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206 music theory teachers in United Kingdom

Trusted teacher: Having had 15 years of piano lessons, one thing has been constant through the performances and exams I have taken - Enjoyment. This is a key aspect that the students enjoy playing the instrument and are motivated to keep on playing and learning new pieces or techniques. Piano has often in my life been my biggest hobby and an escape from other things going on, and this is something I hope to provide to anyone interested in learning this wonderful instrument. I am able to teach all abilities ranging from causal lessons up to Grade 8 standard for Piano. Having had 9 years of singing within Chapel, University and Scottish Choirs, I have been able to cover a wide range of repertoire and techniques on how to improve my singing style. During both school and university, Singing within choirs was my biggest extra-curricular, and I aim to teach lessons in a way that can encourage budding singers to grow in their confidence and ability. Singing is a social and enjoyable experience, and this is the key thing in lessons that students choose to learn songs and techniques they are keen to cover and feel engaged when improving their singing. I am able to teach all abilities ranging from causal lessons up to Grade 5 standard for Singing. I have both an ARSM Diploma and an ATCL Associate's Degree from ABRSM and Trinity College London, meaning I play up to Undergraduate standard. Combined with being a Graduate in Mathematics and Music, which has included opportunities to teach in my degree for Mathematics, means I have knowledge over how to ensure lessons remain engaging and students are kept motivated. I am a member of the University of Edinburgh's choir and NYCOS National Choir, while also having a Choral Scholarship at Church of the Sacred Heart and Old Saint Paul's Church. Involvement within these, along with past choirs such as the Fettes College Chapel Choir, has meant I am a strong singer and know how to get the best out of a singing lesson. Helping out with conducting across some of these choirs has given me experience of teaching Music, and alongside teaching Mathematics to primary schools, I can use these skills of being organised and having good communication to help make my lessons engaging.
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Natalia - Moffat£52
Trusted teacher: Piano lessons with Natalia offers you the varied and impressive program. Are you ready to take on the challenge of learning to play the piano! Do you like piano? Do you want to improve the technique of your piano playing? Do not hesitate to contact me. The lessons take place at my home in Erpe-Mere (Burst). As a professionally trained classical pianist you learn how to read / play notes, scales, arpeggio, chords, improvisation exercises and much more. Are you looking for online piano lessons in this corona crisis? Does piano seem to be more your thing? Canceling is always easy; you are not committed to anything. That is part of the philosophy of Piano Lessons with Natalia. Online piano lessons (usually) mean that you take piano lessons through video lessons via Skype, Viber or Messenger. I prepared my lessons in advance and prepared them for you in a clear and structured way, so that you learn the piano step by step. to master. Online piano lessons At Online piano I also focus specifically on technique, learning notes, playing exercises and much more. For this I developed a teaching method based on years of experience with teaching fortepiano. So I am a piano teacher of online piano lessons that offers multiple lessons. It is the combination of the varied program of theory and practice together, why Piano Lessons with Natalia say that “Everyone can learn to play the piano”. At Online Piano Lessons I make playing the piano accessible, easy and fun. Persist In this Corona crisis, force yourself to sit behind the piano every day. I do everything I can to make the lessons as fun and easy as possible. This way you can easily repeat the exercises and melody pieces with the help of my online piano lessons. You also learn to play a new practice tune in every lesson that you can play to your heart's content. You will discover that the motivation and discipline to learn to play the piano well is much more important than your capacity and experience. To get really good you will have to help yourself through difficult exercises. Fortunately, at the Online Piano Lessons you are not just there, but I give you Live advice, tips and intensive effort in your handover assignments.
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Christina - Keswick£37
Trusted teacher: Recently many of my students in HK switched to online due to the pandemic wave here. The online classes work very well. I can use multi-media to share screens and make the instruction clear. As a result, I plan to offer a new category of online piano and music theory classes. About the teacher: First, Professional. Holding a Master in Music post-graduate degree, the teacher has been teaching piano lessons professionally for 17 years. She has a solid theoretical foundation in music teaching, composition, and piano performance. Second, a kind attitude with patience, as well as a proper method for different levels of students. She has taught students who easily pass ABRSM grade 8. She also possesses excellent patience with young kids under the age of six. During the last ten years, her goal has been to solve an important issue: how to make students interested in piano playing. Most kids who learn the piano would give up before or during their teenage time. However, 99% of them regret it when they grow up. In Christina's lesson, she will acknowledge to the students and parents clearly what difficulties they will face during the process of music learning. It's more important that students learn to develop a good habit, a worthwhile hobby, and the perseverance that will benefit their whole life. About the class: Different students may require different class lengths. For a child under the age of six, the teacher recommends less time for each class but a higher frequency. Kids who took the piano class twice a week and half an hour each class usually progress faster than those who took it once a week. For kids who practice longer time, it is also advised to take the course longer time. A child who practices two hours a day could play Beethoven's Fur Elise within one year, but for a child who practices less than half an hour per day, this goal usually takes more than four years to practice. For adults who have greater self-control, it is advised to take the class for a longer time per class but with less frequency.
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I am a professional musician and educator, with international experience as a Violin/Viola/ Chamber Music/Theory teacher, soloist, orchestra leader, chamber musician, and jury member. I have graduated in Violin at the Conservatory of Music "G.P. da Palestrina" of Cagliari- Italy and in Viola at the Conservatory of Music "G. Verdi" of Milan-Italy. My professional activity led me to work in several orchestras as performer, and in various music schools as upper- string and chamber music teacher. I lived and worked in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and since 2012 I made London my home, where I developed further teaching experience within the British system. I have also founded "The Geminiani Project" ( of which I am the director and the leader of the Camerata Geminiani, ensemble that has been invited to perform in England, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, and Sweden. At the same time I have established my ensemble, I have also launched the Geminiani Youth Orchestra (formed by young musicians aged 6 to 17 years old) as I believe in the importance of giving an opportunity to young players to perform together, and the amateur ensemble Hampton Chamber Orchestra; we performed with both orchestras at various venues in London. Regarding my teaching technique, I believe that each student is different and unique, so the first thing I try to do is to establish a connection, then I try to understand the major skills and major difficulties of the student in order to develop a personalised system; I pay much importance also to the emotional aspect the student is dealing with in order to build passion and love for music. I strongly believe that, once achieved a technical skill, the student must have the chance to play with the teacher and with other students, and feel the excitement of making music together. I have experience in preparing students for auditions, competitions, or ABRSM/Trinity exams with excellent results; I love what I do and I love to see my pupils achieving high level results. Some of my students have been awarded at international competitions, some other former students are covering leading roles in international orchestras or in chamber ensembles.
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Bass player Eoin is a seasoned industry professional who has worked all over the world with some of the music industry’s most highly-regarded players over the past 13 years including Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy) and Ariel Posen. Eoin is now providing unparalleled music education in London and online. Eoin has a wealth of experience as a music educator, having taught on the BMus, Cert HE, BASW, BACM and MMus programmes ICMP in London since 2019 and also running his own private teaching practice. Recent career highlights include touring Europe with Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettieri and performing with guitar superstar Ariel Posen for Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Locally, Eoin is a regular at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, performing both in the main venue downstairs and upstairs at the popular Cosmic Fusion jam night. Eoin holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Master of Arts in Music degree from the Cork School of Music, both with first class honours. Eoin’s areas of teaching expertise include bass guitar technique, understanding the fretboard of the bass, harmony, music theory, sight-reading, improvisation, ear training, synth bass, navigating the industry, career advice and more. If you've been wanting to overcome the obstacles that are hindering your musical growth once and for all, learn how to play your favourite music with ease or progress in the music industry as a professional player, then Eoin is the mentor you need.
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Pablo is an experienced, award-winner music teacher, performer and composer based in London. He has earned a diploma in Contemporary Music from Newpark Music Centre, furthered his studies at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree with honours of the first class in composition, and is currently completing a Masters Degree at the Royal Academy of Music. Whether you are studying for a music test, taking the grade exams for piano, or music theory, writing and recording your own music, or just want to play for fun, he can help you achieve your goals through his holistic approach to music, covering all that is relevant for you to succeed. Pablo has been tutoring piano, music theory and composition both in schools and privately since 2016 in Ireland and Scotland, having experience teaching children and adults as they prepare for the ABRSM, Trinity, School of Rock and RIAM theory and piano performance exams across all grades, although he does not confine his teaching solely to the content of the exams and his students often find that preparing for them is a natural consequence of their studies. He has extensive experience as a music tutor, composer, accompanist and director having worked at Gordonstoun School as a musician in residence, and at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as a musicianship tutor. The lessons encompass a range of diverse methodologies and learning outcomes, always tailored to the specific pupil's needs. You will work together to build an appropriate path to your musical development, always considering performance as an important part of it. As an example, lessons could focus on performing Classical, Pop, Film, or Jazz music, or have a blended approach to reportoire covering a range of styles. They could also be more directed towards musicianship and theory, while he can offer guidance on composition and songwriting. For the younger pupils, he uses methods that will effectively elicit their best results by making the lessons enjoyable and fun, while nurturing their independent study habits. Pablo has a high level of proficiency on music notation and production softwares such as Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, Cubase, and protools and he often uses them as part of his teaching, as well as offering specific advice on learning to navigate them.
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Piano Lessons aiming at ARSM and diploma Piano Exams. (Kowloon)
Christina is very professional and she has a genuine passion for music. Very glad to have found her and I hope she continues to keep her passion in music and in teaching young kids alive!
Review by YI YING