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25 high school entrance prep teachers in United Kingdom

Do you or your children think why should the Mathematics even be studied? What if I told you, everything around you from AI to economics has hidden Mathematics behind it, even the device your are currently reading this on can only work because of Mathematics. Therefore, it becomes crucial that your child relates to seemingly abstract concepts and understands why it is important to study them. Given my real-life research experience and an advanced degree in applied mathematics, I can provide just that: real-world applicable examples of different mathematical concepts to keep the students engaged and interested in the subject matter. This practical approach not only enhances comprehension but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the relevance of mathematics in everyday life. For instance, a simple concept like of percentages can be explained by relating it to expenses and the pocket money. Even seemingly daunting topics like Trigonometry and Differential Equations become accessible and exciting when I would explain how they are applied in sustaining not one or two but four different trillion-dollar industries. Another example where students will be able to relate to with seemingly abstract concepts would be understanding the role of linear algebra in developing modern technology such as smartphones, GPS systems, and some firefighting equipment. I make mathematics relatable, enjoyable, and comprehensible by offering numerous examples that demonstrate its practical significance. Whether your aspirations lie in sports, science, or medicine, mathematics is an indispensable tool, and my aim is to make the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding for every student.
Math · Tutoring · High school entrance prep
Private Tuition for children aged 4-12. Supporting students globally to improve their confidence and attainment. I am a highly qualified and vastly experienced Primary School and EFL teacher offering private tuition to students in the UK and internationally. I am able to support children’s learning journeys, boosting their confidence and their attainment through fun, interactive lessons that support, challenge and inspire. With over 20 years of experience, I have taught in the state sector and in Independent Prep Schools in the UK as well as international settings in Europe and Asia. I have worked with students across the globe from the age of 4 through to adults, most recently as Head of Juniors at a leading London Independent School. I have a proven track record of excellent results including supporting children in gaining 7+ and 11+ places at some of the UK’s top Independent and Grammar Schools. I thrive on nurturing children with low levels of confidence and self esteem to ensure that they are able to close gaps in their learning and feel more confident and able to participate in the school environment. I also tutor Home Education students in both academic and creative subject areas. I graduated from Warwick University with a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology followed by a Primary PGCE from the University of Roehampton. I have also gained an MA in Education through the University of Bath. I offer online lessons, using a variety of platforms such as Zoom and Skye depending on the location of my students.
English · Math · High school entrance prep
I am a medical student at the University of Birmingham. Having gone through the process of applying to medical school and achieving all a*s and a's at GCSE, As and A-level and also receiving all 4 of my medical school interviews, I am well aware of how the applications process and exams work and how the volume of content can be overwhelming at times. I am able to give tips and advice on how to cope with exams and university applications along with ways to keep on top of everything. I have also tutored at children from primary school age (including 11+) through to a levels and volunteered at the children's ward at the royal free hospital and so am well aware of how every child is different and how to communicate effectively with them all. Having worked at a tuition center tutoring children from as young as primary age all the way through to a-level, I understand that everyone is different and learn at different paces and in different ways. I am an innovative thinker and so like to come up with new ways to explain content which will keep my students engaged and enjoying the topics whilst fully understanding them. I understand that quantity and quality are both important during exams and so aim to cover a few topics in detail in each session. I also like to consolidate these topics with a few exam questions at the end of each session to ensure that my students are able to apply their knowledge as the application has become a focal point in many of the new syllabuses. I also try to add in an exam question at the start of the next session to ensure that information has properly been understood and retained. I am flexible in teaching style and pace as I understand that not everyone learns in the same way.
High school entrance prep · Math · English
I'm able to provide academic support in a range of topics Maths, Science, English Literature, English Language, Religious Studies, Psychology. We'll work together on a plan to help you get to the next stage in your academic journey, after all you know yourself better than anyone. I'll provide you with the tools to revise in the most efficient and rewarding way possible while cutting down on overall revision time! My experience: I've got extensive experience supporting others in an academic and non-academic setting. I have six years’ experience tutoring students aged 4 - 16 years old. I worked with students on their work assignments as well as setting extra work to help students reach the next level in their potential. I use scientifically-ratified methods to ensure students are working to the highest level of efficiency. I am able to work with students with SEN, using scientific tools like Pictorial Exchange Program to support students in their academic and social skills while reducing the likelihood of “meltdowns.” Over those six years, I honed my ability to break down difficult topics into easily digestible lectures for each child. By using a person-centred approach, I helped the students learn in the manner most effective to them. I have a degree in Psychology BSc from Royal Holloway, University of London (ranked 9th in the UK for Psychology). I achieved an upper-second class with honours (2:1). This includes a first-class final year project. I undertook classes such as Learning & Memory and Developmental Psychology which gave me insights into how to achieve the highest level of productivity and information retention - tools that I utilised to complete my degree. While at university, I worked as a peer mentor where I provided individualised support to first year students. My caseload of students where those who were nervous upon their acceptance to university. I aided them in their transition to university by creating a safe space for them to approach me with their academic queries and social anxieties. I have excellent interpersonal skills that allowed me to build productive relationships with my students wherein they felt comfortable approaching me when in crisis. I am currently a Recovery Worker, providing support to homeless individuals in London. I specialise in providing person-centred, personalised support to entrenched rough sleepers with particularly high and complex physical, mental and substance misuse support needs. I have an outstanding record of ensuring my clients stay off the street and move along in their recovery process. This is done by having a keen eye for assessing individuals, even those who are difficult to engage and creating realistic and productive action plans. Through my dedication to belief in uplifting others and identifying a shortfall in the care provided to my most vulnerable clients, I created a successful partnership with the Premier League’s Chelsea Football Club to provide one-to-one health and fitness support to homeless people in London. I believe I am the excellent candidate to help you fulfil your potential. Send me a message today and kick start your academic journey!
Elementary school level · Child development · High school entrance prep
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I am pleased to share my positive experience with Mavi. Mavi's professionalism and deep knowledge of mathematics. Mavi's teaching approach is organized, clear, and engaging. She possess a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all students. The personalized attention given to each student's learning style ensures a comprehensive understanding of the material. What stands out about Mavi is not only her expertise but also their commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Students benefit from a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and open communication. In summary, I highly recommend Mavi as a math teacher. her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to student success make them an invaluable asset.
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Math tutoring in English from an engineer in the Sheffield area (or online). It's not difficult if done right! (Sheffield)
Good experience explains the terms well