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51 statistics teachers in United Kingdom

Trusted teacher: I am a flexible mathematics teacher and tutor, willing to either: - support methods and approaches covered in school to help improve your speed of progress and mastery, or to address misconceptions or gaps in knowledge due to time off of school - tutor using alternative methods and approaches to those covered in class to provide a different perspective on a topic (different teachers have different ways of approaching a topic that benefit different learners) During a tutoring session, I am to either: - provide bespoke, planned, and resourced tutoring on a topic (to maximise mastery of that topic) - provide support in exam preparation, including how to approach exam questions, exam strategy, and topics that are easiest for the learner to make the most improvement on - provide support and confidence-boosting when attempting maths questions and homework (both paper-based and on digital homework media, such as Sparx) I consider myself to be friendly and adaptive, and willing to adapt my way of teaching to best support the learner. I am able to tutor on the following subjects: - Mathematics (KS3 & GCSE - Higher & Foundation) - Statistics (GCSE - Higher & Foundation) - FSMQ: Additional Mathematics (Level 3) Approaches to tutoring sessions include: **Pre-Planned and Resourced Tutoring for specific topics: Prior to these tutoring sessions, a discussion will be had with student or guardian as to the topic or topics that are to be focused on during the tutoring session. These topics will then be planned for and resourced specifically for the student to maximise the progress in those topics. **General Exam Preparation: Prior to these tutoring sessions, a discussion will be had with student or guardian as to the Exam Board the student's exam is in, and a general target grade (e.g. passing grade 4, high-attainment grade 7+). Exam preparation material will be provided. **Homework Support: Support and guidance will be given to complete a student's homework. This can be direct question support, or can evolve into a topic-specific tutoring session to help gain mastery of a topic beyond the specific questions set out in the homework task.
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Embark on a transformative learning journey with my comprehensive tutoring sessions covering Mathematics, Economics for students and Statistics. As a tutor, I am committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment where students can build a strong foundation and excel in these key subjects. What to Expect: 1. **Mathematics Mastery:** - Dive into the world of mathematics with tailored lessons that cater to various skill levels. - From fundamental concepts to advanced problem-solving techniques, we'll cover topics such as algebra, calculus, geometry, and more. - Interactive sessions designed to demystify complex mathematical principles and foster a love for the subject. 2. Economics Unveiled: - Explore the intriguing realm of economics tailored specifically for students. - Understand fundamental economic theories, principles, and their real-world applications. - Engage in discussions on current economic events and their implications, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subject. 3. Statistical Insights: - Master the art of statistical analysis and interpretation. - Learn statistical methods, hypothesis testing, and data analysis using practical examples. - Gain proficiency in statistical software to tackle real-world problems and enhance your analytical skills. Why Choose This Class? - Personalized Approach: Each session is customized to suit individual learning styles and pace. - Real-World Application: Bridge the gap between theory and practice with real-world examples and case studies. - Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive exercises, discussions, and hands-on applications to reinforce concepts. - Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling sessions to accommodate your academic calendar. Whether you're looking to ace exams, deepen your understanding of these subjects, or pursue a future career, my tutoring sessions are tailored to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed for success. Let's embark on this educational journey together!
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Private Science Lessons - Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics (Lausanne)
Julien helped me learn the material for my university statistics exams. He was very patient and gave very clear explanations about the concepts we were discussing. He was friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging. He prepared material in advance for each lesson depending on my personal needs. I'm pleased to say he helped me succeed in my final exams despite the fact that I'd never really studied statistics before! I am very glad I chose him as my tutor and I recommend him to anyone else seeking mathematics or statistics tutoring, whether in person or remotely.
Review by PHILIPPA
Econometrics & Statistics - For University & School Students. SAT, IB, A-Levels, University Courses (Amsterdam)
Nick's approach is patient and thorough, informative and imaginative as well. He always comes up with his own examples in order to test my knowledge on a given exercise and helps me get to the answer at my own pace, rather than handing it to me. He doesn't use a one-size-fits-all method, but rather tailors his lesson in order to get out my full potential, even in a field I find difficult. He makes himself available for additional questions and is overall great to work with!
Review by DENI
🚀EVERY CHILD IS A MATHS GENIUS | British Tutor 🇬🇧 (Toulouse)
We are just getting started, but our experiences with Oliver have been great so far. He is prompt to communicate, professional and very patient. He does a good job of understanding where my daughter is, helping her at her level, and not making her feel bad that she is having a tough time with Math. Highly recommend!
Review by TAMMY