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### **Junior Level (Ages 11-14)** #### Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Security - **Week 1-2: Basics of Cyber Security** - What is cyber security? - Importance of cyber security in daily life - Common cyber threats (e.g., phishing, malware) - **Week 3-4: Safe Internet Practices** - How to create strong passwords - Recognizing suspicious online behavior - Safe use of social media #### Module 2: Introduction to Consultancy - **Week 5-6: Basics of Consultancy** - What does a consultant do? - Types of consultancy (e.g., IT consultancy, management consultancy) - Basic problem-solving techniques - **Week 7-8: Communication Skills** - Basics of effective communication - Listening skills and giving feedback - Role-playing exercises #### Module 3: Basic Cyber Security Tools and Techniques - **Week 9-10: Introduction to Encryption** - Basics of encryption and why it's important - Simple encryption activities - **Week 11-12: Cyber Security Software** - Overview of anti-virus and anti-malware software - Hands-on practice with basic cyber security tools #### Module 4: Cyber Security Projects - **Week 13-14: Group Projects** - Working on small cyber security projects - Presenting findings and solutions - **Week 15-16: Reflect and Review** - Reviewing key concepts learned - Feedback and assessment --- ### **Intermediate Level (Ages 15-17)** #### Module 1: Advanced Cyber Security Concepts - **Week 1-2: Understanding Cyber Attacks** - Types of cyber attacks (e.g., DDoS, ransomware) - Anatomy of a cyber attack - **Week 3-4: Network Security** - Basics of network security - Firewalls and intrusion detection systems #### Module 2: Consultancy Skills - **Week 5-6: Advanced Consultancy Techniques** - Consulting frameworks (e.g., SWOT analysis) - Case studies of cyber security consultancy - **Week 7-8: Client Interaction** - Understanding client needs - Role-playing client-consultant scenarios #### Module 3: Practical Cyber Security Skills - **Week 9-10: Ethical Hacking Basics** - What is ethical hacking? - Basic ethical hacking techniques and tools - **Week 11-12: Incident Response** - Responding to a cyber incident - Creating an incident response plan #### Module 4: Cyber Security Projects - **Week 13-14: Group Cyber Security Projects** - Working on intermediate cyber security challenges - Presenting solutions and findings - **Week 15-16: Reflection and Assessment** - Reviewing key concepts and projects - Feedback and improvement areas --- ### **Senior Level (Ages 18-21)** #### Module 1: Professional Cyber Security Practices - **Week 1-2: Advanced Threat Analysis** - Identifying and analyzing advanced threats - Case studies of significant cyber attacks - **Week 3-4: Cyber Security Policies and Governance** - Understanding cyber security policies - Developing and implementing cyber security policies #### Module 2: Advanced Consultancy Skills - **Week 5-6: Strategic Consulting** - Developing long-term strategies for clients - Advanced consulting methodologies - **Week 7-8: Business Development in Cyber Security** - Creating business models for cyber security services - Pitching cyber security solutions to clients #### Module 3: Specialized Cyber Security Skills - **Week 9-10: Advanced Ethical Hacking** - In-depth ethical hacking techniques - Conducting penetration testing - **Week 11-12: Cyber Forensics** - Basics of digital forensics - Tools and techniques for forensic analysis #### Module 4: Capstone Project and Professional Skills - **Week 13-14: Capstone Cyber Security Project** - Large-scale project addressing a real-world cyber security issue - Collaboration with local businesses or organizations - **Week 15-16: Professional Skills** - Advanced communication and presentation skills - Professional ethics in cyber security --- ### **Supplementary Activities** - **Workshops and Guest Lectures** - Regular workshops with industry professionals - Guest lectures from cyber security experts and consultants - **Competitions and Hackathons** - Participation in local and national cyber security competitions - Hosting cyber security challenges and hackathons --- This syllabus aims to provide a comprehensive education in both cyber security and consultancy, ensuring that students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these fields.
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5th Dan Black Belt, National Champion, Current GB squad member offering Taekwondo lessons to Kids and adults in London. (Kingston upon Thames)
I would like to thank Ajay for giving lessons to my two boy's ( 12 and 13 years ) and my daughter who is 14 year old. Ajay is passionate about his craft and is enthusiastic about imparting his knowledge to his students. His lessons are well planned and executed to give a sense of accomplishment to the students at the end of the session. I wanted Ajay to teach my children. However, he has managed to turn me from a silent spectator to an active participant !!!!
Review by SHAMSUL
Chess for beginners and hobbyists, online lessons or in person (Bayswater)
Mark has been teaching my six year old son chess for about 6 months. My son always looks forward to his lessons and has made great progress throughout this time. Mark is professional and friendly, and I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.
Review by CHRISTA
Piano lessons. Teacher at the Conservatoire of Barcelona (Barcelona)
Marcos has a good knowledge and ability to guide during the classes to achieve the goals that has been set up.
Review by CARLOS