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25 arts and crafts teachers in United Kingdom

I offer help in GCSE, A-level, and applications for Art Foundation and BA Fine Art courses. Having been through it all myself, I base my teaching on my own experience of art education, and am passionate in spreading what I have learnt from it with a friendly and patient approach. Preparation for art school application (Art Foundation and BA Fine Art courses): - specific knowledge and experience of various art & design courses and universities in the UK - tailored advice on choosing the best course for the particular student - portfolio preparation (content selection, format, and presentation) - interview preparation (eg. gaining confidence in talking about your work - a critical and high-value skill for the course and general life) - personal statement advice (art school statements vary greatly to the usual UCAS one that you may have been talked through in sixth form) GCSE & A-Level lessons: - sketchbook development, from inspiration to evaluation - guidance for writing critically about your research and work using technical terms - presenting your project cohesively - help with the personal study (essay) element in A-level I can also help develop your practical art skills. I have experience in: - painting (oil, acrylic) and drawing (charcoal, graphite) - printmaking (monoprinting, lino, screen printing, etching) - portraiture - life drawing - Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom - sculpture and installation (plaster casting, assemblage, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics) - collage and mixed media - bookbinding - filmmaking - digital and film photography Every student's style and interests in art are so varied (which is what makes art so wonderful!) and so initially I will get to know the student and their work, to tailor my lessons to their specific requirements.
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HELPS WITH CREATIVITY The more you fill the pages of your sketchbook and flex your creativity muscles, the easier your ideas and imagination will flow. Sketchbooks are great because you're not confined to just drawing. You can use it as a place to explore different mediums, study different techniques, create color palettes, design patterns, and keep a collection of visuals that inspire you. Using a variety of mediums in a sketchbook also helps grow creativity. Even though I work on a computer all day, I still very much enjoy taking a step back from that to draw or paint, even if it's just a quick doodle. You may find that what you use as inspiration for your sketchbook and the mediums you use cross over into other work. For example, I love hand-lettering, and there are times that skill comes in handy for an editorial feature. What you explore in your sketchbook can open up new doors; it can help push you outside of the norm, where you explore new ideas and maybe even help you define your personal style. KEEPS YOUR SKILLS SHARP Keeping up a sketchbook is a great way to keep my drawing skills sharp. Maintaining that skill is important since sketching out ideas is a major part of my design process. When I get stuck on something, a pencil and a sheet of paper are the first things I reach for because it helps me unload a lot of what’s inside my brain and turn it into visuals. I can then see what ideas are working and what ideas aren't. Sketching is an important aspect of being a graphic designer, and I can see it being a very useful skill in other creative fields as well. By being a creative who practices and keeps your drawing skills sharp, you can quickly and easily sketch ideas that pop into your head and then save that sketch to refer back to when you need it. It’s also comes in handy when you’re trying to communicate ideas to others. Oftentimes I’ll be discussing artwork for an upcoming magazine issue with an editor and sketching layouts frequently comes into play. The ability to sketch has continually proven to be an important and versatile tool for me.
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Before I begin, I believe in the individual philosophy of creativity. The art practice allows us to channel and question our meanings of life and explore the enchanted reality. First and foremost, I hope to assist my clients to briefly draw a map of their own past, present, and future with open discourse. By doing so, it will allow a better understanding of the individual pursuit of creative pathways and self-awareness in their creative journey. I can offer consultation and directional advice on the following subject areas: _____________Academic applications for Foundation & BA degree level - First-hand knowledge and experience of art & design courses across the UK universities. - Assistance in choosing the best pathways & courses. - Portfolio inspection - tailoring the presentation & content of the portfolio. - Interview preparation - consulting on verbal ability & finding confidence in verbalizing one's work. - Personal statement - providing advice on the written statement for the course entry. - Development of art project & style - exploring the art project & artistic approach in relation to history, material, and personal contexts. ____________Arts & Crafts - Assisting your technical art skills and develop them. - Creating a space to make art more enjoyable & approachable. - Organise experimentation with objects & found materials. - Motivate sketchbook developments, from inspiration to evaluation. - Basic guidance on Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor) & Drawing (charcoal, graphite). - Foundational guidance on the following crafts: - Collage & mixed media. - Bricolage. - Filmmaking. I hope to stay flexible to client's pursuit of art practice and work, while I also expect to mentor their upcoming creative journey. My lessons can be adjusted to the client's interests and specific requirements. Most importantly, I aspire to create a fun & fulfilling time!
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Art classes! Children, GCSE & A-Level, Crafts, Specialised Watercolour & Gouache classes. (London)
Solome is very professional and very keen to work with children. My daughter enjoyed the lesson very much.
Review by ALBERTO