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Emma - Cambridge£41
Trusted teacher: Qualified native English teacher in Cambridge. Personalised teaching method to ensure progress. Tailored practice and further development * speak with confidence * improve your writing * read confidently * improve your listening skills Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation training, and accent reduction. Make yourself understood with confidence: Pronunciation, elocution, accuracy, vocabulary development, grammar. Writing accurately: Planning, organisation, development. Listening: Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. Bespoke lesson-plans, whether for business purposes or for more fluent speaking practice. I have experience teaching every level and currently teach adults face to face in Cambridge. I quickly identify problem areas and work on them using a method that works well with each student-whether on the business premises or in the student's home. Together, we practise pronunciation techniques; fluency; increasing vocabulary; writing; and many more skills - using methods including speaking and listening. Over the years, I have worked with international students, corporate clients, scientists, business entrepreneurs, and translators to enhance their communication skills regarding clarity, intelligibility, confidence, accuracy, and vocabulary range. I encourage the student to speak as much as possible by using a variety of techniques to provide material to talk about, using everyday vocabulary. Student's comment-Alejandro: "I am really happy with my progress and the way Emma makes every lesson interesting." More specialist vocabulary is explained for work purposes. I am extremely patient and have experience teaching learners from all over the world and therefore understand particular pronunciation difficulties. I provide a lot of help with common problems encountered, using, for example: tenses, phrasal verbs, and word order in sentences. Student's comment-Izabela: "She helped me find some weaknesses right away in my first lesson and she was immensely helpful in explaining everything in detail during our sessions and in the written feedback." I am a native English speaker with a clear voice and am qualified through Trinity College London in TESOL. I also have an NVQ III in Business and Administration. Contacts are available for nearby, friendly, professional host families at reasonable prices. Student's comment-Linde: "What’s even better is that she takes my incorrect sentences as examples as well, which makes it easier to apply the grammar to my everyday life."
Communication skills · Public speaking · Vocabulary
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Sylvain - Camden£63
French · Grammar · Public speaking
Studying for an audition and want some help working on monologues or duologues? Wanting to induce a more dramatic performance in to your song? Interested in how drama skills can help your public speaking/presentation and communication skills? Or just generally curious about anything drama or acting related - whether it's about analysing a text, writing your own script or delving more into any of the many methods you can use to develop your skills as an actor an performer? Then I might be able to help you! I'm a professional actor, trained at Cygnet Theatre in Exeter, now living in London. I have extensive experience performing in immersive theatre - communicating, catching and holding the attention of a wide variety of people. I also have experience in storytelling, working with and teaching children of all ages, as well as writing and producing theatre. Starting drama classes as a teenager was one of the most important things I ever did. It help me build confidence, develop empathy and ground me as the person I am today. I love performing and creating experiences for my audience - watching their faces as they're surprised, entertained or disgusted by the stories I tell. But just as important as that is the opportunity to share some of the tools I learned from drama school with other people - tools that can be used every day in communication, emotional regulation and play. I am more than happy to tailor classes to your specific needs, so if you think I can help you out, get in touch and we will talk!
Public speaking · Acting · Storytelling
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Alena - Barking£54
Trusted teacher: Hi, thank you for popping by and it's lovely to meet you! So... First things first, ALL levels are welcome! I adapt lessons according to your starting point and experience and I love helping people find their own unique and authentic sound through holistic practise and vocal technique. l specialise in confidence building, nerves, anxiety and stage fright. As an industry coach, I cover Pop, RnB, Contemporary, Spoken Word and other Urban genres. Maybe you just want to test if singing is for you, or have limited time? Then why not choose a 30 minute session - which can even be done during your lunch break! Online lessons are 30 minutes or 55 minutes, in person lessons are 55 minutes and hybrid lessons are also optional. AVAILABILITY - Please be aware that the calendar is only a guide and dates and times will need to be checked with me first BEFORE booking, in order to avoid disappointment. Thank you! Please see below for my (condensed) experience and I hope to meet you soon :) Experience: Ella Mai (RnB Artist) IAGO (Billboard Recording Artist) Queen Millz (MC & Artist) The Voice Kids (UK) BIMM London (UK's Leading Contemporary Music Educator) Qualifications: MA (Performance and Media Health) BMus (Popular Music Performance) PTTLS (Teaching) Performance: Chaka Khan, Lulu, Damon Albarn BBC 1Xtra, TK Maxx, BT, Sprite, Channel 4, Michael McIntyre, Bill Bailey EP - The END Testimonial: “Having had the privilege of being coached by Alena, I can see how she definitely helped me to define my sound within the music industry, which has helped me progress to where I am today! Her lessons were always taught with enthusiasm in a positive, fun and friendly environment. “ (IAGO - Billboard Recording Artist) I hold a current enhanced DBS.
Singing · Voice (music) · Public speaking
Acting · Public speaking · Creative writing
ALL LEVELS WELCOME! ACTING CLASSES My classes will focus on acting for camera and self taping for castings and social media. The main elements are: - Relaxation techniques before performing. - Essential camera technique. - Acting theories & picking an approach that is suited for you. - Self taping techniques. - Improvisation. - Rehearsal and feedback ABOUT ME With over two decades of versatile experience as a producer, actor and public speaker, I bring a wealth of industry insights and practical expertise to our coaching journey. As an actor I have starred in feature films, TV series, and commercials. My own acting accolades include awards for my performances, such as Best Actor at The Mac Film Festival for my role in the international short film "Cinnamon." Now I've dedicated myself to nurturing the next generation of creators and actors. My teaching philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach, blending proven methodologies such as Chekov, The Method, and Meisner techniques tailored specifically for on-camera acting. Having conducted private TV and film acting classes and served as a film acting coach for esteemed production houses, including Hollywood based Muse Productions, I've honed my ability to inspire, guide, and mentor aspiring talents. I believe in fostering an environment that encourages experimentation, growth, and self-expression, empowering students to discover their unique voice and hone their craft with confidence. I'm committed to providing personalized guidance and mentorship every step of the way. Let's unlock your potential together!
Acting · Public speaking
Parts of speech are the fundamental building blocks of language that help us understand how words function in a sentence. There are eight main parts of speech: 1. Noun: A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. For example, "cat," "London," and "happiness" are all nouns. 2. Pronoun: A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun to avoid repetition. Examples include "he," "she," "it," and "they." 3. Verb: A verb is a word that expresses an action, state, or occurrence. It tells what the subject of the sentence does or is. Examples of verbs are "run," "eat," and "think." 4. Adjective: An adjective is a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun. It gives more information about the noun or pronoun. For instance, "blue," "tall," and "delicious" are adjectives. 5. Adverb: An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb. It provides information about how, when, where, or to what extent something happens. Examples are "quickly," "very," and "often." 6. Preposition: A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun (or pronoun) and other words in the sentence. It indicates location, time, direction, or other spatial relationships. Common prepositions include "in," "on," "under," and "after." 7. Conjunction: A conjunction is a word that connects words, phrases, or clauses in a sentence. Some common conjunctions are "and," "but," "or," and "because." 8. Interjection: An interjection is a word or phrase used to express strong feelings or emotions. It stands alone and is not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence. Examples include "wow," "ouch," and "bravo." Understanding the different parts of speech is essential for constructing grammatically correct and coherent sentences. By identifying the role of each word, we can communicate more effectively and clearly.
English · Communication skills · Public speaking
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English language pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, all skills. (Cambridge)
I had booked Emma to help to improve my children’s English. We had 3 hours of English lessons for 4 days in a row for our three children (10/12/14 years old) and participate ourselves. Emma made it fun for them to learn and took individual care of the different need. Our children and also Mum & Dad enjoyed a lot. We can highly recommend Emma‘s teaching skill and especially her ability to adjust to the individual needs! Thank you Emma!
Review by DETLEF
French experienced and qualified native tutor - learn, enjoy, share (Camden)
Sylvain has been a private tutor to my 4-5 year old daughter for the last couple of months and I am very pleased with his teaching approach. He makes sure that the basics are taught using interactive games which keeps my child engaged and she also has fun learning. He is very patient and also has a great way with children.
Improve your french , online professional classes , (Soest)
Gohar is a very friendly, thorough and patient teacher. She goes beyond her role to ensure a successful understanding of the subject. I recommend her if you want to learn or improve your French!!
Review by JESSICA