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9 music history teachers in United Kingdom

Rudolf’s apprenticeships with master-players and professional work alongside colleagues in eminent ensembles have made him aware of a wide range of techniques that suit individual players. It has accordingly given him a strong belief in the need to address students individually to get the best from them and ensure that they enjoy their playing and progress with it. For this reason Rudolf also feels strongly about students getting into good habits with their playing practice, not only musically but also physically. One of the important aspects of his methodology of violin teaching is to ensure that students are instructed and helped to adopt healthy postures whilst playing. These good habits need to be instilled early in order to avoid muscle strains and tensions and later damage, so that students can play comfortably and healthily, and enjoy making music (such instruction is also good more broadly in ensuring good posture for class work and other situations throughout life). As part of this aspect of his teaching he also uses exercises with elements of the Alexander Technique, yoga and breathing techniques. His formal studies in music pedagogy, and teaching practice along with his regular playing with internationally renowned ensembles, his private teaching of young violinists and work as a concertmaster, organising concerts with peers and students at Southampton, Winchester and Budapest, allows him to bring a range of experience and expertise, as well as enthusiasm, to teaching violin.
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