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Dutch/NT2 lessons with a certified and experienced teacher


Are you looking for help with the Dutch language and culture? Do you need to learn Dutch as a second language for work or to make life in BE/NL easier? Does your son or daughter need extra lessons in Dutch grammar, vocabulary, spelling, conversation; pronunciation,...? Do you need to speak Dutch with your partner or family?
Look no further, I can help you with this, and more! I specialize in Dutch for kids (8yr+) and level A1-A2.

I am a professional teacher in Dutch, passionate about communication, and a specialist in education.
In my private lessons, I use materials as 'Taal op maat', 'Taal Actief', or 'Nederlands in Gang', but I also make customized lessons for my students. Just tell me what your goal is, and I'll make it happen!

My students say I'm very structured, positive, and helpful!
Don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your needs and how I can help you.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Hebben jij, je partner of jouw kinderen hulp nodig met Nederlandse lessen voor:
- school
- werk,
- integratie in BE of NL,
- een geplande terugkeer naar NL of BE,
- of gewoon om met vrienden / familie thuis te praten?
Dan kan ik je helpen!

Ik ben docent Nederlands, met een passie voor communicatie en specialist in onderwijs.
Ik gebruik materialen als Nederlands in Gang/in Actie, of Taal op Maat, maar ik maak ook lessen op maat voor mijn studenten. Vertel me wat je wilt bereiken, en ik zorg ervoor!

Aarzel niet om contact met mij op te nemen om uw behoeften te bespreken en hoe ik jou kan helpen.
Ik hoop snel van je te horen!


At student's location: Around London, United Kingdom
Online via webcam

Use ⊞+wheel to zoom!

General info

Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Dutch, French, Danish

About Me

Experienced teacher in different area's (Marketing, Media, Communications, Dutch as a 2nd language) with a demonstrated history of working in diverse education industries (higher education, primary education, museums, adult education).
Skilled in Teaching, Writing, Text Editing, Dutch, Tutoring.
Passionate about working with different (age-culture-professional-interests) groups within an educational setting.


- Master’s degree in Communication Sciences at University of Ghent (BE)
- Advanced master’s degree in the additional Studies of Culture and Communication, option Film and Audiovisual Culture at Catholic University of Brussels (BE)
- Certificate of Specific Teacher Training Programme: Dutch for non Dutch speakers at Het Perspectief, Gent (BE)
- Certificate in Advanced English - C2 at Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of University of Cambridge), Brussels (BE)

Experience / Qualifications

- Teacher Dutch language and culture @ Forening for Undervisning I det Nederlanske Sprog (Funs), Copenhagen (DK): teaching Dutch to group 5/7/8 primary & VO1 (Secondary 1)
- Experience in online tutoring Dutch as a 2nd language (kids and adults).
- Teacher in the area of Dutch as a 2nd language – Communication and Journalism & Media Programme at University College Arteveldehogeschool, Ghent (BE): introductory course in Dutch as a 2nd language for foreign students; organizing and introducing Dutch film evenings.
- Volunteering teacher in the area of Dutch as a 2nd language at Elementary School ‘Blaisantnest’, Ghent (BE): teaching Dutch as a 2nd language to parents of foreign origin.
- Educational staff member @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp (M HKA) (BE): guiding different (age) groups in different languages in the Museum, organizing workshops for children in the Museum, starting up the project ‘Skoop!’ (workshops about audiovisual education for children/students), writing and directing the ‘Skoop!’- a publication for teachers.
-Teacher in the area of Media, Marketing and Communications - Bachelor in Communication Management and Journalism @ University College Arteveldehogeschool, Ghent (BE): teaching and responsibility for several courses (Communication, Marketing, Media, Film), editorial: author of the books ‘Marketing. The basics’ and ‘Focus on Media’ (see below) & developer of digital learning platforms for both books, introducing students into college, organizing guest lectures in the area of media and marketing, organizing events and seminars, pedagogical: student counseling, coaching (dissertation and work placement).

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Awesome teacher!

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Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

9        Thursday at 9:00      
10        Thursday at 10:00      
11        Thursday at 11:00      
14        Thursday at 14:00      
17        Thursday at 17:00      
from £26Online via webcam
from £28At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since April 2019
  • Phone number verified
  • Linkedin connected

Availability of a typical week

9        Thursday at 9:00      
10        Thursday at 10:00      
11        Thursday at 11:00      
14        Thursday at 14:00      
17        Thursday at 17:00      
from £26Online via webcam
from £28At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


Learn egyptian arabic online through conversations
Hello, my name is Samar, a community tutor on many sites online and I am an Italian instructor in Alexandria my city since 2014 I graduated from faculty of arts greek and roman studies in 2013. I also studied at Aristotele University of Thessaloniki in 2016. I speak four languages (Arabic, English, Italian and Greek) This class is for those who want to learn egyptian arabic through conversations or anyone who just wants to practice what he or she already knows with a native egyptian speaker This will help you to speak as i use photos,audio and videos in our lessons and i think it is suitable for adults the lesson will depend on what you need and on your level i provide you with materials,audio files,videos,photos and games etc....... this course is for any level I can teach you in English, Italian, Arabic or Greek The lesson happens online via any social application like skype, zoom etc... Or if the student lives here in Alexandria we can meet in any place Any arrangement will be done here on the site. Don't hesitate to contact me anytime See you ;)

Let’s talk in Russian! Conversational lessons with the focus on speaking and keeping your Russian on a good level
Hi there! I'm Ksenija 🖐 A native Russian speaker and a language teacher of Russian and English. If you have studied Russian and want to continue studying it on a higher level, search no more! You've found a teacher that can you help from the comfort of your home🤗 Oh, and before you continue reading about this course, check if the following applies to you 👇 💚If you are still a beginner or want to have a general course that focuses on all of the language aspects, then check out my other courses. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page 😊 🎯BUT if you have studied Russian before, you can (could) speak it well and want to focus on your speaking skills, you are at the right place! 📚INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CLASS AND THE LESSONS: 🔊The class "Let’s talk in Russian!" или "Давай поговорим по-русски!" is intended for students who already speak Russian well and to want to keep their language skills in 💪good shape. Unlike the other courses that I offer, this one is more flexible, doesn't follow a strict plan, and focuses on the topics that you want to talk about 🧐In the lessons we focus on your speaking, listening, and conversational skills. These lessons help you not to forget the language and learn something new in the process! You will definitely learn new words, expressions, and cultural quirks. WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED IN THE LESSONS? 🤔 🎈In some lessons we can simply talk about your day, recent events, or the news. You can bring your own materials like an article, a social media post, or a short video that you want to discuss. 🎁In other lessons we can use the worksheets that are created on the basis of the articles from popular Internet publications that include the most relevant and discussed topics of our time. These worksheets help you: to talk freely in Russian about literature, history, education, psychology, travel, as well as write posts on social networks. ✨You can always choose what you want the most and we can adapt the learning plan at any given moment! 👩‍🏫A BIT MORE ABOUT THE STYLE OF TEACHING: 🔸During the lessons I use online tools such as Google Drive, PDF, PowerPoint, Kahoot, and all kinds of conversational games/situations. 🔸I use modern teaching methods like flipped classrooms and blended learning. 🔸I always strive to make engaging lessons 🤩 as I know how important it is to stay motivated 💪while learning. That's why I include funny dialogues, real-life stories, Russian jokes, lots of visuals, and little bonuses like a topical song with lyrics or a collection of Russian Internet memes! 🔸I never give big boring homework to my students! Though, if you want to do some extra things at home, I will gladly give you some advice and provide you with extra materials 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to write me and I will answer you as soon as I can 😊 I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with whatever 🎯 language goals you have! See you soon, Ksenija 💖

Croatian for everyone with a native Croatian speaker
This class is for everyone who wants to learn Croatian language with a native Croatian speaker. l can teach you grammar, vocabulary or culture. We can start from beginning or from anywhere you want depending on your knowledge. It's great to speak Croatian! :)

Private French lessons with native French speaker in Co. Mayo
I have been tutoring French and English for the past 20 years to students of various ages & origins and of numerous backgrounds: children, teenagers, adults, professionals, and also sometimes even older seniors (85+). Why am I teaching both languages? Well, I’m bilingual and of American & Swiss/French origins, and... I live in Ireland! This is what makes my teaching strong and relevant because I understand both cultures and therefore I can adapt my classes depending on the language of my students. While I was studying social work in French-speaking Switzerland, I was giving French/English private lessons in order to earn a side income. And I genuinely enjoyed it doing it! After I graduated and started working full-time, I didn’t give up this activity because I loved meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. My teaching is always interactive in order to hold my students’ attention during the whole length of the classes, using numerous learning tools (photos, newspaper articles, music, videos, etc.) Naturally, I will focus on the priority of each student. Some students will want to improve their pronunciation, grammatical, and vocabulary skills, others will need to prepare a presentation or a speech at school/work, while others just want to learn a new language to enrich their general knowledge. And sometimes too, parents want their younger children to master a new language. Thanks to my education and experience with children, I’m also able to run a class dedicated to them! What you will gain from my course is not only good pronunciation and vocabulary/grammar improvement but also a deeper knowledge and understanding of the culture that surrounds one language! When you speak a language it’s important to appreciate the lifestyle, traditions, and heritage of the nation(s) speaking it. Both French and English are spoken in many countries around the world, as primary languages, and with so many different accents: the learning process is unlimited! Before the COVID restrictions, I was mainly teaching face-to-face and with a maximum of four students, but at the moment, I’m only teaching online (one-and-one) on Zoom. Besides that, I’m also a genealogist, I’m running Spiritual Seminars in the West of Ireland and I have a passion for vegetarian & vegan cuisine. I hold a Degree in Early Childhood Education for many years I owned a private “Before & Afterschool” facility for children aged 4 to 12. I’m looking forward to meeting you

teaching Arabic for non native speakers also teaching Greek
Hi there I am Ahmed, a professional Arabic Teacher I have experience in teaching Arabic and also Greek i speak three languages Arabic (native) Greek (native) English(fluent) also i am a Greek instructor i work in translation field i interpret at conferences thanks in advance

Carola P.M.
Dutch conversation for kids and adults, to read, to write and understand the language.
In our class we will be relaxed, I will help you with the Dutch conversation, the grammar, reading (like an article or a topic what I will give you). I will help students for beginners-lower-intermediate level. After every lesson I will give you homework for the next lesson. Between the two lessons you can always ask me a question about the subject what we’ve discussed. If you have a subject what you’d like to learn about the Dutch language, let me know. I’m looking forward to see you in my class.

Dutch - Dutch as a 2nd language - Dutch lessons
Do you want to learn or improve your Dutch? Then you have come to the right address! I can also help you with the preparation for your ‘Inburgeringsexamen’ and your ‘Staatsexamen NT2’. I look forward to seeing you! What is your knowledge of Dutch? What are your language struggles? What do you want to achieve? It is my job to match your level, guide you to improving your Dutch and to help you to achieve your goals. Since March 2020, I have been teaching all classes online. The teaching materials that I work with are well suited for online lessons. If possible the lessons can take place at my address. If you have any questions, please contact me! Background information • Studied Dutch language and literature, graduated Utrecht University • Qualified teacher NT2 • Since 2005 continuously employed as NT1 and NT2 teacher - Individual and group lessons for employees from different companies - Individual lessons for private individuals - Training ‘Inburgering’ , training ‘Staatsexamen’ I en II and exam training - Writing skills training for Dutch speakers (NT1 and NT2)

Private lessons in English, French and Dutch
Graduate of a bachelor of letters (English-Spanish) and a master in multilingual communication & international relations, I currently give private lessons in French, English and Dutch. I had the opportunity to work for several non-profit organizations (Schola ULB, CIFA, Youth Club and ABEF) in school support in Dutch, English and French, in addition to giving French lessons to an adult audience. I am also currently working as an English trainer at Bruxelles Formation. I would love to help you or help your child! ENGLISH COURSE - BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE OR SCHOOL LEVEL FRENCH COURSE - FLE, ADULTS AND SCHOOL REINFORCEMENT (COMMUNICATION, GRAMMAR AND SPEECH) DUTCH COURSE - SCHOOL & BEGINNER CEB AND CE1D PREPARATION Graduated in languages and litterature (English-Spanish) and having a master's degree in Multilingual Communication and International Relations, I'm giving private lessons in French, English and Dutch. So far, I've had the opportunity to work in several associations helping students to succeed. I've been giving French lessons to adults. I'm currently working as an English teacher at Bruxelles Formation. I would be happy to help you or your child! FRANÇAIS LESSONS - BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE FRENCH LESSONS - FLE, ADULTS, SCHOLARS (COMMUNICATION, GRAMMAR AND SPELLING) DUTCH LESSONS - SCHOLARS AND BEGINNERS ONLY HELP WITH CEB AND CE1D

Private lessons in English for all levels.
I offer English language courses for all levels. If I am asked for academic support (from primary to university), it will mainly be a question of reviewing, with the pupil or the student, the points of the subject which pose a problem to him (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.). If I am asked for a general learning of the English language, it will be mainly, but not exclusively, a learning by dialogues in English language, which will allow the student, as and when, to acquire vocabulary, understand grammar and fix linguistic structures in your head. I also offer oral conversation classes for anyone who wants to express themselves in English more fluently and improve their oral comprehension of the language. Serious guaranteed. The course is given by videoconference (Skype, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.)

On-line Greek Language Courses, for Beginners and Advanced
❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞ Ya sas! I am a native Greek speaker and a qualified Greek teacher, holding a bachelor degree in Philosophy and Greek Linguistics, as well as a certification in Teaching Greek as a foreign language. I spesialize in tutoring Modern Greek as a foreign language both on-line and face to face. My method is based on the essential skills– Pronouncation, Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing as well as on their practice through music, movies and of course homework! In my lessons I encourage my students speaking as much as possible no matter what their level is. I highly believe that learning has to be personalized, by taking into account that diversity is an important aspect. For that reason my goal is to adapt the curriculum on my students needs and goals considering always that the main motivation for both sides is the learning process.

Learn how to speak Farsi/Persian in an easy and enjoyable way
Are you looking for a Farsi teacher? My name is Negar and I'm a native Persian(Farsi) speaker that loves languages a lot. I teach Farsi in a creative and interesting way. In my class, you'll learn grammar and vocabulary together with conversations. We will practice all 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and learn about Iranian culture. My teaching style is communicative and task-based although it is adapted to the needs and rhythm of each student. If you want to learn Persian in an easy and authentic way, feel free to contact me :)

Language Lessons(English & Greek) offered private or in a group(off/online)
English and Greek lessons offered private or in groups. My teaching method is teaching you the language as if it is your native one. What I find most important is that you can speak the language you are willing to learn, fluently. Learning a language can be difficult but when you find a fun way to do it, that also works for you, then it is fun and easy! Together we will discuss about your goals and together we will assign goals and complete them! I can also help students prepare for their exams. I also offer lessons in a more intensive way, if you want to get to a high level really fast. My lesson is interactive and I always try to keep it fun! The lesson is offered both online and physically!

German for doctors and nurses - grammar - vocabulary - conversation - written German
Are you preparing for your specialist examination, working as a doctor or nurse in Germany and would like to improve your German? My mother tongue is German. I live in Hanover and speak standard German without dialect. For more than 15 years I have been teaching German for all language levels of the common European framework of reference (A1 - C2) at language schools as well as online via Skype, Zoom and WebEx. In order to specifically support doctors and nurses in learning the German language, I work in my courses for doctors and nurses with specialist materials that are individually tailored to your personal needs. Level A1 / A2 Doctors / nurses with little or no previous knowledge of German  conveys a secure basic vocabulary in everyday and professional life as well  basic knowledge of grammar Level B1 / B2 Doctors / nurses who have successfully completed level A1 / A2  repeatedly selected grammar topics  reactivates and consolidates vocabulary and expressions  practice-oriented communication and documentation (daily processes in dealing with patients, team meetings, preparation of care reports, patient handover) Level C1 / C2 Doctors / nurses who have successfully completed level B1 / B2  deepens complex grammar structures  offers sophisticated, target group-oriented topics and content as well  sophisticated, practice-oriented communication and documentation (Anamnesis discussions, clarification talks, examinations and diagnoses, medical documentation) We work out all important grammar topics together and consolidate the grammar with many interactive exercises. Active speaking is in the foreground. I will support you in building up an extensive German vocabulary and help you to converse confidently in German in various situations.

Francisco Emanuel
SPANISH LESSONS FOR FOREIGNERS. Learn to communicate with any spanish speaker; learn to write as an expert.
I'm currently studying Lengua y Literaturas Hispánicas at UNAM, in Mexico City. I'm interested in linguistics, how people speak; and I also know a lot of literature and cultural expressions in Spanish. Whether you're interested in communicating with the locals, diving into the literature, or perfecting your writing and reading skills, I can help. And the best part, our classes will be fun and to the point. So that your experience in learning is deeper and organic, we can practice hearing with music in spanish, instead of textbook recordings; I can point you to theater plays that you can understand, books, movies, etc. IMPORTANT: If you decide to contact me, please remember that I can only reply through Apprentus, and I won't have any of your contact information until you have booked a class. Thank you. English level: C2 in CEFR

Let's learn Korean together! (Welcome,Beginner/Intermediate level)
Hello everyone, My native language is Korean and I have a certificate of Korean teacher training program. I've experienced teaching students from other countries and expats in Korea. If you're interested in a private online/offline class please send me a message. First, I'll ask about your Korean level and then give you a level test. If you don't know any Korean, there's no test for you and we can start learning the Korean alphabet "Hangul" After checking your level the class will be focused on your level and what you want or what you need. I'll use Sejong Korean book(Korean language school book) to teach you. and give you many chances to speak Korean. I'm very friendly and we can talk about Korean culture as well (If you want) You don't need to be afraid that you're a real beginner. It's a good start to learn. In addition, we can find the best time for both of us. *During the class Only Korean is allowed* (It's a good method to learn a new language. In case you can't understand at all, I'll use English. my Dutch is beginner level) *You can ask for a group class with your friends (Same Level)* Thanks for reading. 감사합니다!