I'm a Biohacker and health coach. I got here because I completely destroyed my health & body and ended up on the extreme side of diabetes Type 2. I then had to rebuild myself back up from ground zero to peak health and performance. This took several years of making mistakes, going down the wrong paths, listening and taking advice from people who didn't know what they were doing. At first all this was extremely confusing, complicated, time-consuming and expensive and it just got worse and worse. Until eventually after several years I had an ahah moment and all the pieces fell into place and it all became extremely easy, simple, time-saving and very cheap. Now its easier & cheaper for me to be super healthy then to be unhealthy. I'm now 52years old and at my healthiest then I've ever been in my life and have more energy and life in me then I ever had even in my 20s and 30s. I feel like I'm superman. I'm now offering this to others and can help to cut through all the bullshit and confusion around being super healthy as 90% of the health advice out there in the medical and health industry is at best wrong and at worst dangerous to your health. This is why there is a huge rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes T2, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's etc ,etc. It took me many years to get to this point, but I can take you to the same super healthy place in about 2-3 months and it will totally transform your body and mind.
Would you like to be healthier loose weight and gain an extra 3 hours every day. Do you suffer from health problems, low energy, brain fog in your everyday life? Do you want to take your mind and body to the next level? Biohacking is about increasing health & performance for both mind and body. I'm a biohacker health coach which is working with how your body works rather then against it. We'll go through what you currently do including diet, frequency of meals, and exercise and see where there's room for improvement. Then we look at where we can tune it to give you maximum health and performance for the least amount of time money & effort. Testimonials: Entering the workshop, I felt my health and productivity were ok and I wanted more out of life. and there I had my mind blown about the possibilities of biohacking. Realising that my body is addicted to sugars 'even though I'm not over weight'. I followed his advice on 10 day detox to unwire the addiction to sugar and I could only do that thanks to the psychologically supporting mindset he gave me. I feel I'm on a whole new level of focus health and productivity and seeing the success, I'm excited to implement more of his advice! - Richard S. I've known for a while that I needed help/support/coaching but not to whom to turn to/where to turn to. Joe provided me with that comprehensive guidance, equipped me with enough information, that I can now make the necessary fundamental changes. Four to 5 days after the meeting/consultation, I started to feel better. - Agneta L. Signup now and begin your transformation to increase health, well-being and performance. About Joe: I've been a Biohacker for over 5 years and have taken my clients' health/performance from a very low place to optimum levels in both body and mind. I used to work in the city where I over-worked and over-ate with an extremely bad diet. Eventually my body broke down and I was transferred from hospital to hospital and the doctors couldn't help me. For over 6 months I was disabled and needed 24/7 care and could only sleep for 30mins at a time. Realising that if I wanted to save my life, then I had to master my own health. From that point on I began an epic transformational journey to master my own body and mind. I tried everything from conventional to alternative medicine and therapies, anything that had even the slightest chance of success. I went to over 30 alternative doctors and took hundreds of different supplements and remedies, studied everything I could about the human body/mind and how to optimise it for health and performance. This goes far beyond medicine and herbs: As Tony Robbins says to be a success at anything 80% is psychology and 20% is mechanics. What that means is that 80% is in your head and 20% is the actual actions to make it happen. Once you get the psychology sorted out then the actions become much much easier to do. Trying to achieve something without getting the psychology aligned is like trying to swim against the tide. If you work on the psychology and get that aligned to your goals and ambitions then it's like swimming with the current. In both cases you still have to swim and put the effort in, just in the 2nd option it's much easier, quicker and with less effort. When I’m teaching one of the most common responses I get is that being healthy is hardwork. My response is that being unhealthy is hard, having health problems like brain fog, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, those things are hard as hell, literally, being healthy in comparison is a walk in the park. Your body and mind is not a car, if you mistreat a car and it breaks down you can get rid of it and just buy a new one, and another and another, but if you mistreat your body/mind and it breaks down you can’t get a new one! My goal is to help you towards becoming the very best version of yourself. If you haven't already signed up then please do it now. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop and assist you in transforming your life. Anytime sessions are where we agree on a mutual time and place. Any location + expenses. ; #Biohacking-joe ; #Biohacking ; #BiohackingLondon ; #Lifestyle ; #Productivity ; #Workshops ; #Shoreditch ; #Gluten ; #Keto ; #Ketosis ; #Fasting ; #Gluten ; #HealthEducation ; #IntermittentFasting ; #Diabetes ; #LowCarb ; #Low-carb ; #ZeroCarb ; #SlimmingWorld
Juggling re-wires your brain and makes it 2-3% more denser. I've taught kids and adults how to juggle. If you learn it the right way its quite easy and fast. Hit me up and I'll teach you to juggle quickly and easily. Most of it is me giving you a quick lesson and you go away and practice it over several days then another quick lesson to get you to the next level and then you go away and practice that. small simple steps of about 6 to 12 sessions will have you juggling. each session is 15-30mins as most of it is you practicing what I've taught you. 30,45,60 is for individuals 90,120 minutes is for groups
Biohacking is about increasing health & performance for mind and body. How to survive and thrive in a famine is actually quite easy to achieve as our ancestors spent a long time being hunter/gathers and so our bodies are well built & evolved for this, it's simply learning to turn these innate abilities on and exercising them on a regular basis so that when famine hits your ready for it. From massively boosting your immune system to optimising what you eat/drink so that you can come out of this extremely healthy and with minimum food. How to survive and thrive any food shortages. optimising your mindset and planning your activities so that you come out ahead of the pack to take advantage of whatever situation you find yourself when this ends.
Are you drifting through life without a clear objective? Are you fed up with your lot in life, Job, marriage? I'm a Personal Development Freak. When I left school I was a complete introvert with absolutely no social skills. I was small, weak, slow, shy, introverted, and I realised quite quickly that I needed to work twice as hard as everybody else to be as good as everybody else. so I worked bloody hard and put myself in the most uncomfortable situations to get the maximum benefit. I'm now a extrovert who has worked in many countries as an IT Consultant earning a very good living. I'm also a standup comedian and world traveler ( been around the world twice, I love travelling and meeting new people ) I can make friends with strangers very quickly. I'm always learning and developing where ever I go. I'm also an author published 1 book on amazon. I've done the Millionaire Mind Intensive and the Tony Robbins UPW/DWD. Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Pranayama, Wim Hof breathing, Cold therapy. intermittent fasting, keto, Journey Intensive, Holotropic breathwork.

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Thanks for your help. The advice was really useful and I already benefitted a lot. It's definitely a learning process.
Brilliant. Patient, kind and fun. And most importantly, taught my son to juggle. A skill for life.
Joe was very professional and took his time teaching us how to juggle. He made it very easy to get up to speed with everything and was also very funny. He was punctual and accommodating of our needs.

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