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Trusted teacher: The course will be led in the comfort of my studio. It is one to one class. The aim of the course will be to show, using practical demonstrations how a simple straightforward painting method can be an effective way of achieving fresh-looking painting. The participants will learn the main principles of watercolour technique, composition, and mixing colours. They will learn how to create a complete painting fitting up sketches, photographs and still life objects. They will learn how to improvise using additional materials as masking fluid, salt, sponge etc. At the end of the course participants will go home with many small experiments on paper and one or two completed paintings, depending on desire. HOW THE COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT: I am going to combine talking, demonstration and working with participant on their projects. The sessions will be more practical with a lot of demonstrations and experiments. Use hands-on technique. During the course I am going to use photographs, still life and books as inspirational images (mainly botanical) for the main projects and experiments. Participants are welcome to bring their own photographs. First three weeks participants will improvise on many different pieces of paper. They will learn how to make a basic sketch on to the paper with 2B pencil. I will introduce some principles of watercolour technique. We going to learn and explore watercolour technique in combination with other materials for creating interesting effects. I am going to talk about the colours and light in painting. Participants will learn about primary, secondary colours, about the light and contrast. Colour temperature and how it helps with the perspective. There will be demonstration of some useful colour mixes. Simple rules of composition will be introduced as well. We going to explore brush strokes and how to make different marks on paper. Experiments with salt, beads, collage, and masking fluid will be part of the course. When the participants feel familiar and confident with the technique, we will start working on the main project after the third week. WHAT STUDENTS CAN EXPECT TO LEARN: Basic principles of watercolour technique, colour mixing, composition and perspective. How to use masking fluid. How to combine additional materials (salt, beads, leaves, sponge) for creating texture and other effects on painting. The techniques we going to explore are wet in wet, using masking fluid and lifting, using salt, adding texture, seeds, collage, using gesso, combing watercolours with ink. RESOURCES REQUIRED BY STUDENTS / ADDITIONAL COSTS: Watercolour paints, one small tube of acrylic-white; Brushes, large and medium rounded brushes. Sizes from 2 to 16 variable, and one rigger brush (with long fine hairs for fine lines); One big and one medium flat brush; Palette knives (may use credit card) for flicking paint and applying bold large strokes. Pencil 2B, black ink pen; Painting surfaces: heavy paper-sketchbook (preferably A3). Please bring your own watercolour palette and an empty jar (500ml or bigger)
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I am a Goldsmiths BA Fine art second year. I do paintings and scultings mainly and sculptural paintings. I love to understand and feel the materials and use the materialities' characteristics and histories to symbolise meanings in my work. My class would be suitable for potential young childrens or teenagers who are interested in art or want to get into art. As art is the language for me, I would love my students to enjoy and show their creativity in my class and I would help them to develop and create actual works in real life. There would be no pressure in this class I have experice of tutoring 10year old child and he was enjoying every class. He had ADHD and showed ADHD behaviours during class but as a neurodivergent person I gave him a breaks during classes and talked about his interests so I could figure out what he is interested in so I could prepare next class for him and at the same time the kid could had his little refreshment from doing art work. And I had 1:1 meetings with their parents because they wanted to know how it went and how he was behaving so I gave her a lot of feedbacks from my perspective (I did let her know it is from my perspective) . My dream is to be an artist/ art professor(university tutor) as I also had mental health issues so I am aware of how to deal with people who should I take more care of and also as a neurodivergent person I could deal with neurodivergent students:) My curriculum would be very personalised by students. If you are interested leave me a text message:)
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Art · Painting · Arts and crafts
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