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The class is to provide any supplementary help with Sociology at A Level. The aim is for it to be casual but to still have focus and clear intent. Sociology allows you to study the world around you. It is in our everyday lives! And, as you might have seen, a lot of theories come from old bearded men in the 20th century. So how can they possibly write about stuff that happens or is relevant in today's society? This is where you can use critical analysis to test how sociology works, and importantly, to use the tools it has given you to question what we take for granted. This is the main task of sociology; to defamiliarise the familiar. My teaching method is very much student-led. It is based on the problems that are brought to me so that they can be dissected, analysed and we can work together to see how to solve the issue. I know how it feels to feel like your question or problem is not worthwhile, or that you might feel a bit silly for not understanding something. However, I can absolutely say that you will never be the only person that has struggled with that particular concept or question (or whatever it may be!). I work on a no-judgement basis! Saying this, a lot of the time, students have an inkling about an answer, or partially understand concepts and theories, and more often than not they have the analytical tools to get there, but might get confused along the way or lack confidence in their abilities. It is simply about working through the issue logically. Sometimes just talking about it out loud can make it clearer! You generally know more than you think you do. It is about having confidence in your ideas. I am on track to receive a high class undergraduate degree in sociology, so hope to utilise the skills I have been developing over the past few years to help you in your studies!
Trusted teacher: Hello! I`m Yana, a native Russian speaker and a professional Russian teacher. I have students from over the world and teach all levels (mostly via skype). If you`re looking for a tailored course you`ve just found the right teacher =) I`ll give you all you need to start speaking. // Speaking // Listening comprehension // Pronunciation // Grammar // Vocabulary // Reading // Writing // Literature // I`ll help you to improve all of your Russian skills. We can focus on any area you would like whether it is speaking, listening, reading or writing. During the lessons we could work on the alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, accent correction/reduction, messaging, essay writing, communicative competence development, role-playing, homework, test preparation, job interviews training/practice, resume polishing and so on. I always do my best to adapt my lessons to your needs, level and learning style. For my professional lessons you do not need any books because I`ll give you materials according to your needs, it is could be grammar materials, texts, dialogues, news, songs, movies, cartoons, talk shows, MOOCs, texts of classic or modern Russian literature, poems and many other things. If it works for you, please, write me some words about your experience in learning Russian, your goals, your level (just mention some grammar themes you`ve learned last time). * Some words about me * I have a master`s degree in linguistik and philology (Taras Shevchenko National University, Ukraine). I teach Russian as Foreign Language since 2007. If you`d like to learn Russian, please, feel free to contact me and I ask about free time-slot! See you soon!
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Trusted teacher: Singing lessons (lessons for children below): Graduate of the Brussels Conservatory in jazz singing (Master), I sing professionally and am pedagogue for 20 years now. I offer private lessons and semi-singing in Watermael-Boitsfort (corner of the broom). Classes are directed to the desires and demands of the student. Here is what I propose ... Voice technique: through vocalizations and other fun exercises, learn to use your body and your voice in an effective and healthy way. Directory (or not): chosen by the student and the teacher. My preference goes to jazz and all its branches and roots (bossa, brazilian, blues, gospel, polyphony, ...) because it's for me the best training but I'm open and I sing myself (almost) every other styles ;-) Improvisation: the best for the end :-) listening exercise, creativity, self-expression, voice and musicality. Through very progressive and clear exercises, we will explore (if the pupil desires) vocal improvisation. Music lessons for children (from 1 year to + -6-7 years old): Animation of 30 min or 45 min (depending on age) with the same structure that remains, the songs change. Song or rhythmic activity to say hello Gesture song (fine psychomotricity) Songs with maracas eggs (keep a pulse, manipulate the eggs, work on coordination) Presentation of a musical instrument Song to be accompanied by children of different percussion instruments Song to move or dance Pre music theory or recognition exercise of noises or instruments (depends on age) Song to say goodbye
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Singing lessons by teacher with Master / 20 years of experience (Watermael-Boitsfort)
I have already learned so much useful exercices in only two lessons with Elena that I can barely keep up my own workout on the side between courses! It is dense lessons where you learn many things in a methodic way, and yet she still manages to get me to relax in no more than 5 minutes, even after a tough day of work. She has a cheerful and gentle personnality, I'm making progress, and it's strictly good times!
Review by PIERRE
Spanish - Online - Spanish lessons with a native teacher (Ornex)
Really good first lesson with Angela! She evaluated my level and asked me exactly what I wanted to get out of the lessons. Based on this, she is going to set out a plan for me which I can then modify if necessary and according to my needs. I recommend Angela without any reserve!
Review by INDIRA
Learn French interactively and effectively! A1-C2 (DELF preparation) (Amsterdam)
My sister and are very much enjoying our weekly French classes with Angelique. She is very professional yet connects well on a personal level, stays relevant and focused, yet allows the class to run smoothly and have fun too. Much recommended.
Review by HEATHER