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22 audio production teachers in United Kingdom

Do you want to learn how to produce electronic music? My name is Lloyd and I am a touring DJ & Producer, who has released on labels including Morph (Miami), King Street (New York), Somatic Records (London), and many more. I have taught so many awesome talents , and now I'm looking for people like you, who want to either make a start producing music, or develop skills already acquired on Ableton Live. My music production tuition is split into the following sessions as an initial course: SESSION 1 - Getting started: Clip View, Arrangement vs Session View, Device View, (Browser and Toolbars) - import your sounds and download free Virtual Studio Technology plug ins. Arrangement view techniques and taking initial session ideas to arrangement. SESSION 2 - Working with MIDI, making a groove from drums. Methods that can be replicated every time you start a dance track. Creation of loops and velocities. Quantisation of recorded MIDI. Here, you will write your own basslines/melodies. SESSION 3 - Working with Audio - grid settings, warping, looping. Recording external audio and fitting within the mix. SESSION 4 - Mixing, Processing and automation. Using various effect types to spark interest across the track, by adopting plug ins, send and return tracks. Making sure that there are not phasing issues, and learning the basics of EQ and compression. SESSION 5/6 - You take the lead! What aspects would you like to further work on? I will analyse your track here, with critical analysis and see how we can improve the final arrangement, so it’s dance floor ready. Bounce to WAV file for storage. What's better is that I own four record labels, so if I feel that you have a polished track ready to go, you have an outlet to get it heard, with a solid marketing team backing your development as an artist!
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I offer online tuition and a transition to face-to-face as soon as possible. Packages lessons available. More than 400 hours of teaching experience with students from 6 to 36 years old. I am always focused on using dynamic and inventive ways to enhance your singing ability. My Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Music from Royal Holloway College, University of London and postgraduate studies at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, University of East London play an important role to my teaching methods which are always backed up with academic evidence and experience. I started my vocal training 20 years ago and studied the best teachers in the world, including Silva Makamian (Soprano), Alex Moskofian (Baritone), David Combes (worked with Rami Malek), Lucinda Allen (breathing coordination expert), Irene Serra (Jazz) and Alex Economou (Berklee Alumni). By writing, recording and touring as a session singer for more than seven years, I have acquired extensive knowledge in a variety of genres and singing styles. Posture improvement and stress relief using tips from the Alexander Technique. Achieve Optimum Breathing through breathing coordination exercises Extend your vocal range, agility, tone and flexibility. Study the historical and emotional context of the song, including word pronunciation & translation. Phrase shaping and details, learning the melody. Work on challenging areas. In general, I will drive you to strengthen your voice and provide you with advice and encouragement that I have gained from my experience in the industry.
Singing · Music theory lessons · Audio production
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Songwriter/Producer offering tuition in Production, Mixing and Songwriting Cubase (7-11) and Logic Pro X (Garage Band to learn the basics). (Acton)
I shared a Cubase project with Paolo and he provided very specific feedback and suggestions on my mix that I'm sure will improve the quality of my music production and my confidence in my sound. I'm looking forward to my next lesson.
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