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21 world history teachers in United Kingdom

I am a passionate History, Sociology and Philosophy teacher (both ancient and modern). Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English I have taught History and Sociology in Madrid, Barcelona, North Italy and London. I can also teach Politics. Outside of the classroom, I have written and directed school plays, organized the school journals and the olympic games of philosophy. My students are of differing ages and stages of proficiency, so I have plenty of experience teaching at all levels. I consider myself a friendly and patient teacher, concerned above all else with the all round development of my students' capacity for comprehensive thought. I have a strong belief in the unification of knowledge and am always striving to incorporate seemingly disparate branches of learning into a broader horizon in order to provide my students with a sufficiently complete picture. Availability The length and frequency of sessions can be determined by the student's requirements and availability. The first lesson For any given first session I like to get to know the student, find out where they're at in their course of study, and see what their current working methods are like. Usually, talking about the current piece of homework, the next upcoming exam, or due assignment is a great way to gauge their requirements, assess where my help is most needed, and thus collaboratively devise a joint programme of work. My teaching method 
I bring a broad-based interdisciplinary knowledge to a range of subjects. This allows the opportunity to consider new ideas and to place different perspectives in conversation with each other, which is an instrumental skill for improving academic writing. A lesson with me will be interactive and lucid. I am adaptable as all students are different, so I will constantly monitor and remain attentive to our learning objectives.
My teaching methods vary, but as a rule I start with an in depth account of the subject, taking care to ground it contextually, and then proceed to a discussion of the main points. Whether the lessons take more of a dialogical form or the more typical lecture type format depends on the needs and preferences of the student. The lessons will be focused on studying techniques, written exercises with supervision and recalling techniques. We will work not just to close any gaps but also help the student in learning how to optimize private study. For students who need to get up to speed with content, I can offer sessions where I present you with ideas and new ways of understanding the topic. I approach each topic according to the immediate and long-range needs of the student, whether they require help in comprehending their topic, in preparing for exams, or in planning, executing, and proofing written work. Depending on the desire and temperament of the student, I can gear my lessons either towards cramming and exam survival or towards the nurturing of lifelong learning. My general policy is also to be flexible with what the student needs of me. For example, my payment is for the hour, however I am happy to look over work and send comments. My fee is not just one hour as I work with the student in all aspects of their learning via e-mails outside the lessons. Pushing forward If you're enthralled by your subject and wish to pursue it further, beyond the bounds of learning outcomes and assessment, then I can cultivate that passion in you. If you want to improve your critical or creative writing, I can help you articulate your vision and present it according to high standards; along the way I will instill good practices that will help you in any such task.
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