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Ilia - London£19
Trusted teacher: Are you having difficulties analysing texts, poems and prose in your IGCSE English, IB English Literature or IB LangLit course? Are you ready to commit an hour every week over the summer to get that 6 or 7 and get into the university of your dreams? Then this is the course for you! From helping you master the general techniques of literary analysis and teaching you how to compare literary works to answer exam questions on character development, theme and techniques, my course will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to dazzle even the most demanding IB examiner. The combination of my passion for writing prose and poetry and my deep understanding of IB marking criteria thanks to great teachers and thoughtful research means that I am uniquely placed to not only explain what your answers were lacking, but also show you how thinking like a writer can help you dramatically improve your answers. Following a thorough discussion of your individual needs in our first class, I will create for you an engaging but exam-focused programme drawing on my 3-year experience as a tutor and using interactive teaching platforms. Through my course, you will get access to a vast library of resources (at no extra cost) - from official IB textbooks and past papers to teacher guidance - to help you perfect both your analytical and essay-writing skills. And if English is your second language, I will show you what to focus on in your learning so that you could write better than Shakespeare! Are you ready to turn the page on disappointing grades in the past? Then contact me today!
Literature · English
Welcome to English Language & Literature Tutoring! This course is designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in both English language and literature. Whether you're struggling with grammar rules, seeking to improve your writing skills, or delving into the depths of literary analysis, this tutoring class is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Through a combination of interactive sessions, personalized feedback, and targeted exercises, you will embark on a journey to strengthen your command of the English language and deepen your appreciation for literature. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including: Language Skills Enhancement: From grammar fundamentals to advanced syntax, we'll work together to refine your language skills, focusing on areas such as sentence structure, punctuation, and vocabulary expansion. Writing Mastery: Explore various forms of writing, from creative fiction to analytical essays. Learn how to craft compelling narratives, develop persuasive arguments, and structure coherent academic papers. Literary Analysis: Dive into the rich world of literature, examining classic and contemporary texts through critical analysis. Explore themes, characters, symbolism, and literary techniques to gain insight into the deeper meanings of literary works. Exam Preparation: Whether you're gearing up for standardized tests, such as the SAT or AP English exams, or facing English proficiency assessments, I will provide targeted guidance and strategies to help you excel. Individualized Support: Every student is unique, with distinct strengths and areas for improvement. That's why this tutoring class offers personalized attention and customized lesson plans tailored to your specific needs and learning style. By the end of this course, you will emerge with improved language skills, heightened literary analysis abilities, and the confidence to tackle any English-related challenge with ease. Whether your goal is academic success, professional advancement, or simply a deeper appreciation for the English language and its literature, this tutoring class will empower you to achieve your aspirations. Let's embark on this enriching journey together!
English · Literature
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English Literature: Themes and Intertextuality in Literature, for Students and Adults (London)
Excellent responsible teacher who knows what he does and knows what he teaches. And now, after few lessons, I can witness the difference. My daughter has just got much better results in her written essays at school, and has just received her English teacher's congratulations. So, a thousand thanks for your help and patience!
Review by FLUTE
Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Acton)
I had my first ever Russian lesson with Ilia and I enjoyed it so much! He's very patient and organised and showed up to the first class with excellent materials pre-prepared. He explains everything in a clear manner. I'm looking forward to our future classes. If you're a beginner don't be afraid to book a class with Ilia.
Review by RYAN
ENGLISH LESSONS ENGLISH TEACHER FROM THE UK, qualified teacher from England (Brussels)
She is a good teacher for the kids who want to learn English. The class has various activities even on online so that my son keeps his interest. Ophelia reacts nicely every time and I believe this is good motivation which can keep their interests.
Review by USER