering verbal praise on their academic work to build their self-confidence. Another responsibility was to identify the students’ individual learning needs to help them improve their academic performance and skills. For instance, I helped a student to arrange a study plan which in turn allowed him to prioritise his time. Similarly, during university I learnt how to time manage, organise, be reliable through completing university assignments. This would be useful as a teaching assistant as one of the main roles is to support the teacher during activities, and to help children who need extra support to complete tasks. Moreover, I have strong presentational skills which I have enhanced through my team leader role within my security job. This role entailed managing a team of security guards at events and conducting presentations regarding everyone's roles and responsibilities. This allowed me to communicate effectively and improved my ability to work well in a team. In addition, I am able to work well independently, as well as being a team member. This is illustrated through my dissertation module and my group project. Through these assignments I had to prepare and create resources and present them, whilst also researching independently. I obtained a second class grade in both assignments which demonstrates my ability to research effectively and work well as part of a team and as an individual. In conclusion, I believe that I am suited for this role as I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to excel in this position. I would be able to support the teacher and liaise with students from different backgrounds and of different capabilities. In addition, I have strong presentational skills and communication skills which is significant for a teaching assistant as they may need to work one-to-one with students in small groups if they are struggling.
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Trusted teacher: Hi, I'm Alice, 22 and recently graduated with a First Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds. I spent the third year of my degree living and working in France, completing two internships and doing some private English tutoring too. I would love to share what I've learned over these 4 years to help other students! I am offering tutoring in the following areas: - English Language (GCSE/A-Level) - Linguistics (sociolinguistics, language, and gender, language and power, discourse analysis) - English as a foreign language (ESL) - French culture (specialist in French film and cinema) - Gender studies (throughout my degree I have specialized in gender and feminist approaches: feminist linguistics, feminist film theory, feminist philosophy, etc) My classes are ideal for students at any level! Whether you're an A-Level student looking for some help with the English Language coursework or an adult wanting to delve into the world of linguistics, I adapt my classes to YOU and YOUR goals! My approach is student-centered, prioritizing what you want out of your classes, making for a fun and relaxed learning atmosphere. I like to use current examples in my teaching to make the subject relevant and to really engage students. I also respond to student's learning styles (visual, verbal, aural, etc) and use this to their advantage, bringing out student's full potential. I am also open to emails and discussion between classes- learning isn't just in the classroom!
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German Lessons with Great Results - Deutsch Macht Spass! (Acton)
I wanted to brush up my German and Carol proved to be the perfect tutor. She designed a course to match my needs and was happy to adapt it as I progressed. She provided preparation work to support really effective face-to-face courses which included conversation practice around topics I chose. Carol is a highly professional language teacher who loves her job and shows infinite patience and flexibility. Her half-German background meant she understood my pitfalls and gently corrected and explained them. Her lessons were great fun and -Eureka! I finally feel more confident in German. I can recommend Carol 100%. Chris
Review by CHRIS
German & Spanish Lessons by private Language Tutor (Salford)
Ramona Eitel
I was impressed by Ramona. She prepared the lesson for my specific needs. She was very clear in her explanations and thorough. Bis nächsten Montag!
Review by BARBARA
French Lessons for school pupils or language lovers (Hull)
Cinda is a great tutor who took the time to prepare for the lesson. I would certainly recommend her to others.
Review by SIMON