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40 teaching teachers in United Kingdom

Welcome to my phonics class, where young learners embark on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of phonics! This tutoring class is meticulously designed to guide children through the progressive phases of phonics, from Phase 1 to Phase 5, equipping them with the essential skills needed for reading success. Led by experienced educators, this interactive class combines structured lessons with engaging activities to make learning phonics a fun and rewarding experience. Throughout the classes, children will: Discover the Phases of Phonics: From the foundational Phase 1, focusing on listening skills and environmental sounds, to the more advanced Phase 5, exploring alternative spellings and tricky words, students will traverse through each phase at their own pace. Explore Diagraphs and Trigraphs: Children will delve into the world of diagraphs (two letters representing one sound) and trigraphs (three letters representing one sound), such as 'sh', 'ch', 'igh', and 'ear'. Through interactive exercises and examples, students will master these essential phonetic combinations. Practice Blending and Segmenting: Using a variety of fun games and activities, students will hone their skills in blending sounds together to read words and segmenting words into their individual sounds. Develop Sight Word Recognition: We'll introduce common sight words at each phase, helping students recognize them instantly to enhance reading fluency and comprehension. Build Vocabulary: Through engaging stories and word activities, children will expand their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of language. By the end of the classes, children will have acquired a solid foundation in phonics, empowering them to tackle new words with confidence and embark on a lifelong journey of reading and discovery. All materials are provided. Join us on this exciting expedition through the phases of phonics and watch your child's literacy skills flourish! *Classes can be online/ face to face at students home or tutors home*
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Trusted teacher: Mathematics Tutor specializing in the A-Level UK National and International syllabus. With a passion for mathematics and a wealth of experience in teaching this challenging subject Further Mathematics and Statistics. An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering graduate with a dedicated Physical and Online Mathematics Tutor with more than 16 years of teaching experience in UK and International major boards. Major UK exam boards: Pearson Edexcel, OCR, AQA, and CCEA Year 9 to A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics International AL Cambridge & Edexcel Mathematics Pure Mathematics (P1-P4) Mechanics (M1-M3) Statistics (S1-S2) Further Pure (FP1-FP3). Year 9 to GCSE- Mathematics, Further Mathematics & Additional Mathematics 1. Home visit-Individual and group classes and Online 1:1 classes 2. Clear and depth explanations and provide additional assistance through presentations 3. Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and accessible classes possible 4. Communicate with parents and students on a regular basis to develop and update Personal Learning plans and schedules and score assessments. 5. Assisting students in their studies, and making sure that the proper class materials are available at all times. 6. Responsible for staying in contact with students and maintaining to get high scores 7. Deliver inspiring lessons, bring knowledge and experience to the curriculum 8. Have a desire to teach beyond the specification 9. believing every student can succeed Skills: 1. In-depth Knowledge of the Cambridge & Edexcel Mathematics Curriculum 2. Effective Communication and Explanation 3. Adaptability and Differentiation
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Trusted teacher: ✅ TEFL certified ✅ TEFL certifiedEnglish for everyday life ✅ English for academia ✅ Business English ✅ 5 years of teaching experience ✅ Experience teaching teenagers and adults ✅ Experience preparing students for the Cambridge IELTS exam ✅ Bilingual in French and Spanish ✅ Ability to tailor lessons to individual learning styles and needs ✅ Comfortable creating a positive and engaging learning environment Hello! I'm a 26-year-old language teacher with a passion for helping students reach their language learning goals. I hold degrees in Business and Languages (French and Spanish) from the University of Nottingham and Social Sciences from the Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle. I am also TEFL certified and have five years of experience teaching English to students of all ages in both China and Spain. My areas of expertise include English for everyday life, English for academia, and Business English. I have taught primarily teenagers and adults, but I also have some experience teaching children. In addition, I have helped students prepare for the Cambridge IELTS exam. My teaching philosophy centers around creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment where students can improve their language skills through practice, repetition, and interactive activities. I believe in tailoring lessons to individual learning styles and needs, and I always strive to make lessons both enjoyable and effective. If you're looking for a dedicated, experienced, and personable language teacher, I would love to work with you to help you achieve your language learning goals.
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English has often been described as the 'language of the world', and for good reason! It is a language that allows many people from a multitude of countries to build new lives, pursue new careers, build new friendships and strengthen existing relationships. Many classes and course focus predominantly on the more advanced side of the English language, and whilst this is a very important part of learning English to a fluent level, for the majority of everyday people, the ability to converse and communicate with other English-speaking people is the most important skill they wish to develop. That is what we will work on predominantly in my classes, before proceeding to the more advanced and technical skills and knowledge required to reach English fluency. When we begin learning how to ride a bike, none of us want 10 hours worth of technical knowledge thrown at us about how a bike works or the history of the bicycle......we want to get on the bike and have fun! We will begin learning AND using these conversational English skills straight away, whilst also learning about the English culture too, which will play a key part in being able to understand English people at times. All of these will be conducted in a friendly, informative and fun environment, with interactive tasks and exercises designed to get you using and practising the language. Extra help and advice alongside these lessons will also be offered at no extra cost! Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would be interested in booking a lesson!
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Trusted teacher: What I offer: A Level: Biology GCSE: Maths, English, Science KS3: Maths, English, Science 11+: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning KS2: Maths, English, Science KS1: Maths, English, Science I am a qualified teacher (DBS checked) and have over 4000 hours of tutoring experience, with students ranging from 4-18 years old. On top of that, I also helped my brother gain entry into Cambridge University for Economics and have seen countless other students succeed under my mentorship. This is because I recognise that there is a process and that if students follow that process, they are guaranteed to succeed. I try my best to make learning enjoyable for students but I also have high expectations as I believe every student has it in them to achieve the top grades. I provide homework for each and every lesson. If students struggle with it, they come to me the following lesson and we go through the mistakes. I teach them the techniques to combat their weaknesses and this ensures they are ironed out, guaranteeing improvement. Students can also bring me work they are struggling with independently. All the students that have come to me have improved and rapidly. Testimonials: 'He helped my daughter get into Forest School. The homework and regular advice really made all the difference. We cannot thank him enough.' - Mr. Atwal 'Starting with him was the best decision I made for my son's education. He did so much better in his GCSEs than we expected. He was on track for Ds and Es and managed to get nearly all A*-B! Imagine what Umar could've achieved if we'd found him earlier!' - Mrs. Ahmed 'Vinay helped me so much with A Level Biology. I got an A (very nearly an A*) and am now studying Dentistry at university.' - Raman
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Excellent Hindi Teacher. Thank you
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