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135 singing teachers in United Kingdom

Trusted teacher: Having had 15 years of piano lessons, one thing has been constant through the performances and exams I have taken - Enjoyment. This is a key aspect that the students enjoy playing the instrument and are motivated to keep on playing and learning new pieces or techniques. Piano has often in my life been my biggest hobby and an escape from other things going on, and this is something I hope to provide to anyone interested in learning this wonderful instrument. I am able to teach all abilities ranging from causal lessons up to Grade 8 standard for Piano. Having had 9 years of singing within Chapel, University and Scottish Choirs, I have been able to cover a wide range of repertoire and techniques on how to improve my singing style. During both school and university, Singing within choirs was my biggest extra-curricular, and I aim to teach lessons in a way that can encourage budding singers to grow in their confidence and ability. Singing is a social and enjoyable experience, and this is the key thing in lessons that students choose to learn songs and techniques they are keen to cover and feel engaged when improving their singing. I am able to teach all abilities ranging from causal lessons up to Grade 5 standard for Singing. I have both an ARSM Diploma and an ATCL Associate's Degree from ABRSM and Trinity College London, meaning I play up to Undergraduate standard. Combined with being a Graduate in Mathematics and Music, which has included opportunities to teach in my degree for Mathematics, means I have knowledge over how to ensure lessons remain engaging and students are kept motivated. I am a member of the University of Edinburgh's choir and NYCOS National Choir, while also having a Choral Scholarship at Church of the Sacred Heart and Old Saint Paul's Church. Involvement within these, along with past choirs such as the Fettes College Chapel Choir, has meant I am a strong singer and know how to get the best out of a singing lesson. Helping out with conducting across some of these choirs has given me experience of teaching Music, and alongside teaching Mathematics to primary schools, I can use these skills of being organised and having good communication to help make my lessons engaging.
Piano · Singing · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Unlock Your Vocal Potential! Are you ready to unleash your inner rockstar, pop sensation or soulful singer? Look no further! As a passionate and experienced vocalist and performer myself, I am here to help you develop your unique sound and style. Contemporary Vocal Styles: From pop, rock, and R&B to indie, folk and more - I will guide you through the techniques needed to master your favourite genres. Vocal and Music Theory: Get a solid foundation in vocal- and music theory and learn how to apply it to your singing. We will explore concepts like chord progressions, rhythm, and melody writing and different vocal techniques. Ear Training: Develop your listening skills and learn to recognize intervals, chord progressions and melodies. This will help you improvise like a pro and become a more confident vocalist and songwriter! Performance and Improvising: Learn how to command the stage and connect with your audience. We will work on stage presence, confidence-building and creative spontaneity. Songwriting and Arrangement techniques: If you are interested in writing your own songs, I will help you develop your skills and craft a song that represents you. Discover how to craft your own harmonies and create unique arrangements of your own, or your favourite songs to showcase your talent! As your dedicated tutor, I will provide personalized lessons tailored to your goals, style and learning style to help you become the best singer you can be - confident, expressive and authentic. Ready to take the leap? Book your first lesson today and let's get started on this exciting journey together!
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Trusted teacher: Did you ever ask yourself what your life would look like if you had more confidence? With me, your goals and self-esteem are my #1 priority. It’s estimated that roughly 85% of people worldwide have low self-esteem. This can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and have a dramatic impact on our personal and professional lives. To combat this, we must take special care of ourselves and I believe that working towards finding our individual voices is a fantastic way to do so. Working on a creative skill cultivates greater emotional health and builds our confidence as we improve. I’m the right tutor for you if: You’re ready to take action to build your confidence You want to overcome fears around performing You want to expand the range of notes you can sing You want to discover your voice You want to improve your vocal tone You want to stabilise and strengthen your voice You want tools to manage anxiety and become a better a singer through work on breathing techniques You DON’T want to spend hours on scales or music theory I wasn’t born a naturally good singer and have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’m now a professional singer and singing coach, signed to a record label with over 3 million streams and although I still experience anxiety, I’m far better equipped to cope with it thanks in part to breathing techniques. It’s safe to say, I know how impactful the right guidance can be. You can see it in the reviews from my students too - through my coaching, confidence blossoms alongside the voice. Make this the turning point of your life. Why not take the first step to building your self-esteem and sign up for your first lesson now? You deserve to nurture yourself!
Singing · Song writing · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: As a recent graduate of Mountview and having worked in the industry for five years, I would love to now share my passion for singing! I have been singing for twelve years now and have had many amazing opportunities as a professional vocalist. I started as a pop singer but, in recent years, I have turned towards musical theater. As a performer, it is very important to be able to sing different genres of music. Therefore, I am able to help my students in whatever genre they need through my experience and knowledge. Whether you want to sing the latest Olivia Rodrigo song or are a big fan of Les Miserables, I can provide you with guidance into getting the sound that you want. In my classes, I would like to give the student as much freedom as possible. The student can bring a song they would like to work on or I can suggest material. We will explore different methods and find out what works best for you! Dependent on the level and what the student wants from the lessons, we can also talk about the anatomy of body and why we use certain methods to reach those hard notes. My passion in singing is to help students sing the songs they want to without damaging themselves and in a safe and fun environment where making mistakes is encouraged! I can also provide tips and tricks for those looking to incorporate their acting skills into singing. My classes are open to all ages and levels. I have five years of experience working with children and teenagers through being an actor and workshop leader on Theatre In Education tours. Recently I started working as an after school drama club teacher and producer and realized how much I enjoyed sharing and working with others on the skills of a singer and performer.
Trusted teacher: Dear parents and students, welcome to my profile! I am a professional opera singer who has performed in theatres and concerts in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania, and Hong Kong, has won international vocal competitions, been an adjudicator in vocal competitions, and given vocal masterclasses in secondary schools. Currently, I am an official singing and piano teacher at an arts school in London, where my classes are always fully booked. I have always enjoyed teaching and can teach a wide range of repertoire in English, German, French and Italian. As a private singing teacher, all my students have won local and international competitions, and obtained excellent results in their exams. Some of them even decided to choose music and opera as their future careers. Yet, I see many more responsibilities being a teacher. Besides sharing knowledge and experience with my students, I am also the person who: - enlightens my students through their journey of music; - my students can rely on and talk to; - influences them to embrace differences and be kind; - makes them aware of their values and proud of themselves. I want to be my students' friend and teach them with a humble and empathetic heart. My students like sharing their stories and ideas with me outside the lessons, sometimes about books, sometimes about philosophy, sometimes about the world, sometimes about the industry, sometimes about anything in life. I always make time for my students. Besides singing, I have been a pianist and piano teacher for 13 years. I am usually the accompanist for my students in their competitions and exams. My qualifications are as follows: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Arts (Music) Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel Master of Music (Classical Singing) Postgraduate in Classical Singing Licentiate Trinity College London Vocal Performance 97/100 Distinction Licentiate Trinity College London Piano Performance 90/100 Distinction DipABRSM Piano ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory I can give both face-to-face and online lessons. The face-to-face lessons can either be at your place or my studio. If you decide to have online lessons with me, do not worry, I am experienced in giving online classes and you will not feel distant from me. You will enjoy my classes. Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you want to learn and achieve! Have a super lovely day!:)
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• Private Lessons 🎹🎤🎼 Learn To Play & Sing The Music You Love! (Crouch End)
Paul was very friendly and professional. He is a great musician and my son really enjoyed his first session with him and I'm sure he will enjoy the subsequent sessions we have already booked.
Review by GAYLE
Love for music! Music Theory, Piano and Singing Lessons! (Cosham)
Alexandra was great, my daughter fell in love with her and both the piano and the singing lessons were excellent.
Review by ANCA
Singing Lessons with a professional classical singer! Improve your technical and performance skills (London)
A great teacher, I feel I improved a lot. She is also very patient and makes singing fun.
Review by SUNCY